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Friday, May 29th 2015


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Associated Press and Fox News: Obamacare Agitprop

I would like to shed light on a media trick commonly used to initiate misinformation and rancor toward Republicans. But it no longer stops there. The media now uses it as a form of social behavioral modification. I do not watch and I very seldom read the agitprop FoxNews shovels. It is my considered opinion they are no more trustworthy than CNN or MSNBC. With that as a backdrop, permit me to point out how the various media entities are intentionally misleading you pursuant to obamacare. An Associated Press (AP) […]

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The 2015 Battle in Trenton

The Colonists lost many battles at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The tides changed when General Washington and his troops crossed the icy waters of the Delaware River on Christmas Day in 1776 and defeated the Hessian mercenaries in Trenton, NJ the very next day. This victory marked a new beginning for the emerging nation. Today many lament the loss of liberty Washington and our Founders sacrificed much to secure. We observe the ravages of a government that has allowed administrative law to circumvent federalism and substitute crony capitalism […]

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If Stupid Were A Person

For many people the most important thing when it comes to Obama is the color of his skin. Since all exaltations begin with the color of his skin, I think it only fitting to begin criticism with same. Ergo, if “stupid” was black, had two legs, and lied practically every time it opened its mouth “stupid” would be Obama. Obama is an anti-Second Amendment agenda-driven liar who will say anything to advance his assault against law enforcement protecting themselves. Standing in Camden, New Jersey last week, Obama announced new federal […]

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