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It's All About Being Black

It’s All About Being Black

One month has passed since the election, and I continue to read and receive theories and complaints pursuant to why people voted for Obama.

The most common opinion is that people voted for him because they wanted something for nothing. With that opinion firmly entrenched in the minds of many, the publicly unspoken sensus plenior of that reasoning is that it refers, by and large, to blacks.

Race-mongering exists because there is a zeitgeist that gives credibility to it. The message must be that we are Americans, not hyphenations, and that the colors of America are Red, White, and Blue, not black.

But that, in large part, is fallacious because it stems from a flawed supposition based on ignoring the obvious. There is no way for me to quantify what I’m about to say – because there is no way most black people would respond honestly in an empirical study.

The major and most prevailing reason the great number of blacks voted for Obama was based solely upon the color of his skin. They voted for him because he is black. Color of skin trumps all other issues.

If the person is, as Jesse Jackson and others frequently say, “really black” the mindset of that person’s politics is a given. But that is secondary to the color of the person’s skin. Sure there will be those who will disagree with me. But they are either ignorant or in denial or both.

Color of skin is the talisman from which a mindset unfolds in the black psyche. The bona fides of same are then evidenced by speech, demands, and victimology. And while it has become popular for blacks to deny being motivated based solely on color they darn well know they’re being disingenuous, i.e., lying through their teeth.

You put a white boxer and a black boxer in the ring together and 95 percent of blacks will root for the black boxer based purely on the color of his skin. And that would be the case even if the boxer were a complete unknown.

Who honestly thinks the black performers, athletes, and actors have a clue about financial and/or foreign policy? Does anyone really believe people who had to graduate college to learn how to write a check understand the first thing about austerity and economics? Not a chance. The only thing they understand is that he is black. I had a young black professional woman tell me “we have to support Obama because he is black.”

It is my opinion that we overlook the greater problem by arguing that blacks voted for Obama because they thought they were going to get something for nothing. And I say that fully cognizant of the fact that black groups in Detroit are telling Obama that they are responsible for him being reelected, ergo, he owes them. That, in my opinion, is quid pro quo and not to be confused with my original point.

This validates my position on race. As I told a class at the Bob Dole Political Institute at Kansas University: “we will not move beyond race until we move beyond race.” The problem is also as I’ve said many times, that blacks do not want to move beyond race.

They may not like my saying it, but their actions and words prove me right. They do not like my saying that they cleave to victimology like a baby does its mother’s breast, but at the very first hint of insult, real or perceived, their, plaintive, cry is, “it’s because I’m black.”

It’s tiresome making this point again and again, but it must be made until people begin to grasp it and modify their behavior in ways that oppose the retreat from modernity.

Saying that Obama won because he promised to give them something is a silly and thoughtless waste of energy. Those advancing said nonsense at the same time they are asking how to get blacks to understand Republicans are better for them – present a conflicted argument that’s tantamount to a trapezist on a badly frayed wire.

All politicians promise to appease their support groups with give-aways. Has everyone forgotten Bush’s State Of The Union messages? Have they forgotten Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” which was an amnesty give-away to illegal aliens? Romney was pro give-away to college students.

It is paramount that conservatives understand that if the truth upsets people – consider what fallacious condemnation does.

Race-mongering exists because there is a zeitgeist that gives credibility to it. The message must be that we are Americans, not hyphenations, and that the colors of America are Red, White, and Blue, not black.

That is our battleground because every time we capitulate, concede, and/or embrace a position based on color of skin the message that is sent forth is that blacks are different because of their skin color. That is the message that provides fertile ground for nefarious race-hustlers to plant and harvest seeds of evil malcontent.

And as long as that argument takes precedent, race will be the great divider and albatross around the neck of America.

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70 Responses to It’s All About Being Black

  1. Ricardo Parham April 7, 2013 at 12:11 pm #

    They don't make black men like you anymore,I bet your mother is ashamed to call you her son.Pathetic!

  2. papajohn704 December 24, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    In the past, i had posted my experience in Education for 30 years.
    I had stated that there were times in class when I would ask a question
    or bring-up a topic and my black students, who knew the answers, would not engaged
    in discussion because their friends would accuse them of being white or acting like a “Tom”. Sometimes this lack of discussion was cited as “Keeping it real”.I have fought this outrageous phenomenal of “dumbing down”.for all these years and now some person says That Tim Scott and RG3 are not real people who, have in spite of their
    hardships should be celebrated by their accomplishments.
    How dare anyone else who tries to demean or tear down these gentlemen as well as others who dare to be great and live out their GOD given talent.
    Now, I’m 70 years old and wondering who will stand up and demand that all human beings
    are to be given their dues and respected for their endeavors.
    If you are not an encourager, a supporter or a tutor get out of the way.

  3. Melanie Lee December 18, 2012 at 1:42 am #

    Here's another question: why didn't the Republicans run Colin Powell, the hero of the Gulf War, for President?

    And here's another question: does anyone question the validity of White people voting for White candidates?

  4. Jeep Zea December 17, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    Would the black community vote for Allen West? No, because he is a strong Conservative. As Keith L. Tolbert said, he's not the "right kind" of black.

  5. Bahb Peters December 12, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    poppycock….;0) Ha! I suppose him being a Democrat had nothing to do with this past election. Don't go by me….what do I know? I can't write a check and I haven't a clue about foriegn policy….it appears that YOU and YOU alone Mr. Massie are the only American-American (new black btw) capable of such wuthering heights… is an honor to finally meet you…tell Jesus Mary and Joseph I said Happy Holidays….;0) Ha! Give me a break!

  6. Black People Can't be Republican December 12, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    It's true many blacks voted for Obama simply because of skin color, but you can say the same about any demographic, pretty much. If Hillary Clinton runs for house, many women will vote for her because of gender alone. If Marco Rubio becomes a viable presidential candidate, many Latinos will vote for him to "support our own." The same with a gay candidate. It's not just black votes. Some whites voted for Romney to "get rid of the black guy."

    • Al Andry December 21, 2012 at 12:56 am #

      I'm a conservative who happens to be black. I have either campaigned against or voted against Bill the 2nd time, Hillary, John Edwards, Gore, John Kerry, and a whole host of democrats including Obama. At no time did ethnicity nor gender have anything to do with it. Voting for or against anyone based on their ethnicity is bigoted and dumb. No one's ethnic heritage will make them a good or bad leader, and if they rely on or use it to gain office, they have already laid the foundation for failure. It is nothing short of racism for 93% or more of blacks to vote for Obama. Most people will not accept that, but its the absolute truth. Prior to Obama coming on the scene, the overwhelming majority of them were flunkies for Hillary. Remember how Jackson and Sharpton supported Hillary and dissed Obama? Their views were basically that he wasn't really black or black enough. When he kicked Hillary's butt, then Sharpton and Jackson jumped ship. I found it amusing.

    • Robert Knodt December 22, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

      I agree, Al. To vote for a candidate based on race or sex is racism and sexism, plain and simple.

  7. Mrs.JWB December 12, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    thanks again for speaking truth for anyone to hear Mr. Massie.

  8. jackie December 12, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    Liberals voted for 0bama because he’s liberal … but mostly bcs he’s black. Black liberals voted for 0bama entirely because he’s black. I’ve heard blacks say ‘you gotta vote for the brotha’. It was the most racist phenomenon I’d ever seen … voting in an incompetent person, regardless of how he destroys the country … because it proves that Americans have unchained the poor pitiful black race. We’re letting them off their leash to see if they come back to the yard! See how good the black man speaks? Like a normal person!

    It was the biggest handicap and entitlement giveaway in history, this presidency. All based on the low opinion LIBERALS have for blacks.

  9. Ray Comfort December 12, 2012 at 1:38 am #

    another sad fact is that Obama isn't even the right kind of black! He is so far removed from urban blacks that come up from the mean streets and rural, often poor black families that have had to tuff it out…..he lacks the black experience and furthermore he does absolutely nothing worthwhile for black America(besides foodstamps and free telephones)……I fully expected that he would help the black race with a lift up……he's a smug person with an elistist attitude that really seems smitten by being black.

    • Bahb Peters December 12, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

      thinks you've lost your mind…it appears you think I'd rather vote for Lil Wayne because he has a black experience??? Never mind our POTUS went to college…according to you I want a President from the 'streets' dude….lastly to all you people….we didn't vote for him because he is what you call black….I was struggling between him and Hillary for God's sake….and this 2nd tim around it wasn't any competition from the Democratic side so this article is a waste of time. I love when white folks try to tell me what it's like to be an American-American (BTW…the nw black) Lastly….Einstein….food stamps are gobbled up by white folks!!! Duhhhhh….;0) Ha!!!

    • Ray Comfort December 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

      look honey, he's an elitist who panders to black America and has no frigging ideal what it is to be black in America. He relates then he ignores…….as a Christian, I have the distinct feeling that most Americans would have had no problems with him reaching out to blacks, especially because of the large disenfranchised group that they are. Unemployment and low education levels and jails for that matter are disproportionatly black! BO can't relate and won't relate to them in any other way than food stamps and free phones! You must be an exception! As a white male, I'm on my way to extinction!

  10. Alessandre December 11, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    There are 40 comments left to read & I can’t do it because most of them are similar things. Perhaps we need to look at this from a spiritual perspective.

    We live in an age of advertising. Advertising sells dreams. People who don’t own TVs, read “news” sources filled w/ adverts, listen to non commercial sources of music, etc. are affected by advertising. Those who watch TV, read the popular “press,” listen to commercial radios, etc. have no other lives. Beginning w/ Oprah, blacks & whites have increasingly bought into the “dream” big time. So along comes a dream man, ‘their’ dream man & they vote for him based on nothing at all the 1st time &, the 2nd time, in spite of an horrendous record. Could they want to cling to their dream as long as possible?

    Blacks didn’t win the election for BHO. Catholics & other whites made a huge difference. We may be “post-white male” but whites still make up the majority in this country & even w/ fraud, had all whites voted for Romney along w/ the rest of the conservatives, he would have won. I have white friends who voted for BHO because they believe in him. Their personal finances are much worse than they were 4 years ago but they believe in him. I’ve tried to disabuse so many blacks & whites of the belief that Obamacare will provide them w/ free insurance because though they feel they can’t afford health insurance, they earn too much. But they don’t believe me: Obamacare must provide coverage for them because they need it. These are not people living in reality. They are living in their imaginations, in dreams.

    BHO is an advertisement that still works. People are still buying him in the same way they buy Big MACs. Looks like food, tastes good, has a great brand, cheap (& that’s important), so it must be food. That they could cook a meal for their families for less money & offer more nutrition isn’t a consideration. Cooking requires real work & real work isn’t part of the dream. The Big MAC nourishes the dream though it doesn’t do a good job nourishing the body. Dreams trump reality unless & until one is steeped in reality & learns how good it is. People will die rather than relinquish their dreams. Farrah Fawcett died of colon cancer that was caught early & was almost certainly curable because she wouldn’t give up her dream of being a beautiful woman. She spent huge amounts on “natural” cures rather than give up the image, the idea, the dream of what it meant to be a beautiful actress & now she’s dead.

    Is it any wonder Hollywood & the media lust after BHO? He’s their idol; he’s like them. He did nothing & became president. That others did quite a lot of work has been hidden. Neither do they care that he keeps selling his soul. At least on the surface, he’s living large & enjoying every minute of it. As is his wife & children & coterie. He appears on their favourite TV programs, in their favourite magazines – next he’ll be on their breakfast cereal. He’s fake, a dream – less nutritious & substantial than a MacDonald’s hamburger bun.

    What will turn it around? A rude awakening. Some have a kernel of self reliance & strength that will help them. Others will need as much help as we can give them. Many may be “foolish virgins” who bring no oil for their lamps & we mayn’t be able to lend any of ours. Some may be bad servants altogether. But there are the wise amongst us who have been trustworthy & continue to be: there is much wisdom at this site & a few other places. We must listen to that wisdom, trust God & be as prepared as possible to love God & serve people, even those who are asleep right now. And we must realize we’re facing a sickness in the soul of the American people not a black issue nor a white issue but a deadened soul issue, a fallen human being issue. All we can do is keep our lamps lit & have lots of extra oil (spiritual strength), do what we can to encourage souls to come to life now & prepare to help those we can when God’s alarm clock rings.

    • ray comfort December 11, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      wonderful analogy with the Big Mac! It’s so funny that you use the lamp oil scripture to turn to, in the frustration of it all. It has often entered my mind to keep my lamp full with plenty on store to be ready for the day He arrives. Ya know, I was re-affirmed after the election that end times are really upon us and thought a bunch about it, in the year preceding. Praise Him for keeping us on track.

  11. Gary Thomsen December 11, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    In regards to Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton etc., let me just say this. The Democrats of the old South (slave owners) held to the black inferiority position for two reasons: money and power. The modern Liberal Democrats hold to the (inferior) blacks needing help to survive position for two reasons: money and power. Any questions?

  12. sam c December 11, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    Mychal, I just read your previous article concerning Jaime Foxx on SNL. I had my TV on and was just listening to it as I prepared for bed, I got so PO’d I changed channels. I have no desire to watch SNL ever again. I stopped watching David Letterman because of the way he critized George Bush. Katie Couric was such an ass when she interviewed Sarah Palin. I can fine better people to watch or just read a book.
    I am a senior citizen and live alone in the country. I get so angry when I watch the local news and hear that another person has been shot and killed, or some idiot has broken into someones house and pistol whipped the occupant. I cannot understand why these folks don’t try to better themselves. We have just wrapped up a fundraiser headed up by the Faternal Order of Police to make donations for Christmas presents for the area children. Don’t these folks know how to take care of their own?

    I have become a prejudice person. I don’t consider myself a racist. I was raised better than that.

    The gov’t in the county next door to mine went totally black this election year. The schools are in the toilet. No control with the students. Parents chastise the teachers.

    I understand the Christmas parade in my county this year had the marching band and the dancers with their butt cheeks hanging out and acting as if they had a pole in the night club. THen parents wonder why their girls get raped, turn to street walking or just having several kids not even knowing who the father is.

    Then the working folks have to support them for the rest of their sorry lifes.

    I have asked the major newspaper here how much money we pay out annually for
    entitlements, such as housing, food stamps, wic, free phones, medicaid, child tax credits and the rest of the ungodly entitlements they get; but they are so damned
    Democratic they won’t print it.

    What I can’t understand is why Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joseph Lowery, Andrew Young, Julian Bond and the rest of those gold diggers don’t get off their asses and help their blacks.

    Those po ‘ole blacks think us whities owe them something from the slavery days. Well in my opionion if they got their 40 acres and a mule they wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it.

    They have received their reparation to damn long. It’s time everything was taken away. Their childern need to be seized from them and not given back until they get a job and start acting like the parents should be.

    Don’t you know Dr. Martin Luther King is probably spinning in his grave?

    The only consolation we probably have is that these idiots that voted for Obama for what ever reason is going to reap what they sow. Senior citizens pay taxes along with
    the upper 2%. They are not going to live forever. When the goose that lays the GOLDEN EGGS dies all is said and done.

    I fell sorry for my children and grandchildren.

    I’m afraid God has taken away the hedge of protection that the United States once had. We have become such a godless nation and I believe we are going to see some
    bad times ahead.

    Thanks, Sam

  13. renee December 11, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

    Mychal, this issue of race is forever destroying our culture. Guilt ridden white liberals such as the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden & Harry Reid are more than happy to continually fatten up up their bank accounts with the aid of academically challenged minorities, preferably from the African-American & Hispanic communities.

    For nearly 40 years, these political clowns have remained in office, virtually accomplishing little to nothing of merit other than to corece members of these two groups into blaming all of their personal ills on “white America” while forcing hard working tax payers into subsidizing their substandard, morally reckless and irresponsible lifestyles! High crime rates, homocidal murders of young black men by other black men, illigitimate children, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity, low ball, free gov’t education, sexually-transmitted diseases, lack of decorum, inarticulate, ghetto speech patterns and a poor attitude towards life are all the end results of 50 years of Democrat promoted policies which continue to debilitate many blacks.

  14. Holly Taboada December 11, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    As much as I agree with this article, I can't share it on Facebook. I, ofcourse, would be slated a racist.

    • Ted Nelson December 11, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

      Nah, you wouldn't. See, you have a picture of the guy that wrote it. You can't be cited for something you enjoyed reading. So if you agree with something and you friends don't like you for it you don't have a race issue, you have a friend issue.

    • Bahb Peters December 12, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

      funny how I keep hearing this cop out…..folks afraid of being labeled may need to dig a little deeper within themselves because those thoughts never crossed my mind all the years I have been voting for white candidates (democrats) ;0) Ha!!!

    • Holly Taboada December 12, 2012 at 11:55 pm #

      Oh it's not a cop out ~ it's a fact. IF I POST THIS STORY ON FACEBOOK ~ A BLACK PERSON WOULD LOOK AT IT AS RACISM.

      • Lisa January 21, 2013 at 8:04 am #

        Any why the hell do you care if anyone thinks you are a racist for posting truth? THAT is exactly part of the problem. Seems to me you’re not racist…but a coward, you are.

  15. Henry Yip December 11, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    A friend of mind (older than me by 12yrs) (Viet-Nam vet also) told me that Barry would win the election, and I told him(rather heatedly) BS! The next day Barry wins.Then my friend said to me it was because Romney hated woman, he hated blacks and latinos, he is rich and that he is a Morman. I asked where did he get all this information, he said it's all over the news.

  16. Sharri Slater December 11, 2012 at 8:09 pm #

    Obama just had a bigger line of BS & lies that people believed. A black man like Allen West, or Cain, intelligent, and loves America, Blacks call them an Uncle Toms. Why? My only gues is he represents hard work to success, a platform of truth blacks don't want to hear, plus Obamas croonies did everything they could to eliminate every black man that challenged him. They tried to ruin Cain too. I believe Obama is afraid to come up against another strong black man. West and Cain would creamed Obama in a debate. The polls were bogus set up by the media, preparing the public for the voter fraud Obama had planned months before the election. Fraud has been proven. I don't see how blacks can be happy with their choice. Higher taxes, higher food prices, higher casoline prices, more people of welfare, more unemployed, more homeless than ever, and Obama has put our country on the brink of destruction. Wars that could evolve into America's destruction cause by Obama's dumb decissions without Congress. And the Muslim brotherhood becoming more powerful through Obamas sneaky dealings in backroom negotiations. Our Whitehouse filled with communists. Is this what you rteally want. Me, I choose the freedom our country has known before Obama and all his over 200 regulations, governing legistlations, and anticipated government control.

  17. Marilyn December 11, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    Mychal, I’m sure you are right about blacks voting for blacks. That’s a given. But, I also want to say that a number of whites did not vote for color but voted because they have been on the “system” for many years – work once in a while – can’t make good money to pay their bills then go right back on the dole and live in HUD housing. As I have said before, I had one employee who was sharp and I wanted to promote her in the business and give her advancement in pay. She refused because she made a better living on welfare so couldn’t afford to “earn” more money. She was a single white mother. I’m sure she voted for Obama. Then, there are the many blacks I’ve read about who want nothing to do with Obama. They feel he is a tyrant and leading Americans such as themselves down the rat hole. So, I think we have a mixed bag here. If anything, I believe the vote was sold out. I think a lot of the votes were fraudulent – not counted correctly and devices set up to nominate Obama/Biden no matter the voter touched the Romney/Ryan button. It has been proven that a number of voters voted twice if not more for Obama. Court cases are being heard and those caught are being sentenced to jail time. I hope those who voted more than once are shaking in their boots right now, afraid they will be caught. I hope that the confiscated voting machines will be proof that the machines were indeed ‘tinckered’ with and those responsible will end up in jail or worse.Alabama has the right idea; Obama should never been allowed on the State ticket for a U.S. President. I hope they win their case because this will promote other States to follow suit. It behoves me to say that the Presidential Election was won by fraud and must be proven. Also, until all Military ballots are counted, the Electroal College needs to hold up on their ability to vote. There was too much confusion about the Military votes being lost, unable to get the absentee ballots to the over-seas Military and those that were timely, seemed to get lost at sea or by some air planes that delayed their missions to get the ballots back to the Unted States and to proper States. The Military stationed Stateside did arrive in their home of State but we don’t know that they were properly counted. There was a time when blacks did vote for “white” presidents. To come back to today’s topic: With this present administration bent on dividing the races, I do agree that a lot of blacks only voted for a black president. The young black man who was questioned on the street interview about who he would vote for said he would vote for Obama/Ryan-Good team…I’m sure he voted.

  18. Pamela Ellis Hall December 11, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    The black people who voted for Obama voted for him because he's black and also because he is a Democrat. It's so sad that so many Americans can't see beyond race or being such victims while…. the government is falling apart. I believe between all of the minority legal and illegal votes and the entitlements that they demand… America is doomed.

    We probably won't ever live to see another Conservative president in office which is sad. Chicago politics have taken over our political system while the radical Muslims wait in the wings to find the exact moment to strike and take over our country! WAKE UP AMERICA before it's too late!

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