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A Look Back At Why Both Parties Are Fighting President Trump on Immgration

Following is news you will not get from the mainstream media. I reported this February 26, 2018. I am not presenting it again because I wanted an afternoon off to lounge around my pool. I am sharing it again because as “The Daily Rant” audience continues to grow so also the numbers of persons who have not read my work from the past. This is an important read that you need to be reminded of and informed about. Economics is not remotely close to my area of expertise, but I understand political corruption for purposes of self-preservation. I trust this quick trip down memory lane will enlighten you and provide with the proper lenses to see why President Trump presents such a threat to corrupt politicians and their handlers.  Begin reading below…

In his March 2012 Discussion Paper No. 6423, titled, “The Shadow Economy and Work in the Shadow: What do We (Not) Know?,” by Friedrich Schneider (Department of Economics, Johannes Kepler University of Linz and IZA) wrote: Smith “defines [shadow economy] as market-based production of goods and services, whether legal or illegal, that escapes detection in the official estimates of GDP”. Put differently, one of the broadest definitions is: “…those economic activities and the income derived from them that circumvent or otherwise avoid government regulation, taxation or observation.” (P. Smith, 1994; Assessing the Size of the Underground Economy: The Canadian Statistical Perspectives, Canadian Economic Observer, Catalogue No. 11-010, pp16-33)

David Zeiler, Associate Editor, Money Morning wrote: “Doing what they can to survive in a dour job market, millions of Americans exist in an underground economy that has ballooned to $2 trillion annually.” (What America’s $2Trillion Underground Economy Says About Jobs; 4/29/13)

Zeiler stated: “The rapidly growing amount of unreported wages in the U.S. Is costing the nation billions in lost tax revenue. The Internal Revenue Service estimated that the losses from unreported wages have grown from about $385 billion in 2006 to about $500 billion [2012].”

In an August 2010 appearance on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business News program, Neil and I discussed Obama’s state of denial vis-a`-vis Social Security. Obama had told a crowd that Social Security was completely solvent, and that it “wasn’t in crisis.” Obama claimed Social Security “just needed a few modest adjustments to strengthen it.”

But as I pointed out to Neil, the only adjustments Obama could make to Social Security were to raise taxes, raise payroll taxes, raise the retirement age, and/or raise taxes on businesses. Which as I also pointed out would raise consumer prices, raise cost of food, raise the cost of goods and services, and result in higher unemployment.

I explained to Neil that in the next 20 years 80 million baby boomers, that’s a rate of over 10,000 per day, were going to be retiring; (keep in mind I explained that to Cavuto in 2010). Based on the decreasing number of persons paying into Social Security, the amount pilfered by Congress, and the projected number of retirees, the day will arrive very quickly that those retiring would either not receive what they were supposed to receive on Social Security or receive no Social Security benefits at all. I further explained that was the scheme behind obamacare. It was a cheap Ponzi scheme to bolster Social Security. Neil pointed out that the dirty little secret behind obamacare was that, “It was to save Medicaid from going belly up by laying over it a system that hides that reality.”

Bob Rueteman of CNBC reported that by 2017, Social Security would be paying out more than it was taking in. (CNBC; 2/8/10) Forbes.com reported that Medicare trustees were saying Medicare would go broke by 2016 (Forbes.com; Trustees: Medicare Will Go Broke By 2016; 4/23/12) The New York Post reported December 7, 2013, that “Obamacare Created a Medicaid Time Bomb.”

Which brings me to my intended point. Realizing that continuing to print worthless paper and giving it the misnomer of currency (which implies said paper has a value worth more than the ink printed on it) while tempting, is not a sustaining measure.

So what does Washington do? They look for way to “kick the can” down the road. And they do that by granting amnesty to illegal aliens. And let there be absolutely no doubt that is the principle reason both parties are pushing amnesty. Albeit the Republicans, being more insidious than Democrats, are calling their amnesty plan “immigration reform.”

Currently, there are approximately 30 million illegal aliens in the United States. Granting amnesty would allow Obama to go back to a specific point in time and grant amnesty to all illegal aliens in the country since that time, based upon certain provisos conditional to same. The chief proviso being that illegals would be assessed a tax debt based upon the period of time they were here illegally along with their paying annual taxes going forward.

Amnesty is nothing more than another government Ponzi scam fraught with unimaginable unintended consequences. Obama’s “banana republic” dictatorial threat to use executive orders was nothing more than Kabuki Theater.

Every president since Reagan has had this fiscal sword of Damocles over their heads. For political gamesmanship Democrats pilloried President George W. Bush when he advocated taking action pursuant to Social Security. Obama has used banana republic tactics in an attempt to accomplish the same end.

What they deny or fail to realize is that unless Washington cuts spending back to the level of at least a decade ago and steadfastly refuse to authorize any new spending, amnesty will be a band aid on the “USS Sinking Fast.”

And while this theater is going on, the American people are being misled by both parties and by whatever agenda-driven news network they are fooled into believing is telling them the truth.

I wrote the preceding in 2012. Fast forward to the present time and two things should be clear to you: 1) Mexico is fighting President Trump over the border wall because Mexico desperately depends upon the greater proportion of the $2 trillion underground economy in the United States. Chiefly because much of that $2 trillion is fed back to the families and predators still in Mexico. This puts American dollars into Mexico’s economy; 2) This is one of the “dirty details” so to speak neither political party wants you to know about and yet it is one of the reasons both political parties are so viciously attacking President Trump.

Both parties need someone to blame when medicaid can no longer be papered over so it has the veneer of quasi-solvency. They will also need someone to blame if/when social security checks stop being available.

The reprobate politicians in both parties will try to blame President Trump but the American people will see through that canard. Which brings me to the following question.
Understanding everything I’ve explained, why are the reprobates in both parties so adverse to helping President Trump stabilize and protect what little of a future we have left? What is it that both political parties find so repulsive about protecting the American citizens?

The answer is fairly easy to state, and more complex to explain in intricate detail. Ergo, I will simplify the explanation as much as possible. They are fighting President Trump because he is a threat to their “one world government.”

President Trump’s victory in America has spawned a new generation of pro-nationlist leaders who refuse to be ruled by a heteronomous government that is handpicked in a wine and cheese filled room located in a hotel at some posh island retreat. Bush had great dreams for a North American style European Union by implementing NAFTA, full amnesty, and open borders.

But we were marginally successful in stopping bush and obama destroyed any chance of making it happen because of his contemptible arrogance and his gluttonous wife who viewed American taxpayers as her American Express Card.

Notwithstanding, the bones of North America becoming the Western type EU were still in place and both parties knew it was only a matter of time until they succeeded.

But then “Along Came Donald J. Trump.” Once again the arrogance of the ruling elite thought We the People could be bullied and intimidated into doing as we were told. But this time their schemes and machinations did not work because we saw in President Trump a man we could trust.

It hasn’t been easy going for our President, and there will be some deals he will need to effect to ensure We the People get as much of what he promised us as possible. Dealing with congressional snakes is a dangerous undertaking. But I thank God we have President Trump because We the People can trust him and it is a fact that his motivations are to serve us and to “Make America Great Again.”

If we are honest we can mark the date on our calendars that things started to turn around for We the People. Some will say it is the day Donald J. Trump was elected President, and I would agree. But I think it is much more accurate to say things started to turn around when We the People stopped doing what elites were telling us and used our common sense to rebel against the machine. We cannot stop now. Defending and standing with President Trump is standing in support with We the People. The elites do not give a rat’s tail about us. They want us totally dependent upon government for every facet of our life.

That, my friends, is what the one world government is all about. It is also why we should thank God every day for President Trump. Imagine if you can or better said, imagine if you are a masochist, where we would be economically today, if he had not won.

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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