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"I Feel The Presence of The Lord" is a personal collection of devotions intended to encourage the reader to seek and see the Lord in every aspect of their life.
The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
I Feel The Presence of The Lord is not just a book to be read as part of our daily devotions. It is a collection of thoughts and instructions to inspire the reader to meditate upon the Lord and His Word.

A pox on Harry Reid

July 28, 2011

A pox on Harry Reid, his wife and children and all those who share his contempt for the voters including Obama and his family. I am sick of these belligerent, dishonest human waste products calling us names, berating us for standing by sound financial principles, and for insisting they be accountable.

How dare a disgraceful human being is Harry Reid, who best resembles in appearance and action Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, to call us terrorists, and to tell congress to ignore us as extremists? We pay his salary and every other person’s salary on Capitol Hill. We are the ones who will pay Reid’s multi-million dollar pension.

The words “A government of the people, by people, and for the people” means something to me. They mean, that our government had darn well better hear “we the people” when we speak. It doesn’t mean we pay for everything they have, we provide them with the best health care, pensions, junkets, clothing, housing, etc. and they in return get to spit on us.

How dare Reid, follow the pattern of Obama and Pelosi in demeaning us for insisting on financial accountability. Let’s keep in mind, we didn’t run this debt up, we didn’t squander social security, we are not the reason America is in the financial canoptic jar it finds itself today. We are the recipient of where we are. You and I, and in all probability neither did our families, ever ask for the welfare and entitlement programs that have helped spawn this financial nightmare.

The idea of a representative government is that we have a say in how we are governed and that includes how our money is spent. In private business, just as in private households, we know where and how our money is spent. Shareholders have final say how corporations are run, and if management runs afoul of same, management is replaced. Any parent worth their salt pays attention to how their children spend money. The Federal Government is not an autonomous, self-sustaining, Melchizedekian
entity that we bow before at the foot of a volcanic mount and offer gifts and sacrifices to.

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Mychal Massie

About the Author

Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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