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"I Feel The Presence of The Lord" is a personal collection of devotions intended to encourage the reader to seek and see the Lord in every aspect of their life.
The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
I Feel The Presence of The Lord is not just a book to be read as part of our daily devotions. It is a collection of thoughts and instructions to inspire the reader to meditate upon the Lord and His Word.

Another Look At The Great Evil Destroying America From Within

The fixation upon the mythical and corrosive idiocy that reduces human beings to crayon colors remains the most destructive influence in America today.  With that said, I argue that racism is not systemic as the pimps and prostitutes of inculcated marginalization would have people believe.  However, ignorance and thoughtless gullibility are not only systemic, they’re generationally bred into the psyche of people given over to the inability to reason logically.

I admit there was a time I used the assignations that had been instituted to further the social divide. This is where Christendom very much gets it wrong today.  Romans 16:17 (KJV) reads: “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.”

Christendom is to diligently observe those who cause divisions and stumbling-blocks.  We are to avoid all unnecessary contact with them. That specifically means we are not to embrace their divisionist practices and complaints intended to destroy America from within, as has been the neo-Leninist design.  Little could anyone have realized just how thoroughly the weaponization of the fallacious construct misidentified as a skin color would lead to the deconstructing of America on every level.

It’s a stunning abandonment of biblical truth; it’s biblical atheism that’s rivaled only by the lie of transgenderism and the abomination of sexual sin in the practice of homosexuality, to take up their separatist causes as Godly endeavors.

This social toxicity has been successfully injected into America with perfection.  The administrators of same were Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to most as Vladimir Lenin and his American majordomo W.E.B. Du Bois.  The problem is – the great number of the American populace fail to recognize or understand the factuality of what I’m stating.

The hotly discussed topic at present is the weaponization of government agencies against the American people and those running for public office who pose great threat to the status quo of those who have usurped control over we the people through blind consent.

Of all of the machinations and devices used to destroy America from within, none has been more consistently and continuously successful than the weaponization of the myth of color.

America has suffered the greatest and perhaps most irreparable harm vis-a`-vis the unwillingness of the people to realize how intra-socially debilitating this demonic disease has become.

Since having my eyes opened to this damning reality, I am beyond stunned at how thoroughly the advancement of this cancerous ideology is encouraged to become.

Lenin and Du Bois knew this tool was the genius that would pay dividends as long as the world turned. The well-meaning people of conscience and goodwill regardless of their intended altruism failed and fail to recognize that we’re one nationality not a separate, but equal species.

This trap started with Du Bois inventing the brilliant, albeit Satanic, appellation of the assignation “colored peoples” early in the 20th century.  From there America was never to be socially the same.  This single act, I argue changed forever the trajectory of the American people.  That single act by Du Bois was the weaponizing of pigmentation for socio-political gain.

This move was the very definition of insidious.  It was quickly absorbed into the bloodstream of America and has metastasized exponentially since then.  It continues to do so unabated today; in many cases, under cover of good intentions.

It has allowed for the bastardization of not only the history of America, but the selective history of the world.

Americans aren’t black, white, red, yellow, chartreuse or any other made up color.  We’re Americans and as such we’re one people, one nation, under [one] God, with liberty and justice for all.  The problem is – there can be no justice for all if there is a focus on the predisposition to prioritize people by crayon colors and foreign nationalities that detract and/or supplant the unity of one people identified singularly as one nationality, i.e., Americans.

That single act by Du Bois has caused generations of untold numbers to embrace a divisive lie spawned from one America’s most evil minds to date.  The social discordance this has brought about is probably impossible to quantify.

Melanin isn’t a skin color; it’s a naturally occurring pigment found in all peoples; it’s not a species.  Every honest doctor will concur that we’re all the same color; some simply have more melanin than others.

The weaponization of the misidentification based on pigmentation has allowed historical revisionists to ignore and miscast Anthony Johnson and his actions in 1651, Northampton, VA. It has allowed for the falsification of the origins of slavery in America.  It has allowed for revisionist American history to omit and/or misrepresent Irish slaves in America.  It has provided a Pravda like propaganda mechanism through which to indoctrinate malleable minds.

It has permitted attacks on those who are the truth tellers.  Take for instance the pathetic attempt to bully me by one of the leading leftwing commie radical Soros front groups who’s responsibility it is to sponsor reprisal against those such as myself who aren’t afraid to speak the truth about the planned orchestration of using melanin as a weapon against their enemies.


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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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