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We are here to help.  Please contact us at [email protected] and we can help resolve any issue you may be having. 

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I posted a comment. Why can’t I see it on the site? 

1. Your comment may have violated the Terms Of Service of allows you to post comments, provided that you do so with a valid e-mail address. We reserve the right to allow as much or as little opportunity for registration as we choose and we may close particular comment threads or discontinue our general policy of allowing comments at any time.

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We reserve the right to delete your comments and suspend or revoke your registration for any reason. Rarely, if ever, will we do so simply because we disagree with you. We will, however, usually do so if you post something any comment that is, in our good faith opinion. Some other reasons:

1. Off-topic;
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2. You need to refresh your browser and clear your cache.

How do I cancel my Monthly Supporter subscription?

1. If you used Paypal,

2. All else contact billing support here.

How do I download the Ebook I purchased?

After your completed purchase, you should have been redirected to an INSTANT DOWNLOAD page. If you did not, or have misplaced that page (did not bookmark it), just contact us here and we will resend the link to you.

I am having trouble reading the Ebook.

No problem! Just contact us here with the issue you are having and we will be happy to help.

How can I change the frequency to only occasional emails, not daily?

Click here to change the frequency of your email alerts.

How do I cancel the Daily Email Alert?

At the bottom of every email is a link that says “unsubscribe” or “opt out”

How can I add a photo to my comment profile/bio?  The picture/photo that appears next to your profile in the comments section is what is called a Gravatar. You can get yours for free here.