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Another Bad Pentagon Idea

January 25, 2013

I’ve said for years that the problem with liberals and the politically correct is that their novel ideas may (and I do say may) work in Harvard, Yale, and Berkley classrooms, but they do not and will not work in the real world.

I’m not going to spend time going through the laundry list of the great bad ideas that have proved disastrous in the real world. Let me just get right to their latest which is women in combat. We need to ask ourselves if any act of institutionalized stupidity has ever been spawned in history?

I have several very good friends who graduated from West Point. This morning one of these friends sent me an email with the thoughts of battlefield-tested-military leaders pursuant to the Pentagon’s latest act of politicallycorrect lunacy.

Here is the first. He writes, that this is a reply to a friend of his who is a former US Submarine Officer, who cares about our country:

To accommodate the women in ground combat units, physical standards will be
lowered. This will reduce the combat effectiveness of those units. To deny
that, the PC crowd is really saying that physical ability doesn’t matter any
longer. Standards have already been lowered everywhere women are allowed.

They are also denying that young men (and old men) are affected by sex
drive. In combat, it is essential to focus on the job, not on the
possibility of sex, and wondering who will get it.

The Navy has this problem already. It will be a greater problem in ground
combat units.

He also shared comments from his Academy classmate friend. He said his classmate saw plenty of combat in Vietnam. He was a Company Commander in the battle of la Drang, made famous by the movie “We Were Soldiers Once…” He knows more about combat than General Dempsey can only imagine.

Following is what his classmate friend had to say:

I agree with you and so would many folks who have been in infantry combat or
who have had to participate in long multi-day patrols carrying 80 lbs of
equipment and weapons.

Strength is important if one has to scale a six or eight foot wall to enter
a compound , or help transport a wounded soldier some distance to a
helicopter pick up site.

The problem with our current leadership is that none of them has ever been
in infantry combat so they don’t have a basis for making that decision. I
wonder what the current crop of O-6s and below who have led patrols and
slept in the mud think about this decision.

The whole issue of “women have been in combat” is a misnomer”. Women have
been in situations where they have been shot at or blown up in convoys and
some short duration foot patrols. To call being on a convoy that hits an IED
being in combat is the same as saying that the inhabitants of London and
Hamburg during WWII were in combat. Being a target is not the same as
maneuvering against an enemy while under hostile fire.

I believe this will degrade the effectiveness of infantry units,
particularly if the Army starts to adjust standards to accommodate the women
who don’t have sufficient upper body strength. If they can make it through
the current Ranger Course, unmodified, could be given the opportunity,
although that doesn’t address the sexual issue.

My feelings are not that much different. Forgive my bluntness because this is a family blog — meaning that I always try to be sensitive to those who read same. That said, not only is having women on the frontlines of combat absolutely stupid, but also I personally do not want to share a fox hole or be involved in a protracted firefight with someone who has to squat down to go the bathroom, homosexuals included.

War is not pretty; it is not nice. I can attest, from firsthand experience, to the scars combat veterans carry — because many of my friends have lived and are living their lives with same.

On January 14th one of my dear friends who not only had served valiantly in Vietnam, but who was also a war hero and recipient of three Purple Hearts (one of which nearly cost him his life), was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

A woman’s body cannot take the same stress and abuse that a man’s can. Their bodies break down and do so much more quickly. How are women supposed to handle menstrual issues in combat? How are they supposed to handle complications many women suffer that are associated with same, not to mention the hormonal issues?

It’s one thing to say that Israeli women are in the military; it is another issue altogether to have women on the front lines in combat zones.

FAMSU160The politically correct imbeciles who have been promoting this from liberal classrooms couldn’t find a battlefield on a map. Demi Moore may have been smashingly brilliant in “G.I. Jane,” even to doing her own stunts. But, as I told my friend, the operative word there is “stunt.”

Moore wasn’t in a protracted firefight with live 50 cals buzzing by over her head and live mortar fire falling close enough that it caused blood to run from her ears. She may have swum around in cold water, but in real combat you won’t find women in combat zones swimming around in cold water dive teams just in case they get tired and staff with thermal blankets just in case they get too cold, just out of camera range.

Women in combat will be in bunkers that are literally filled with blood, guts, and body parts. Women in combat will find out what real combat is like when they’re lying drenched in the blood of the person next to them who had one or more of their limbs blown off.

How long will it take before crazy feminists, CNN, and 60 Minutes start the blather of sexual harassment and rape? How long before there are trumped up stories of bravery to support this idiocy? What happens when a woman with a bullet in her has to carry a wounded or even dead soldier five miles to the nearest safe pickup zone after she spent the previous 12 hours in a fierce battle?

This is political correctness run amuck. It is absolutely stupid. It is not bad enough they have forced homosexuals on the military — now they push this. They should have to personally experience everything they are pushing on the military.

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