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melania trump

Melania Trump Used References We All Use

The allegations of plagiarism came “fast and furious” (pun intended), from all mainstream media outlets moments after the gavel banged adjourning the Wednesday evening session of the Republican National Convention. The actions were that Mrs. Melania Trump had plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention Speech. In her Convention speech Mrs. Trump said: “From a young […]

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The Wrong Horse Shoe — Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for July 24, 2016, “Our Daily Bread” by C.P. Hia: ******************* Napoleon’s defeat in Russia 200 years ago was attributed to the harsh Russian winter. One specific problem was that his horses were wearing summer horseshoes. When winter came, these horses died because they slipped on icy roads as they pulled […]

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black police

Blacks Are Wrong About Police [Video]

If egregiously uninformed and intentionally twisted thought processes were an Olympic sport, there would be more black gold medalists than there are blacks in jail.  Watch and see what I mean. TAKE ACTION: Every $1 helps The Daily Rant reach 1,000 new readers with this article. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE: Subscribe To The Daily Rant YouTube Channel […]

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hillary shady

When It Comes To Hillary Character Doesn’t Matter

There was a time that character mattered; but apparently if you are Hillary Clinton, being a liar, an avowed corruptor of justice, with a lifelong career of undermining the rule of law you are viewed as presidential material. There is no acceptable or remotely justifiable reason for Hillary not being under indictment, if not either […]

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