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Military dads

I was just thinking – we really need to do more for our military dad’s. We need to give special attention to their families, especially the wives and children. It’s father’s day and for most of us as fathers we are w/ the family and children. But what if dad is several continents away? What […]

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Dad’s Hat

(READ: Ephesians 6:1-4) Amid the celebration, there was tragedy. It was the opening ceremonies of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona. One by one the teams entered the stadium and paraded around the track to the cheers of 65,000 people. But in one section of Olympic Stadium, shock and sadness fell as Peter Karnaugh, […]

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Is this what they call leadership?

I can’t speak for your thoughts and/or feelings, but, for me, watching this so-called golf summit w/ team “the constitution doesn’t apply to me” obama and team “I can’t wait to cave-in” boehner – is a joke. Just how stupid do they think we are? Our nation is broke, our currency is for all purposes […]

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I was thinking

Why is it that purity tests as haley barbour called them wrong for us to consider? Why are we as Christian conservatives and those who believe in morality, sanctity of life, family, constitution, always called upon to abandon our principles? Why doesn’t the republican party take the stance that they are about these things? When […]

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Who are the people they’re polling

Let me ask you – who made mitt romney the hero of conservatives? Why are being told every day that Sarah Palin is a star, a rock star, a lightening rod, that people are sharply divided over her, that she can’t win, and just this morning we were told that a rasmussen poll says 45% […]

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