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Michelle Obama: More Evidence That Proves She Is A Bigot

Michelle Obama: More Evidence That Proves She Is A Bigot

I have repeatedly said that the Obamas are about race-mongers and that Michelle Obama is even more so than her husband. August 15, 2012, Charles Johnson, writing for The Daily Caller, drove home my point with more proof of same.

He wrote:
During her third and final year at Harvard Law School, first lady Michelle Obama — then named Michelle Robinson — penned an article for the newsletter of Harvard’s Black Law Students Association (BLSA), arguing that Harvard and its students were perpetuating “racist and sexist stereotypes” by not intentionally hiring minority and female law professors on the basis of their sex or skin color. (

He continues: “The 1988 essay, titled ‘Minority and Women Law Professors: A Comparison of Teaching Styles,’ ran in a special edition of the BLSA Memo. The future first lady justified her demands for more black and female law school faculty by attacking the ‘traditional model,’ in which law students were educated through the Socratic method.”

This is the future First Lady I write about in my syndicated article, “Michelle Obama’s Inner Demons”: “Barack Hussein Obama, originally known as Barry Sotero, claims two mentors and two people of greatest influence in his life – the race-baiting, hate-filled Jeremiah Wright and his race-conscious, bitter wife.” (; 4/6/08)

This is the woman who has Obama’s ear. This is also the woman who arrogantly said she had been ashamed of the America we love, her entire life–at least until she was in the White House and able to influence Obama’s agenda.

Johnson writes: “She opposed the traditional meritocratic hiring principle, where professors with better legal pedigrees were more often hired, arguing that it limited the success of women and blacks.”

Michelle Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988, and was admitted as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of Illinois on May 12, 1989. Following graduation, she joined Sidley Austin, a corporate law firm in Chicago. But a few years later, in 1994, while working for the Public Allies project in Chicago, Obama voluntarily surrounded her law license under clouded circumstances.

In other words, she was demanding that Harvard ignore those with superior credentials and legal pedigrees in favor of those who could be at the bottom of the proverbial barrel, as long as they were black and/or female. Of course, it’s my guess she would have protested just as much if too many white women were hired.

Johnson’s incomparable article further calcifies that which many have known from the beginning and that is the Obamas are race-conscious Marxist-Leninists who want Van Jones and Eric Holder types to control our lives.

In my syndicated article referenced above I write:
She views life and America through a prism of segregative bias based on her own inner demons. She castigates universities as being designed to cater socially and academically to white students. In reality, schools are to cater to educating the student, but thanks to the very vehicle she used to attend Princeton and Harvard, education is overshadowed by racial diversity. Her Princeton thesis concluded with her excoriating other black alumni because they identified with inclusive American culture more than they valued the color of their skin.

Johnson noted that:
. . . [S]he praised the teaching of several professors who didn’t use the Socratic method, including the far-left academics Martha Minow and Charles Ogletree. Minow’s father, Newton Minow, later recruited Michelle and Barack Obama to Sidley Austin, the Chicago law firm where the two met. Ogletree, who mentored both Michelle and Barack at Harvard, admitted during the 2008 election that he had concealed a videotape of Obama praising ‘critical race theory’ architect Derrick Bell. Michelle also gushed praise for critical race theory itself — the view that law is an instrument of the powerful against the powerless, rather than an effort to seek justice.

And as if we needed more proof of her Erebusic influence over Obama’s presidency, Johnson notes that the language she used “bore clear similarities to the ’empathy’ test Obama promised to use when deciding on nominees for the judiciary.”

The clear and present danger of these two along with their cabal of racist Marxist-Leninists which includes Valerie Jarrett, cannot be ignored. The only thing remotely close to the threat they present is the realization that Republican hierarchy will do everything in their power to prevent true conservatives from being elected.

It is one thing to have the Obamas committed to transforming America into a Communist state–it is another to have Republican hierarchy aiding and abetting them by pushing candidates we cannot support.

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78 Responses to Michelle Obama: More Evidence That Proves She Is A Bigot

  1. ashley farmer February 24, 2017 at 6:26 pm #

    Well if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black……smdh. You all are a bunch of bigot ass fools yourselves! Please utilize spell check before you try to argue, what you assume are valid arguments! You might sound smarter

  2. John McClain October 26, 2016 at 12:07 pm #

    Dear Mychal, I’ve had to think long and hard lately, given all the criminal acts, far greater than in any administration I’ve ever looked at, and why they were possible, and I’ve concluded it is too late to be “a conservative”, at this point, we have a “defacto fascist democracy” full ensconsed as “the shadow government”, now notably in the open, thanks to a private server, and to be “a conservative” today by definition, would be advocating conserving a form and function with no connection to our Declaration of Independence and national Creed, nor even possible to fit within the U.S. Constitution which is “The People’s rule of law over the government we consent to have”.
    When all law is gone except that of power, there is no room for caution, incrementalism, we must realise nothing but revolt and force can overcome those who rule by the power of government, and their own purposes.
    It is time “the radicals” are those who stand up for the “established United States, hold true to the full faith and credit clause regarding the constitution, and are no longer willing to wait for someone else to fix the problem, as “Pogo” said, “we have seen the enemy, and he is us”.
    We must lock down the nation, guird our loins, and be prepared and willing to confront every person who won’t stand with us, and name them for who and what they are, whether minions, not willing to lose the least bit of power they were allowed to impose, or simply subjects who would rather miss any responsibility over holding their natural right as a Sovereign Citizen, to demand our subjects, those we send to office, to meet our standards, or be removed, voluntarily, or by force, up to and well including death, given how many “subjects” die each day because of the malfeasance of “the elite”.
    At the very least, an Iranian physicist was hanged, his body dumped on the family doorstep, because HRC mentioned his name, and the help he was providing. There are hundreds of deaths attributable to the Clintons, if you don’t count those killed in the war they fomented in Kosovo. Tens of thousands, if you count victim’s of wars directly attributable to HRC.
    Semper Fidelis,

  3. Georgi Georgiev Pavlov April 4, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

    These are ancient Chinese symbols, not Communist flags Before th 18th century red flags were the ritual, religious symbols of China. Communism is promoting an ideology and imposing it, just like the so called "Christian conservatives", who impose their ideals over other cultures, disinforming people. And actually people on the right hate her because she promotes ways not to use frequently Obamacare, by exercise and healthy foods? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    • Mychal Massie
      Mychal Massie April 7, 2014 at 2:32 pm #

      georgi georiev: you are everything we’ve come to expect from obama sycophants…

  4. hcg diet September 18, 2013 at 10:39 pm #

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  5. Brent Salfen July 20, 2013 at 2:09 am #

    Is it my imagination or does she look walleyed (medical term is 'strabismus') in that picture?

  6. David R. Williams July 19, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    She is the most arrogant, lipstick on a pig First Lady this nation has ever had to deal with! I'll be glad when she is gone!

  7. Steve Huff July 19, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    Very articulately written Mr. Massie! Best wishes, and I hope to see you on the fields of a freer and better America.

  8. Jim Lhamon October 17, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    another from a Black conservative.

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