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Friday, March 6th 2015


Happy People

I want you for a minute, to think of some “happy people” you know. Now, ask yourself, do those people have problems like everyone else; maybe more problems than you, or problems you know nothing about? One of my daughters has a friend who is a member of a highly dysfunctional family. She was placed in Christian School, but the parents didn’t pay the bill. She worked hard as a teen to raise money for college but her parents took her money and spent it on their own needs. She […]

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Traitors Are Not Patriots

Rudy Giuliani’s recent remarks about the man now occupying the White House have been the source of many interesting conversations. While admirably proclaiming that he believes Barack Obama does not love America, Giuliani stopped short of calling him “unpatriotic.” But Giuliani is not alone in his reluctance to call Obama “unpatriotic.” Commentators that have been exposing the treasonous ways of Barack Obama also fall short of calling the man “unpatriotic” – as if doing so crosses some invisible line that affects their own credibility. For example, Bill O’Reilly will frequently […]

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I Refuse To Be Politically Correct

Political correctness is the bludgeon cultural-Marxists wield to demagogue the craven into obedience. It is the meme employed that ensures the acceptable form of social-engineering. I reject “political-correctness” in all of its constructs and have pledged to myself that I will never succumb to what amounts to a veiled unconstitutional attempt to enslave the nation on a plantation of forced group think, group speak, and group behavior. Such was the gist of a conversation I recently had with Susan Highfield. She suffered under the fallacious idea that certain speech was […]

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Obamacare: A First Person Account of the Horror

The following is the letter one of my readers sent to their elected representative. It is imperative that you read this and understand just how grievous, harmful, and diabolical obamacare is to individuals and families. This scenario has been shared with me many times by an ever increasing number of people. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Share your Obamacare story here, on The Daily Rant speak out page] ************************************** “[Mychal], With today being the “deadline for enrollment, please allow me to share my letter to my representatives.” Dear Legislator, I’m your constituent, a […]

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Ask The Author – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for February 22, 2015, “Our Daily Bread” by Julie Ackerman Link. ******************** Over the years I’ve been part of various book groups. Typically, several friends read a book and then we get together to discuss the ideas the author has put forward. Inevitably, one person will raise a question that none of us can answer. And then someone will say, “If only we could ask the author.” A popular new trend in New York City is making that possible. Some authors, for a hefty fee, are […]

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