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The Fiscal Cliff And Other Fairy Tales - Dan Bubalo

The Fiscal Cliff And Other Fairy Tales – Dan Bubalo

The media is very adept at salting phrases into the country’s lexicon in order to persuade instead of report and quite often the words and phrases are pejorative and not intended to merely nudge but to change and shape opinions.

One of the lies Obama told to fudge through the largest tax increase in the history of the world (with an assist on the goal to lame Justice Roberts) was that it would cost under one trillion dollars. His very own Congressional Budget Office projects——at least for now—–that the number will be closer to $ 2.6 trillion but concedes it could go higher.

For instance, the Nicaraguan Contras were actually good guys while the Ethnic Albanians were bad guys: Muslim insurgents who squatted and then occupied portions of Yugoslavia. The “Bush Tax Cuts” have become the pirate flag that flies over every liberal vessel when reality says it is part of the U.S. tax code change enacted by Congress in 2001. And, when Ben Bernanke dropped the phrase “fiscal cliff” during a speech in February of this year it became the buzzword upon which the media seized despite its indiscriminative nature.

Accuracy and reporting today run on separate rails destined never to meet, and the fiscal cliff is just another example of an overused misnomer upon which both parties have jumped along with the press for the purpose of pivoting and to advance respective positions of change, when in fact we are not approaching a fiscal cliff in any sense. No. We are heading into a chasm, an abyss with all the ambience of a galactic Black Hole and charm of the netherworld.

The Reader’s Digest version of what must be negotiated in order to avoid the quicksand involves odds so long that I have a better chance of teaching my dog to drive the family sedan. On the table in need of resolution is the end of the temporary payroll tax cut, which if not extended will raise most workers’ taxes by 2%. Also due to expire simultaneously is the change made by Congress to the tax code in 2001, which will result in the elimination of several tax incentives for business as well as raise taxes on middle and upper income families.

As the brinksmanship continues with financial Armageddon in the balance, a new definition of OCD has emerged and it is “Obama Compulsive Disorder” with respect to raising taxes on his definition of the rich. The increased taxes raised from attacking middle and upper tax bracket earners range from a low estimate of $75 Billion to a high of $85 Billion annually, so for the sake of argument I will work off the middle of those two projections and frame it against just a single trillion dollar overrun, though we mustn’t forget that SIX trillion has been added to the national debt in less than four years. $80 billion in revenue offsets one trillion in debt in the same way $80.00 pays down a $1000.00 liability. Imagine owing a friend a thousand bucks and approaching them with four, twenty dollar bills to say, “Here you go. I’m now being responsible for the debt I owe you,” and then asking him to loan you another grand. So goes the derangement of Mr. Obama and Congress.

Obama’s increased tax demands are not a solution, but instead a signification to his base as well as retaliatory and vengeful. For what you might ask? To demonize success under the guise of sticking up for the little guy. What schlock, for in reality it is just another cheap political hustle in his endless campaign. Moreover, it is a red herring designed to deflect attention from fiscal misfeasance and just another of the multicolored scarves he keeps waving at his audience to keep them from seeing what part of his jacket he’s hidden the pigeon. It is a pernicious and iniquitous plan designed to distract from his Marxist tendencies and it signals his intent to accelerate his confiscatory practices, none of which has a chance of stanching the hemorrhaging more than a band aid would fix a bullet wound.

Major provisions of the Budget Control Act are also due to take effect at the same time, as if the aroma wasn’t already pungent. That piece of legislative sludge was signed into law by Mr. Obama in August of 2011 ostensibly to quell the ongoing Congressional battle with respect to “temporarily” raising the debt ceiling, as if any spending is ever temporary in Washington. According to the bill there must be cuts to offset spending and a number of other contingencies that read vaguely like “if my aunt had a moustache she’d be my uncle, but only if it’s the second Tuesday of the month and the moon is full.” Though I practically need a scorecard to keep it straight, unless certain unattainable criteria are met, it gives the president veto power followed by an overly broad discretion to spend unless overridden by a two thirds majority Congressional vote———and we haven’t even discussed what constitutes a “cut” to the spendthrift muttonheads on Capitol Hill. They’ve earned the insult, and here’s why: Base Line Accounting.

Base-line accounting could only have been devised in Washington, for it is so cockamamie and ill-conceived it exists nowhere in the universe except the capital, and here’s how it works. If a government program has received 5% increases for the past decade and only receives a 4% increase next year? That is considered a “cut” despite the fact there will, indeed, be an increase in spending, and explains at least in part why we’re at a deadly financial crossroad.

One of the lies Obama told to fudge through the largest tax increase in the history of the world (with an assist on the goal to lame Justice Roberts) was that it would cost under one trillion dollars. His very own Congressional Budget Office projects——at least for now—–that the number will be closer to $ 2.6 trillion but concedes it could go higher. Meanwhile, he’s raided $700 million from Medicare to subsidize this maniacal dream, plans to reward the country’s listless youth’s insatiable thirst for “free stuff” at the expense of the very people who built this country and will now be denied healthcare to hasten their demise to pay for freeloaders, and he will not rest until he controls the engine that made our country better than any other in history by destroying capitalism and centralizing government control over production, usage, and consumption. The Republican leadership has folded at every opportunity to stare down this monster and ceded the higher ground to him by agreeing to the BCA in August, 2011. Now, for selling their soul to the devil, they are without maneuverability to thwart his insane behavior and Christmas might very well be the last holiday that brings us any joy because the realities that await the country on New Year’s Day will make us all feel like sticking ice picks in our ears.

Separately, if anyone wants to lend me $100,000.00 per year for the next 10 years, I PROMISE to repay $8000.00 annually————-just to show you I’m good for the balance.

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22 Responses to The Fiscal Cliff And Other Fairy Tales – Dan Bubalo

  1. RB December 16, 2012 at 2:53 am #

    There were no Nicaraguan Contras. The Contras opposed Somoza in Nicaragua. They opposed The Nicaraguan Sandinistas in the border nations of Honduras and Costa Rica.
    In Honduras there were three regions the Honduras National Guard opposed the Sandinistas From Nicaragua. Copan… Ocotcpeque… Lempijar. Well I served in all three regions (states) Under the powers that be in that era. The history is clear. Do the research

  2. Wakinyan November 19, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Excellent Dan! I just read this morning that the same ineffective, spineless republican “leadership” that has been betraying us the last two years has been nominated to stay in place. They are already making noises about cooperating with the zero in the white house, reaching “agreements” on taxation which means going along with zero on that issue too, plus not attempting to repeal obamacare because it is now “the law of the land” to quote boehner. The approximately 50 million registered republicans must stand up on their hind legs and demand that boehner, mcconnell, cantor, et al, (they do not deserve to have their names capitalized) be tossed out along with the rest of the RINO’s so a true conservative leadership, not a bunch of spineless windbags, can be selected when they convene in January. If those worthless traitors are left in place to shape responses to zero’s treasonous efforts to destroy our individual and national sovereignty, the current downward spiral is likely to be irreversible before 2014 elections ever get here.

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

      Hard to believe we have a majority in the House, isn’t it? They act like frightened frightened mice every time the “cat” comes around.

      Aside from being utterly disgusting, it’s also plain embarassing. In fact I was just looking at the calendar this morning and it’s just about time for Boehner to weep in public again.

  3. Marilyn November 19, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    Someone, maybe Buffett, had a good idea to fire all of Congress if debt reached over 3. GPA. That might keep Congress on their toes. Regardless, we have an interesting financial situation going on in the U.S.A. Milton Friedman wrote: “To Destroy a Society, you have to destroy their money.” That rings very true. I started quoting Friedman in 2009 but no one paid any attention. Now, suppose? We hired just the right man to keep spending and not to worry about a budget- Raise taxes that he knows is not the road to economic recovery- Initiate a national health care plan (socialized medicine) that is intended only to control the people – and robs Peter to Pay Paul to kick-start the infamous “ObamaCare.” Better known as the “JPHC,” Jocko’s Privy Health Care.

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 5:50 pm #

      I’m not a fan of Buffett, Marilyn, but that is one of his better suggestions, though it has one major fault: it would require Congress to pass a law holding themselves responsible, and I see that akin to expecting a bank robber to donate part of the take to a charity of his choice.

  4. Gary Thomsen November 19, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    I recently had a conversation with a lady who reported to me an argument she had with an “educated” woman. When discussing the national debt, she was told by the “educated Obama voter”, the Treasury Dept. should just print more money, and that could be used to pay off the debt. God help us!

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

      Just like writing a check to cover an over-draft charge, Gary.

  5. Thom's Thumb November 19, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    Dan, this is a magnificent article. Well written and easy to understand……………….Uh, duh, did you send a copy the the so called leadership of our now defunct country? Better yet, now that 18,500 people have no reason to get up they might better be the recipients of your wisdom.

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 10:40 am #

      Excuse me, Thom’s Thumb. I was just finishing a Twinkie with my coffee…………………………….

      Union brinksmanship really helped the rank and file, didn’t it? Wonder (no pun intended about bread) what they think of the return on their union dues right about now.

  6. renee November 19, 2012 at 10:11 am #

    Obama and his incompetent liberal administration couldn’t budget a week long art supply list for a kindergarten class let alone balancing the astronomical debt which he has unleashed upon our nation!

    His uninspiring, lackluster presidency will only leave an indelibly negative mark upon our nation’s once enviable image which unfortunately will take years to overcome!

    He and his anti-American compatriots have a deep and intrinsic hatred for America and those of us who are patriotically proud of our past accomplishments which were primarily rooted through hard work and a proven track record through a non (Affirmative Action oriented) exemplary, academic education & work experiece.

    All he & his liberal cohorts want is for America to be identified simply as “A nation of immigrants”! With no cohesive language nor visible unique identity. Everyone is “equal” by Affirmative Action standards of course. A morally reckless individual who produces children without the benefit of marriage must be looked upon with charity, even if they engage in drug abuse or violent activity!

    Their economically draining & promiscuous lifestyle must be subsidized through our tax dollars for assistance in their daily living arrangements, including free education, food, hospitalization, contraception, condom, liquor, drugs & weave supply! Forcing our entire nation to fully fund the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood is the main motivation behind Obamacare!

    We must celebrate the sin of homosexuality which is physically harmful and unnatural while investing our hard earned money on the very wasteful “Aids Research Program! In order to fully embrace homosexual activity while trying to collectively normalize it, the liberal Obama administration insists that our entire culture take an Aids test to promote the fallacy that like cancer or the common cold, “any one can get it”!

    No longer are we to publicly acknowledge the presence of God in our daily lives nor speak about Jesus Christ because Obama has taken his place as “the eternal redeemer”! A nor are we encouraged to admire an individual who utilizes both his/her time & talent in developing a remarkable product nor business which fuels an honest income while boosting our economy. The Traditional God-ordained sacrament between one man & one women with the express purpose of producing children in building a stabilized civilization is no longer aacceptable to liberals and their earthly god, Obama!

    White men, who to this very day continue to develope the majority of jobs & other multi-million dollar enterprises must be publicly scorned & shamed for refusing to fork over a portion of their hard earned income towards the trusty hands of the “black messiah” who will simply waste it on a number of soul draining, government social policies which simply breeds dependency!

    The completely dependent and unmotivated individuals who voted for this fiend a second term have placed our nation at the mercy of this inexperienced driver who once again, will continue to lead our nation down on rocky path towards a precipice of damnation!

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 10:37 am #

      Right on all counts, Renee. In fact, I’ve been privately excoriated by an email this morning for referencing Christmas near the end of my column.

      Not hard to figure given the “change” about which we were all amply warned.

  7. Ben November 19, 2012 at 9:39 am #

    We hardly have news on the cable and TV channels anymore. It has become “Reality TV” disguised as news. FOX is starting to learn their game very well.

    Most of them simply offer the commies a platform to spin their story and never call them out.

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 9:44 am #

      Right you are, Ben. I’ve always viewed journalism as an important charter of sorts, and believed that charter demanded honesty, accuracy, and integrity.

      Watching TV today makes me think I must be from a different solar system.

  8. Bill Sr. November 19, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    All of your reasoning, calculations, and facts are correct and on point hitting the target. But deep into your analysis you briefly mentioned the shot in the back of America designed by Obama and delivered as you say with a GIANT assist by Chief Justice (denied) John Roberts. His deciding vote was the single act of constitutional tyranny whether under duress due to personal threats or a prideful display of ultimate authority to chastise a delusional electorate in effect gave legal legitimacy to the most corrupt element of domestic political terrorism our country could possibly have elevated to power. He must be remembered as the one person who could have justifiably at least postponed our economical demise and slowed the progression of socialism so obviously desired by the democratic machine being used by the Obama regime. We will be rehashing the Kennedy assassination this week and debating who fired the shot from where. However, I submit there will be no doubt from here on as to who it was who fired the fatal “shot in the back” of American constitutional justice allowing Barrack Hussein Obama to saddle his horse and sound the charge for his Marxist bureaucracy to diminish our once proud nation to a third world dictatorship with him as the ruler.

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 9:39 am #

      Absolutely FIRST RATE analysis, Bill Sr.

      We won’t be having to search a grassy knoll to figure out who pulled the trigger on this calamity.

  9. jim November 19, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    Only wished there were 75 of you in the senate and 350 of you in congress.How is it conservatives get it? we elect likewise officials and as soon as they are swore in….they forget who elected them and why!!! Now hussein obama is the “judias goat” and they herd us up and he runs us to the slaughter. Make no question about it we are being taken out by the thousands and with obamacare we’ll be taken out by the millions.The 47-49% of the takers being fed by the makers will increase well over 50% and “syranoria”baby…Thanks for the great insight…I’ve given up on everyone else but you and Massie.You two tell it like it is…Keep me boosted

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 9:36 am #

      Thanks, Jim. The reality is that there will be no fiscal cliff per se, but that what ever is agreed to behind closed doors will be just a variation on the bad policies that put us in this mess in the first place—————–then there’ll be photo-ops and handshakes and gloating, and we’ll be right back where we started:
      spending way more than we ever have a chance of taking in.

  10. Lin Antalek November 19, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    My question is this. IF conservatives ever take the house and senate back how much of Obamas mess can be reversed?

    • Dan Bubalo November 19, 2012 at 9:33 am #

      Some damage will have been done by 2014, Lin, but it is my understanding that it could all be reversed/eliminated over time, although there will be the threats of veto from the Oval Office if he hasn’t been impeached by the midterm elections.

      Nonetheless, conservatives in both houses would acquaint him with the fact that there are three branches of government and not just one.

      • Pamela Arnold November 19, 2012 at 11:02 am #

        True Dan. But, from what I have been reading, and witnessed from past atrocities already from this regime, as with so many other “smoke & mirror” let’s pretend we have come to an agreement, this too, is just another facade. O does as he so wishes, via his Executive Orders. So….you don’t want to play his game? Fine. The other branches you speak of, are now, non existant. He will just issue another one of his “EO’s, and that is how his merry game of politics continue to destroy us. Just like it is rarely mentioned, and still nothing has happened in regards to him NOT getting Congressional approval to go into Libya. I thought we had certain protocols to follow there. Guess not! He is still guilty of the War Powers Act, and nothing has been done to him. He is “untouchable”. Lawfully! But this was another great article, and I too, am convinced, this just may be our last Christmas celebration.

  11. r. Woods November 18, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    With what you have explained here and the SIX THOUSAND NEW REGULATIONS that the wizard in chief has proposed in the last ninety days, there can only be one direction in which this country could be headed, gravity is a sure thing, works every time! Can’t wait to see how they fudge the numbers around the first week in December to show us how unemployment has dropped since his re-election, that’s going to be a real interesting chart, considering everyday since the election we’ve heard about more and more companies laying off or shutting down. Stupid question for you here! Do obama phones have calculators? It’s all simple math Dan, I don’t understand why so many just don’t get it. Thank you Dan.

    • Dan Bubalo November 18, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

      Giving recipients calculators makes about as much sense as giving them free books to read, r.Woods. (great line about gravity, by the way)

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