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The Holy Bible

Who We Are – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for November 15, 2015, “our Daily Bread” by Albert Lee: ************************* In her autobiography, Corrie ten Boom described her and her sister Betsie’s horrific time in a Nazi concentration camp in the early 1940s. On one occasion they were forced to take off their clothes during an inspection. Corrie stood in […]

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black men future

It’s Not a Lack of Black Teachers – It’s Disinterested Black Parents

On February 10, 2004, I wrote: “It’s not a lack of money, books, smaller class sizes, highly paid teachers, air-conditioned classrooms, science labs, computers or the latest academic bells and whistles [stunting black classroom achievement] – it is parental failure, the inclusion of negative cultural ideologies to the exclusion of sound biblical truths, the lack […]

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Hillary Clinton: Embarrassment To Herself – Traitor To America

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the darling of liberal/feminist groups. They have long proclaimed her the smartest woman in America among other plaudits. They would have us believe that she above all other women is worthy of our respect. But in truth, Hillary is exactly kind of woman right-minded parents would not want their […]

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Daily Rant Flash Poll #41 – China [UPDATED]

Our flash poll today relates to our economic security as well as national security. Candidates are talking tough, but who do YOU trust with the reigns when it comes to China? TAKE ACTION: Every $1 helps The Daily Rant reach 1,000 new readers with this article. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE: Watch The Daily Rant YouTube Channel Here

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Bringing Our Friends To Jesus – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for November 8, 2015, “Our Daily Bread” by David McCasland. ********************** During my childhood, one of the most feared diseases was polio, often called “infantile paralysis” because most of those infected were young children. Before a preventive vaccine was developed in the mid-1950s, some 20,000 people were paralyzed by polio and […]

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