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Chess pawns

Wannabe Kings & Their Pawns

Our Founders did everything they could to prevent the Executive Branch from becoming a monarchy ruled by tyrants and despots. In Federalist Paper #68, Alexander Hamilton explained to the people of New York how the Constitution would prevent this. He wrote: It was desirable that the sense of the people should operate in the choice […]

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About to lose your moral standing?

America Has Lost Its Moral Standing

A question frequently voiced today is: What has happened to America? How did we go from the greatest nation in the world to an immoral nation with failing schools, government-sponsored division and antipathy, and an orthodoxy of political correctness that punishes truth? The answer is that the two bedrocks that America was founded upon and […]

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Relief For The Troubled — Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for April, 24, 2016, “Our Daily Bread” by Jennifer Benson Schuldt: *************************** One of my favorite scenes in literature occurs when a feisty aunt confronts an evil stepfather over the abuse of her nephew, David Copperfield. This scene takes place in Charles Dickens’ novel named after the main character. When David […]

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