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Saturday, May 30th 2015


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Iraq and WMD’s Another Look by Dr. Lyle Rapacki

The following is an unedited briefing I believe is essential to the debate that continues even today whenever the subject of Iraq is introduced — Mychal Massie. The Middle East continues to spin into crisis. Iran continues to move toward great influence in the Middle East, and can now lay claim to be in control of Ramadi, Fallujah, and other regions of Iraq, the very nation America freed from ISIS and brought into order, and a level of peace and calm the country had not ever known. Obama’s phenomenal combination […]

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Chipmunk Chatter – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for May 24, 2015, “Our Daily Bread” by Dave Brannon…. I had laid out some landscape netting in my yard, upon which I was going to spread decorative stones. As I was preparing to finish the job, I noticed a chipmunk tangled up in the netting. I put on my gloves and gingerly began clipping away at the netting. The little guy was not happy with me. He kicked his hind feet and tried to bite me. I calmly told him, “I’m not going to hurt […]

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I Am Tired Of African Americans

I am sick of hearing these so-called African-Americans accuse, whine, and complain.  White people haven’t held them back.  They have only themselves to blame and sooner they reconcile that truth, the sooner we won’t have to listen to their chronic racially charged complaints. DONATE $1 TO PROMOTE THIS VIDEO ACROSS THE INTERNET VIEW THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE HERE

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Counterpoint, Part 5

This commentary on the Biology textbook published by Pearson/Prentice Hall and written by Miller and Levine will continue with an analysis of the “evidences” for evolution that the book presents. Creationists often hear that there is much evidence for evolution. The reference is usually to a long list of transitional fossils that most evolutionists do not know has been proven to be either invalid or fraudulent over the years. And so the lie continues, verifying the validity of a popular propaganda ploy: If you tell a big enough lie and […]

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