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Why Is Obama Disputing Israeli and Libyan Intelligence

Why Is Obama Disputing Israeli and Libyan Intelligence

Why is the Obama administration spending so much time and energy disputing the Israeli and Libyan intelligence reports that the Benghazi Embassy attack was not a spontaneous eruption of violence–rather that it was a carefully planned and choreographed attack?

When it comes to intelligence gathering in the Middle East, none is more sophisticated and credible than Israel. As I pointed out in my September 17, syndicated article “BHO: A Portrait Of Stupidity,” An Israeli Foreign Ministry official, speaking in reference to the growing signs of ‘radicalization’ in the Arab world, said: “We knew what was happening, but the Americans preferred to find excuses.”

Why would Obama have Susan Rice attempt to convince us that a group of Muslim hoodlums were hanging around outside the embassy, and after falafels and too much arak, decided to climb over the embassy walls and murder innocent Americans?

Why? What is Obama’s reasoning for making excuses juxtaposed to acting on credible intelligence information?

Libyan security officials are maintaining that they had warned Obama’s diplomats of violent unrest in Benghazi three days before the murders of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three members of his diplomatic team. Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif maintains that his government had information that the attack had been planned by Islamic terrorists with ties to al-Qa’ida and that foreign insurgents had also participated in the attack.

Why would Obama have Susan Rice attempt to convince us that a group of Muslim hoodlums were hanging around outside the embassy, and after falafels and too much arak, decided to climb over the embassy walls and murder innocent Americans? And even more incredulous, Obama and Susan Rice want us to believe that after the hoodlums started the brouha there just happened to be a few crazies walking around carrying RPGs. I gotta’ tell you, that’s one hell of a hot time, in the old town, on a Saturday night.

I’m not making it up. That is exactly what Susan Rice and Obama spokesman Jay Carney are saying.

And if that doesn’t make your head spin, the Marines assigned to security there were not permitted to carry live ammunition. Which while the naysayers are quick to mindlessly claim that Obama’s Egyptian Ambassador said those claims weren’t true–they might want to consider that that was/is the same practice at Fort Hood and that is the policy on other bases and at other American embassies in the Middle East under Obama. But I digress. The question that remains is–why is Obama spending so much energy denying the attack was a pre-planned and carefully planned attack?

And specific to that question–why was Obama’s first response to apologize and make excuses for the heathens who had just violated our sovereignty and murdered our Ambassador and staff? Why was his first instinct not to condemn the perpetrators? That said, his response was eerily similar in approach as to his response to the Fort Hood massacre committed by a Muslim–i.e., he instructed Congress to essentially bite their tongues and not make a big deal out of the murders or the fact that a Muslim was the murderer.

The UK Independent reported that diplomatic sources said the threat of an attack was known to the Obama administration 48 hours before it took place. The Independent also reported that the alert was issued by the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, but not made public.

And still in the face of unimpeachable evidence to the contrary, Obama had a State Department spokesman claim: “We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the US Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.” (SEE: Libya: We gave US three-day warning of Benghazi attack; Kim Sengupta; 9/18/12)

Why is Obama lying? And while you’re pondering that question, where is Hillary? She has been noticeably absent in this dog-and-pony show of “even though we know that you know we’re lying, if we lie and deny long enough, the lie will become truth.”

There are only so many plausible reasons for Obama to lie about what they knew and when they knew it.

The reason that comes immediately to mind is that Obama’s foreign policy has resulted in a catastrophic and comprehensive failure and loss of American lives. Tangential to that is that the election is only weeks away and to that end Obama will do and say anything to get reelected.

And while Romney may well be one of the most under-whelming candidates of all time, the last thing Obama wants is to face questions for which the only answer is that he has been a massive failure. As long as he denies what was known and when it was known he can dodge and tell more lies during the debates.

But one thing he will have a difficult time convincing reasonable minds about is why his FBI is investigating what amounts to an act of war. Why is he treating an act of war and aggression on American soil, by those we have been at war with for a decade, like a criminal investigation? Are he and Holder planning to try whatever perpetrators they catch in our civilian courts? How is he going to explain to the American people that they must provide the best legal defense teams money can buy to defend those who committed an act of war against us?

The Middle East, thanks to Obama’s flawed Neo-Leninist, anti-colonial ideology, is ten seconds away from full meltdown. And there is nothing he can do, (if he even wanted to), to change that. As one pundit recently said: “Obama has unleashed demons he cannot control.”

Of course, there is another reason to consider when asking why Obama is denying the attack was planned. His entire life, from what we know of it, has been one of denial and lies. He the most mendacious and dishonorable politician I have ever witnessed and that includes Bill Clinton. To admit that the attack was planned and he took no action would be to assume responsibility–and assuming responsibility for his failure is not in his DNA.

Ergo, the longer he denies and lies, the longer he will not have to confess responsibility for the powder keg he has created.

Of course, there is another reason to consider when asking why Obama is denying the attack was planned. According to Susan Rice’s page at Wikipedia: “On March 29, 2011, Rice said that the Obama administration had not ruled out arming the rebels fighting to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.” Maybe Obama is worried we’ll discover that it was U.S. guns they handed out earlier that were used to kill our citizens–i.e., a Fast-and-Furious redux.

Maybe he’s developing a path to dodge those accusations should they become a reality. One thing is certain, with the Obama administration anything is possible and as we’re finding out, it usually is.

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27 Responses to Why Is Obama Disputing Israeli and Libyan Intelligence

  1. Fay Miller September 24, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    Mychal, Thank you for caring. I think Mitt is closer to winning the election than the media wants us to know. I didn’t care much for Mitt at first but I think he is a really nice person that takes care of his family, his business and knows how to get this country moving again. He doesn’t have it in him to call Obama and his whole bunch deceptive and un-American. He needs to enlist Newt and Sarah Palin to get into this mess and help him win this thing. He has never asked either of them to join him and he needs to pull every one together now. Newt, Sarah, and maybe the TEA Party would also get behind him.Sarah has helped a lot of people win their elections. She doesn’t mind hitting the President will all the lies that he has told this country. Newt would be President now if we had run him in 2008 instead of John McCain. Obama and the Media are doing Mitt and Ann just like they did Sarah and Todd Palin. I hope Mitt takes off the gloves when he debates Obama or we are going to be in for a long, long spell that we will never survive. Thank you, Fay

  2. SunnyVee September 20, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Just when I think I cannot be surprised by anything this horrid administration can do, I am not only surprised yet again, but I am shocked! I am still heartsick and furious about what happened to Christ Stevens and the other 3 Americans slaughtered by these maniacal pigs!!! We should be dropping bombs, not apologizing! Our country is now the laughing stock of the middle East, and our safety here has never been in more jeapordy, because of our lack of leadership in so many areas. That’s what we get when the ignorant masses elect a non-citizen Muslim who has yet to tell one bit of truth to We The People!

  3. Betrayed September 20, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    I just don’t know how much more my heart can take of all of this nonsense happening in our country. I’m saddened to the core of my soul of the number of people who don’t honestly know what this man is doing. I try and talk to them about it, and they think I’m crazy or I’m, ready for this one??? A RACIST…..

    I don’t care if you’re black, white, purple or green….do your job, with integrity, honesty, etc.

  4. Carlos De Souza September 20, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Obozo is a congenital liar like his father was (read Dinesh D'Souza). I am assuming his father was the leftist alcoholic from Kenya. Obozo, as you rightly said, also does not take responsibility. He blames others if anything goes wrong and hogs the praise, if something goes right (like the killing of bin Laden). On a different matter, why do you constantly put down Romney? Republicans should solidly unite behind Romney to get rid of Obozo. In any case, Romney is a million times better than Obozo.

  5. Steve Otto September 20, 2012 at 1:02 am #

    Mychal… Brilliant article , just started following you.

    • Nikki Mountry September 25, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      Me too!

  6. Barry Nicholson September 19, 2012 at 11:34 pm #

    I just watched a 13 minute video from The Blaze where Beck gives his hypothesis concerning the attack and death in Benghazi.( I'd put it here in my comments but do not know how to do the transfer of it) He does mention that Obama gave aid to the rebels in Libya. the heading of the video on The Blaze is entitled —Libya attack cover-up? I found it very interesting. One thing is for sure: For Obama and Susan Rice to say that video was the reason for all that has happened is an insult to any normal thinking individual. Of course they are lying and of course they do not want the truth to be found out.

  7. John Kelley September 19, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    I agree with everone. The only other thing not mentioned is the egrigous behavior of our media. They have no professional ethics and could care less who knows. What happened to unbiased journalism? I now hate the liberal media because they have so much influence over the sheep that cannot think or reason for themselvs. This country is in serious trouble and the libs just hang in there with the only ally they have: their feelings. Truth and reality have no place in their thinking because thinking interfears with their desire to achieve DIVERSITY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND FAIRNESS! Fiscal respnsibility? They can't feel it!

    • Nikki Mountry September 25, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

      You are right! Shame on the media! Shame on the American people! It takes a congenital liar to make it to the top since our society doesn't believed/embraced the truth they are going to suffer for their own actions. We have so many lazy american out there relying on freebies and the congenital liar's agenda is to kill this nation from within in order to bring up a NEW FORM OF GOVERNMENT! Which we all know is proven not to work by other nations and country, i.e Cuba. First break down the religious system, educational, monetary, freedom, governmental/sovereignty, and the guy is in business to control this country anyway he like. If I am a stupid Laotian can see that, why can't the smart american see this!? I am so ashamed and so upset to see my beautiful USA going to loose her beauty, moral, value, ethic.

  8. LVSue September 19, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Romney needs to asks all these questions at the debates, and the moderator (who will probably be pro democrat) needs to make sure that Obama answers them directly, not give the run around. Then they need to have questions from the public. Then Romney needs to show pictures of Ambassador Stephens body and ask obama to explain, then he needs to show the intelligence information that they knew 2 days in advance that something might happen, then he needs to show clips from get the picture..everything the media covers up MUST be shown during the debates so that people know exactly what has not been show…If Obama cries, “what about Bush”, or “these are all conspiracy theories”, Romney needs to redirect to current events. Time to put everything back in Obama’s face with his lies. Romney needs some backbone, and he must show it during the debates…

  9. Marilyn September 19, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Great Questions, Mychal! We all are wondering much the same. Some Mid Eastern muckety muck is probably programmed to demand that Oman take over all American communication supposedly becasue the “homemade video” would not have been released if Oman had been in charge. I find that equivalent to “Operation Fast and Furious.” Trying to remove the 2nd Amendment and the 1st Amendment – no American guns, no Amercian communication. Now my mind is over-reaching! I must level-out.

  10. Sharon Tomas September 19, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    Obozo has been a failure in both his domestic and foreign decisions and choices. He enjoys the idea of being President; he just does not like the daily grind of the job. so he skips out on the daily Presidential briefings to bowl or play golf; he attends $40,000 a plate dinners and rubs elbows with celebs. A classic narcissist, Obummer thinks the job is all about HIM, while it's supposed to be about 'we, the people' and the good governing of our country.

    • Jocelyn Anderson September 20, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

      Obozo! Love it. I tell everyone that Bozo the Clown would be a better president, but Obozo is a good one.

  11. Judy Anderson Hamby September 19, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    First thing I heard in the media this morning was the White House placing blame on "the video" for the attack Libya. I was encourage though when I heard conservatives stating Mitt Romney was correct about the information on the infamous video sneakingly done by Jimmy Carter's grandson. But Mychal, as a supporter of yours I was disappointed by your statement in today's column:
    "And while Romney may well be one of the most under-whelming candidates of all time—-" Not necessary to include those words, Mychal, even though you believe them. Oftentimes words are best left unsaid.

    • Carlos De Souza September 20, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

      Exactly, Judy. This constant attack on Romney is frankly a disgrace. Its necessary to concentrate on defeating Hussein Obozo, not spread dissension amongst the conservatives. VOTE OUT OBOZO by voting for Romney-Ryan. Just DO IT.

  12. Terrie Fischer September 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm #

    Is anyone surprised by this? The man has proven time and time again how dishonest he is and his leanings toward the muslim populace.

    • sumitch September 19, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

      Obama did nothing about the upcoming riots that he knew about two days in advance of them happening (he either knew and is lying as usual or every other country in the world say they knew about it and told us in which case they are lying), didn’t know because he doesn’t attend the daily intelligence meetings because he wouldn’t understand them if he did and because he doesn’t care how many lives are lost if he can get a little more hate going for the United States. He doesn’t care about the safety of the country so why should he attend the daily intelligence meetings? He allows the Marines to stand guard without ammunition so there will be no protection for our embassies or the people working in them because he doesn’t care how many lives are lost protecting Muslims. He sticks the part time street walker up there to parrot that we had no actionable evidence when there is proof that there was. He passes secret information to our enemies (if not, explain how they knew about the safe house and where it was). He does nothing but call executive privilege when the evidence is subpoenaed by congressional committees that would prove “Fast and Furious”, again breaking the law again. He lied to Congress when he said there were no “death panels” in his ObamaCare legislation, much less the cost, steals billions out of our supposed bankrupt Medicare to fund this boondoggle and he publically dresses down the Supreme Court because they interpreted the constitution differently than he did. He has told us in advance that he is going to go around Congress again when he is elected and take his shots at the first amendment (which he is already working on) and our second amendment rights. Everything he does is to support the people that don’t do anything put sit on the porch with their hands out at the expense of the people that work for the money.

      If we survive this election and probably the next, I’ll have learned more about our government and how it really works than I did in all the schools I attended. If somehow we do survive him, we should start work on Congress stripping them of their part time, do nothing work weeks by forcing term limits, stripping their exemptions from the laws and regulations that we must live in and the billions of our dollars they extort to pay the cost of keeping them in office. He wastes millions if not billions of our dollars playing with his lovely wife and kids and their vacations and expenses while telling us we don’t need to spend the money going to Las Vegas and then sticks the lying wimp Jay Carney up in front of the press corps to lie and try to explain what is going on (that has to be the hardest job in the world, not being the president).

      My poor vocabulary does not contain the words to express the contempt I have for this man, his wife and staff, his cabinet and most of all our congress

  13. sumitch September 19, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    Your phrase “And still in the face of unimpeachable evidence to the contrary” makes me want to ask, what evidence must exist for him to be impeachable?
    It’s been proven over and over this last 3+ years that no matter what this man says or does, Congress is not going to do anything. Most of the decisions that he makes or allows to be made by his cabinet (and that we hear about) are designed to do one of two things; get him re-elected or damage the United States in some manner. There could be a film clip of him smoking a joint in the oval office and throwing dice with known criminals and Congress would do nothing and there’s little we can do about it. Our only protection is supposed to be Congress and they are for the most part bought and paid for or hiding because they are afraid they may say or do something that might imperil their chances of another term.
    He has surrounded himself with a cabinet that is nothing but a gang of felons and liars, he does nothing but blame anyone he can find for his stupidity and the consequences and spends the majority of his time playing golf, basketball, bowling or on vacations. Nothing he does or says is going to keep the majority of blacks from voting for him. The unions owe him for General Motors and the Hispanic group will pay him back for breaking our laws and protecting them with hidden amnesty. Liberals are going to refuse to believe any evidence shown them that he’s not the second coming and the vast majority of people that do drag their carcasses out of bed will know nothing about what’s going on and vote for him only because they’ve heard his name.
    I fear we are in the same shape that Rome found itself when the barbarians were gathering at the gates and they were totally unprepared. We are being led like Germany and Italy were with Hitler and Mussolini prior to WW II. We are supposed to believe the media poles that say he is tied or maybe even losing to Romney while we scream to the rooftops that Obama has them in his pocket and they are working to keep him in office.
    And Obama fiddles and lies and vacations and we sit in the dark believing that he’s not going to be re-elected. I fear the end of this nation is just around the corner and only a vastly outnumbered minority sees it and less are doing anything about it.

  14. Sue Barasch September 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Long before he placed his skinny butt in our Capital I told friends, not friends, anyone, that he is not as smart as they try to portray him – I was talking to the walls. Still am when I try to bring the subject of his smarts into our talking. I pray that enough people wake up before we have lost our country due to his and his cronies' manipulation.

    • Cherry Talsma September 19, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

      Ditto, Sue. People just do NOT WANT to know the truth. Instead WE are the nutcases. None of this would be happening were it not for the complicit media.

    • Nikki Mountry September 25, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

      You are not the only one that's experiencing this. My friend who is in her seventies, loves obama. All she can say about him is that he is so cute!!! If she love her grandchild she should be smarter than that! I am ashamed of any and all of those people (the american) for continuing to support this liar/dictator/communist/devil/corrupter. I blamed the american people for letting this happen and continually supporting him as you can see at his campaign. Shame on the AMERICAN people. I am glad I believe in a higher being because I don't have to suffer with these AMERICAN. I came from a communist country/my family and I escaped from the communist country, we know a DICTATOR when we see one!

  15. Rod September 19, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    Thank you once again Mychal for your insight and your ability to express that. Every passing day takes me to a new level of disgust and loathing for the POTUS and the book licking crew he has assembled.

  16. Jocelyn Anderson September 19, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    There may be many plausible reasons why Obama is lying, but any and all of them are frightening, even ones you have not mentioned. Pray for this country.

  17. John September 19, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Thank you Sir for posting these questions many are asking.

    I believe he’s openly taunting Israel, goading them into action due to frustration by this administration’s inactions and lack of support – when we’ve been far too active in other areas and playing nice with our known enemies.

    Then, when the chips fall and things hit the fan, he and advisers can say, “WE didn’t tell Israel to do those crazy things. Look how badly they are behaving. Gosh, it’s a good thing we didn’t listen to them.”

    I’ve seen this same passive-aggressive behavior many times growing up and playing on the childhood playgrounds of America. Trouble is, this time it’s far more than a scraped knee we’ll be nursing.

  18. Lolo September 19, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Very good, very good! All excellent information, questions and summations. I can’t wait for BO and Romney to hit the debate podiums. THIS is where we will see why we so desperately need Romney in the Whitehouse. Now I have a question for you, Mychal. Why is the media so carefully covering up what really happened to Ambassador Stevens in that raid? How horrifically he was personally violated. I am sure you have read the articles as the sources are not hidden from the news media. Each time I hear a talking head report about what happened I wait to hear the words of how he was treated, but nothing. Can you enlighten me?

  19. renee September 19, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    Obama can slickly try and stroll his way onto the podium during the upcoming debates while waving at his brain-dead fans, and exhibit his silly, Donny & Marie gleaming smile. However that stale image wont have much of an effect on the general populace this time around in 2012 as it did back in 2008 and will simply resonate maily with his Hollywood cronies!

    The man was fortunate enough to have aquired one of the most powerful positions in the entire world based solely on his racial make up! Other countries choose their leaders through psychological fear and physical force.

    Yet, we’re forced to sit back and continue to engage in the fallacy of believing that he has our country’s best interest at heart! The man is not capable of answering even the simplest questions honestly because his entire persona has been a deceptive fraud from day one!

    What president in the entire history of our nation would even devote his entire term on palling around with notorious terrorists? Or Hobnobbing around with celebrities?

    It’s time for the American people to make a conscientious decison to terminate this phony campaigner-in-chief and send him back to his initial vocation of community organizer in Chicago!

  20. Loren Edward Bryant September 19, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    great questions — too bad O won't answer them truthfully.

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