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End All Skin-Color Based Programs

With that factoid in mind, can anything more be done to poison the minds of blacks against America and specifically whites in America? Apparently Theodore R. Johnson, a former White House fellow and current Ph.D candidate in law and policy at Northeastern University, thinks so. Johnson has determined: “Racial reconciliation is impossible without some kind […]

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The Holy Bible

Verify The Truth – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for August 30, 2015, “Our Daily Bread” by Dave Branon. ******************** “A deadly jungle spider has migrated to the US and is killing people.” This was the story sent to me and to others on my friend’s email list. The story sounded plausible—lots of scientific names and real-life situations. But when […]

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Ben Carson’s Thin-Skin

I don’t doubt for an instant that Ben Carson is a pleasant man, a good neighbor, and a phenomenal doctor, but he isn’t running to be recognized as a “nice man” – he is running for President of the Untied States. Ben Carson is not above the same critique and critical examination that all candidates […]

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Anchor Baby

Anchors Away

Pundits on both sides of the Anchor Baby dispute speak authoritatively on the issue but vehemently disagree. This leaves many confused about which way the constitutional weight swings. Those of the opinion that babies born here by mothers who entered the country illegally are entitled to citizenship and its privileges cite the 14th Amendment as […]

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