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2017 Pledge

Mychal Massie’s 2017 Pledge to You

I am pledging my commitment to you in 2017.

I pledge to continue to be the eyes, ears, and voice of We the People and specifically those of The Daily Rant community (TDR), in the political/public arena.

I pledge to fight to see George Soros held accountable for his malevolent machinations.

I pledge to continue to defend against race mongers.

I pledge to be your voice of clarity and truth against the fractious disciples of anarchy and division and the cultural-Marxists who strive to undermine the will and freedoms of We the People.

I pledge to continue to expose duplicitous dishonesty whenever and wherever it presents itself in an attempt to mislead and misinform the public.

I pledge to not let the dispatched political establishment determine who we get to vote for.

I pledge to support the 2nd amendment and what it means to our freedom.

I pledge to support all anti-abortion initiatives. I am for life.

I pledge to refuse, as I always have, donations and financial support from political campaigns, PACs, and agenda driven politicos. (This assures that the TDR’s message is mine alone and not manipulated or controlled by external sources.)

I pledge to continue to grow your influence through The Daily Rant.

I have one question:

Can you pledge your financial support to The Daily Rant, now, before the end of this year?

I am well aware of the financial constraints we are all under but I have only you to ask for help.

Many of you have given but many others have not. Some among you donate monthly and give more whenever possible and believe me, I cannot thank you enough. Some of you are simply unable to donate even a small amount monthly. I understand.

I know that TDR isn’t the only one asking for your help this month. But I am confident without hesitation that no group is more committed to truth and defense of the truth than I am.

With that thought in mind, I thank you in advance.

Any Amount$20 $50 $100

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