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Setting The Record Straight For Foreigners

Setting The Record Straight For Foreigners

Last night I was talking with a good friend in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who shared an interesting conversation he had with a black Sudanese Moslem about race in America.

Jordan’s punishment for knowingly and intentionally misleading the American people and the world at large was to become the recipient of numerous journalism awards including the Livingston Award which until his receipt of same was only awarded posthumously.

It seems that the individual my friend referenced was under the impression that white people in America are mostly racist, especially those in the South. Having never been to America it is interesting that this Sudanese Moslem living in the UAE would have such an opinion. The obvious question is — how did that come to be? But I get ahead of myself.

My friend said the individual seemed surprised when my friend explained that he did not know a single white person who hated blacks for being black. He explained that condemnation of anti-social behavior that includes thuggery, criminality, and the use of race as a permission slip for bad behavior is not synonymous with hatred of skin color. My friend continued explaining that black people today can walk through any predominately white area, and, with extremely rare exception, have no fear of assault and/or racial taunting, but that the same could not be said for whites who walk through many urban communities.

The Sudanese Moslem my friend referenced found it difficult to understand victimology and the welfare system. They were anathema to the individual.

Which brings me back to the question: how did a black Sudanese Moslem, living and working in the UAE, come to believe all whites were hateful racists and blacks were suffering unimaginable racism and bigotry?

I believe it is a result of the perfect confluence of agitprop and Neo-Leninism. The agitprop from CNN, et al, who operate foreign news bureaus in places like the Sudan and UAE, is broadcast in a constant stream of biased and fallacious half-truths and outright lies which depict whites as haters and blacks as innocent victims. Certainly there is no better example of this than their lies and purposefully fallacious reporting by NBC in the persecuting of George Zimmerman for defending himself against Trayvon Martin. The broadcasting of sordid lies and misrepresentations against the Tea Party branding them as racist hate groups has also contributed.

And before the three-tooth liberals start screaming and calling me a liar, I refer you to former CNN Iraq bureau chief Eason Jordan. In 2003, Jordan came clean about that which every other news outlet, as well as myself and others, knew to be true, i.e., that CNN was filing phony reports and omitting the atrocities and torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein in order to have Hussein’s blessings which allowed them to maintain a news bureau there and which gave CNN and Jordan access to hobnob and grovel at the feet of Hussein. Jordan also made up lies such as the American military made it official policy to shoot and kill journalists to prevent them from reporting that our military was killing women and children. A lie so egregious that ultimately even Barney Frank was unable to defend it. Albeit award-winning, so-called journalists like David Gergen and Richard Sambrook, defended Jordan with the ferocity of wild animals pursuant to his lies.

Jordan’s punishment for knowingly and intentionally misleading the American people and the world at large was to become the recipient of numerous journalism awards including the Livingston Award which until his receipt of same was only awarded posthumously.

CNN’s punishment for knowingly broadcasting and having their program hosts have on-air debates with liberal anti-military haters was to go on to be viewed in airports and public centers worldwide. I should here make mention that other news outlets were aware of Jordan’s lies and said nothing until Jordan was forced to come clean when it became clear that CNN would have to cut him loose to save what little reputation they had.

The lie that all white people in America have swastikas, wear hoods and robes, and go about mistreating and abusing blacks, is a message that has its origins in the early 1900s when Lenin realized he could organize the “colored” people of the world by fomenting racial hatred vis-a`-vis indoctrinating willing blacks and having the so-called “Talented Tenth” plant the seeds of same in the minds of blacks. Unsuspectingly the Ku Klux Klan played perfectly into Lenin’s objectives.

Neo-Leninists and race-mongers, want and need the “colored” peoples of the world to harbor hatred against America — and there is no better way than to cast white Americans as Colonialists and as guilty of hating people of color, specifically black people. It is a view that the Obama administration has played masterfully — blaming whites of racism if they didn’t vote for him, etc.

But if the person my friend was having the conversation with was surprised to learn his preconceived viewpoints were the product of intentionally fallacious information, the one thing that he could not excuse was the welfare, you-owe-us mentality. The individual could not fathom or abide the welfare mentality of many in America, and I speak specifically of the way people of color are portrayed.

Free schools, free food, free job training, free transportation, free cell phones with free minutes, free clothes, free medical care, free medicine, free daycare, free housing, and a check twice a month. All the while a person is receiving the free things I referenced and the people still unable to improve themselves was beyond the gentleman’s ability to comprehend. He asked my friend how people could be so devoid of pride. My friend responded that it was easy to hate and feel like a victim.

I would have responded that a lack of solid, biblical, Christ-centered preaching and a misguided understanding of the Civil Rights Act allowed indoctrination to strip all semblance of pride away.

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16 Responses to Setting The Record Straight For Foreigners

  1. Carson MacMillan December 18, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    God, I hate conservatives… and liberals

  2. Mrs.JWB December 16, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

    :O! I don’t get “out” much Mr. Massie. Thanks again for telling the TRUTH!! I’ll be “sharing” this! with a prayer.

  3. Ryan December 16, 2012 at 2:16 am #

    Hello Mychal this is a great website I love your take on things and enjoy reading your posts I had no idea this was going on in other countries but to say I am surprised is an understatement . I wonder if we will ever get to a point when we can have a real dialogue in this country about race and the lefts ability to exploit people
    of color for their own evil purposes I wish we had more Americans like you and David Webb to educate people to the evil being perpetrated against minority groups in this country from the left they have been lying to black people for far to many years about where the real racism comes from if I am not mistaken was not Abraham Lincoln the first republican president who freed the slaves in the south or are they teaching in school he was a Demacrat because I do believe the slave owners were living in the Demacratic South ? I cannot wrap my mind around how the Progessives have distorted history so badly with revisionist B.S. and manipulated these people into believing that the Repubicans are the racists when the Demacrats were the people who owned slaves and the Northern states were Republican that went to war
    to end slavery .I wish more people would wake up and realize that the idiots in Washington are keeping us pitted against each because first they have to divide us and then they can conquer us as the book the Art of War points out this is the same thing that happened in Russia in the early 1900’s . I can only pray that things change but I think its going to get alot worse now this Tool has been re-elected I truly believe he is the third anti-christ that the book of Revelations warns us about to many Parallels to be a coincedence I really think the end days are quickly arriving.
    I will keep coming back to your web site from now on because you do an outstanding job and bring great insights to your readers have a wonderful Christmas and NewYear and I will look forward to talking to you again in the future your the best.

  4. Kathleen Makkreel December 14, 2012 at 2:32 am #

    My husband is from Holland. At one time in the not too distant past, they only had TV for half a day, and the only newscast they got was from CNN. While visiting back in the '70's I became absolutely enraged at the news that was being reported there. I am sure this is pretty much where people get their ideas about "America" and it is disgusting. The news should be reporting actual news, not made up stuff about their ideologies.

  5. Marilyn December 13, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    Your article was a mouth dropper for me, Mychal. I had no idea that CNN was involved in such depths of deception. The ole boy is really putting the screws to Americans. I was under the impression that Jarrett was the “runner” and ‘he’ was using her well. This sheds a whole new light on my thinking. Thank you! I agree with DLB. Another act of treason. My scratch pad of ‘his’ treasonous acts is overflowing. God Help Us. Congress doesn’t seem to care…

  6. Maria December 13, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    I read the Dutch newspaper every day on the internet and I see the misinformation. I talk and write with friends and relatives in that country and hear the misinformation. The last time I visited I watched CNN and local TV news. I don’t ever want to go back!! They hate America. Glorify Obama as the Savior. It’s disgusting!

    • Kathae December 13, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

      Exactly. I guess it is still going on in Holland although I haven’t been back for many years. My brother in law absolutely loves Obama, and I told him he has no idea what he is really all about.

    • Bright Knight December 14, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

      same in Germany…

  7. JoAnn Dolberg December 13, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

    Deb, there is hope….it is in Christ-centered preaching and individual study of the Word of God. We wil not have things be as we wish during this lifetime, but eternity is a different matter. Christ (His title as Messiah, God’s anointed Priest/King), wants us to now share our mortal lives with Him who is the Word of God, (Rev. 19:13b). He will then, in eternity, share His regal lifestyle, in fulfillment of Genesis 1:26, with those who will partner with Him now. In the meantime, we are only passing through; our citizenship is in heaven where Christ is. We are to live for what He wants for us in eternity. We need to learn His words and ways, so our lifestyles will match the spiritual life He gave us when we believed that Christ died for our sins and rose again. He wants us to live now, under the authority of the Word of God so that we can continue to live with Him under His authority in the seventh day (2 Pet.3:8), which is coming up….not only for that day, but for eternity. Christ is our hope.

  8. Annie Hamer December 13, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Seeing so many specific welfare “benefits” listed together is like reading the ultimate Santa wish list–unless one understands the allure and dangers of Turkish Delight (as C. S. Lewis writes). Along with a free funeral, plot and grave marker–the orchestration, taken as a whole, translates as total imprisonment from womb to tomb. The Left purposefully cripples certain people and then wants to nanny them (with the milk of the taxpayer) for the rest of their lives. Gifts wrapped in chains. It all smacks of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (as defined, though that is a controversial descriptive/diagnosis in the psychiatric field) gone even more insane–all for power and money.

    The criminal corruption in the hearts of so many in the news media is exponentially infuriating. Many of these people believe their means are justified by the end, and those are the more “moral” journalists. For others, it would appear to be strictly a selling of the soul for gold: Canards Manufactured While U Wait, Inc.

    In the Highest Court there will be no passes or do-overs. As I’ve written before (and certainly it applies here): hell will have to expand itself for people such as these.

  9. Gregg December 13, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Good article; but now the question is, how do we reconcile.
    Can black and white look each other in the eye as brothers in Christ? Or has this gone on so long the only thing left is hate and fear?
    A black man in church, whom I have known for 10 yrs, has become extremely racist over the last four. Was racial hatred always his color; or has he fallen victim to Obama and all the other race baiters? I can’t walk in his shoes and know his heart, I can only judge him by his actions.
    Again, how do we reconcile?
    Keep up the good work; the world needs more people like you who had his head on straight.

  10. Tony J Thorninurside December 13, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Totally excellent analysis/article. Absolutely excellent. Having been in prison for 15 years, I had the opportunity to observe the social interaction of the different social groups based on race, eg, whites and blacks. Additionally, there were the sub-groups of white Christians, white power/Aryan groups, white this and that as well as the different sub-groups of blacks and Hispanics. Prison is a good place to observe different groups/races for it is a microcosm of society in general but more highly concentrated. Blacks tend to stick with black groups irregardless of what sub-group they belong to as do the whites and Hispanics. Seldom do you see interracial socializing. I came to believe that it is because whites have more in common with whites and blacks have more in common with blacks and etc. Every so often it could be seen that a white would be completely accepted into the social circles of the blacks and/or Hispanics. Basically it all came down to respecting the PERSON with a level of respect that could be perceived as genuine and not a pseudo-facade. That is accomplished through lots of communication which almost always results in "play" and lots of bantering back and forth of witticisms. For the last 6 years of my ordeal I was on a chain gang (for the extra good time) and about half our crew was black. It was quite acceptable for the blacks to socially address and comment to other blacks using the term "nigger", a term that everyone refrains from use in a prison interracial conversation. However, I was socially accepted by the blacks and Hispanics in prison and I knew this b/c my closest black friends frequently got in a hurry for something on our chain gang and would refer to me as "Hey nigger". To me, it was humorous and actually an honor in a way since I viewed it as a term of genuine acceptance. It was never taken as an insult. I, however, did not like using that term and did not feel it was a good thing to do. After all, these were my friends and although they were black, they were not niggers. One of them, a very close and dear friend doing a 45 years sentence for beating a cop senseless with a hammer, asked me why I did not refer to him with the term and I simply told him that, to me he was not a nigger. It is a term whites have become so ingrained against using in general. But, the races will always be divided socially based on common interests, history, culture, language, priorities and every other aspect of life. And, these values are further reinforced by socializing with their own race.

  11. DLB December 13, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    This news that we are viewed in such a hateful way doesn’t surprise me, but I have never given much thought to the idea that Americans are involved with spreading those lies overseas. I know how we are viewed in the rest of the world, but to know that any American citizen is complicit in spreading these awful views and lies is disturbing and in my opinion, it is an act of treason.

    • sam c December 13, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

      DLB, I can assure you CNN is not the only outlet that protrays the whites of being racist and just plain bigots. All of them do. As I watch my local news in the evening; there would be no news if it was not for the crime of shooting,
      robbery,high jacking cars and whatever else. They all want to believe that the whites hold them back and they should be accountable to them.

      I feel sorry for the little children. Most of them are being raised in homes with single mothers with other children and they don’t even know who the fathers are. Yet most of the mothers don’t work, get no support from the fathers and the taxpayers are providing for them. But the news media protrays this on
      local, national and world news. The sad thing is that these children have no parental guidance and they will be running wild and getting killed by the time they are early teens.

      I listened to woman confess on a program this last weekend that she had lost three sons to gun related shootings. Don’t know their ages, but what a waste.

      I want everyone to be educated, have a job and be successful in life. They then will be able to have the things that they need and then save for the nice
      things that are not necessary for day to day survival.

      I worked in the city for 40 years; from 1962 to 2002. Oh how has it changed.
      I have no desire to go back to that city unless I’m with a group and I’m in the

      The news media does not always tell the truth. They will take an interview and
      cut and paste to their liking. Same bull is going on in D.C. today.



  12. Betrayed.....again December 13, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Another well written article, Mychal…….can’t you run for President??? :) I think “President Massie” has a really nice ring to it, don’t you???

    God’s peace and love keep you safe this CHRISTmas season.


  13. Ben December 13, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    Excellent article and point of truth. That is why left socialists are called “useful idiots”.

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