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Hillary Clinton: Portrait Of A Failed Life
Hillary Clinton’s statements disparaging American women while she was in Mumbai, India, were repugnant and morally opprobrious but clearly not[...]
This Easter Let Us Be Resolute — Sunday Thought For The Day
As Easter approaches we witness continued efforts to not just suppress the vocal expression of Christianity, but the efforts to[...]
Changes At The Daily Rant
To all of my subscribers and donors: The Daily Rant is in the process of a major changeover which is[...]
“Poe-Black Folks” Propagandized To Fear White Teachers
I don’t know whether to pity “poe-blacks folks” or to swallow a handful of Prevacid with an Alka-Seltzer chaser for[...]
Judas and Peter Walked With Christ — Sunday Thought For The Day
During a recent Thursday evening bible study, the observation was made that Judas Iscariot walked side by side with the[...]

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