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Another Obama Lie: Veteran Clinics Staff Are Not Protected

November 17, 2014

Last weekend a Philadelphia, PA radio station reported that Obama had announced that the number of medical personnel in the United States now fully trained to care for Ebola patients exceeds 200,000. I found that curious (as I do with everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth), because he sent 3,000 military troops to West Africa to combat Ebola with approximately four hours of training on how to protect themselves from the fatal disease.

Forget for the moment that America’s military is trained to kill, maim, destroy, gather intelligence, and capture specific points on a map, but the finest fighting force in the world is just that — the finest fighting force in the world. They are not a bunch of epidemiologists with guns and mortars. But apparently as with all things Obama, he doesn’t get that or more likely, he just doesn’t give a rat’s tail.

But, back to Obama’s tale of stateside medical preparedness. Obama is sending combat troops into diseased ravaged areas of Africa with the lie of stateside protocols in place for trained medical personnel to attend to any who may become infected or ill. At least, that is what Obama would have the uninformed believe.

[adsanity id=8405 align=alignleft /]The problem with Obama’s account is that it is contradicted by real medical professionals who have contacted me,explaining that they are not protected or prepared. One such person wrote me the following letter. The person has requested anonymity and accordingly, anything that might identify this individual has been redacted. (It seems that Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to honor whistleblowers only counted if they weren’t blowing the whistle on or about him. But I digress.)

Hello Sir,
…I believe that God also gave us a brain, a voice and a conscience, which leads me to the purpose of this writing. I must speak out and am commanded to silence. I must bring to light and am expected to remain in the dark. I am but one face that can never be identified, and so I write to you, Mychal Massie.

I am a licensed practical nurse employed by the Veterans Administration. More specifically, **** **** Health Center, ****, ****. We are a community clinic under the umbrella of **** **** ****. We receive all directives from the Director, **** *****. I am proud to serve our country’s war heroes and take great pride in the care I deliver. I am considered a “low level employee”, within the government realm. It seems that the less interaction one has with the veteran, the more money one makes. So, I tell you that the people within the government making decisions on how I practice nursing do not have a clue, nor care about the concerns many of us have. A decision is made, the administration puts some new protocol in place and tells us, ” This is it, I am only the messenger, do it for now, sign here.”

I am very informed with the current status of our country and globe. I believe in God, family, country, and my right to bear arms. I believe that any, “Ebola Czar”, should have M.D. after his name as much as I believe that any Commander in Chief should have served in our military with honor. I have done extensive research on infectious disease, vaccines, and the borderline criminality of the CDC prior to the Ebola pandemic, and the dangers in this country given the media portrayal of the medical community. The CDC guidelines state that Ebola is a Biosafety Level 4 Pathogen which requires Biosafety Level 4 Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE), also known as the hazmat suit with a N95 mask at minimum.

I live in ****, **** and drive a **** hour commute with **** **** **** **** **** located in between. I serve veterans that travel all over the world. This knowledge prompted some to inquire as to the VA protocol if an infected person were to present to the clinic. We were recently in-serviced on that protocol, which consists of Biosafety Level 1 PPE. . . . ALL PAPER AND PLASTIC and no eye protection except a loosely fitting visor. I stated, ” This is what Nina Pham, Dallas, Texas, USA, was wearing when caring for Thomas Duncan and contracted Ebola.” I was told, “This is what **** **** has initiated, it may change, at least it’s one thing.” I stated,”It looks like the government WANTS us to die, do they think we are stupid?” Sir, I am still so angry. This equipment is what would be required to care for someone with MRSA or chickenpox.

I am feeling that my service and dedication to the Veterans Administration is regarded as insignificant. I am insulted that they would think that that this is appropriate to treat us as expendable and I have no voice as to remain silent is to remain employed.

Meanwhile. . . . it is only a matter of time before an infected veteran walks into our clinic and it is the low level employees who will be exposed and will not be going home to their families. Someone needs to know how the government values their nursing staffs in **** ****. Someone needs to know that there is an unspoken order of commanded silence. Someone needs to know.
I chose you. . . . .

God Bless you,
**** ****, LPN

The source subsequently responded to me as follows below:

Good Morning Sir and **** ****.
Thank you so very much for your concern. I have been doing a little research and it seems this problem is widespread throughout the country. Most healthcare facility’s protocol are based on CDC Guidelines, however, the CDC is a non regulatory agency and therefore, all facilities are at liberty to institute and supply whatever personal protective equipment they choose based on their budget and availability. Biosafety Level 4 PPE costs about 1000 dollars per change. Biosafety Level 1 PPE costs anywhere from 1 to 10 dollars per change. Until the safety of the health care worker becomes a priority, many more will become ill or die from disease exposure due to lack of appropriate equipment because of the almighty dollar. I have learned that we ARE insignificant AND expendable. In response to your questions, I must remain unidentified. I am **** guessing that **** **** **** Health Clinic is not the only one given Biosafety Level 1 protective equipment, however, I am unable to prove it at this time. I am hoping I have given you enough information to alert the public of these dire circumstances. If our medical community is not protected. . . . NO ONE IS. . . .
Until America is aware to care. . . . .

I am adding some **** **** **** for your review.

Thank you. No one is speaking about this. Meanwhile, the POTUS and CDC continue with their rhetoric that all hospitals are prepared. I assure you that this is a false statement. I will have more for you soon.

God Bless you,
**** ****, LPN

Obama has proven himself a pernicious liar and narcissistic sociopath. He lies without respect or conscience for who is injured or adversely impacted based upon his dishonesty. His administration has been based upon a foundation of lies.

Obama and his director of the CDC, Tom Frieden, have lied about the Ebola virus in this country from the very beginning. They lied about how it can be spread and would have continued to lie if not for the German scientists who exposed their deceit.

There are those who believe that Obama’s government is now using CDC employees like Kaci Hickox as Judas goats to deceive Americans into believing there is no threat from Ebola and thus pave the way for Obama to bring unlimited numbers of persons from Ebola stricken countries to America which is what he wants to do.

Now we are to believe that there are over 200,000 medical professionals trained and prepared to treat us and our military personnel who become infected with the Ebola disease or another disease virus. When as the insider who contacted me clearly reveals, the veteran clinics aren’t adequately prepared to protect themselves much less care for our military.

Obama has placed our military at imminent risk in a way that our military was never intended to participate. And he continues to lie to the American people.

It is my hope that newspersons and so-called congressional leaders of integrity will follow my lead on this and expose Obama for the capricious and pernicious liar he is and finally bring him to justice for his misdeeds.[adsanity id=11817 align=alignnone /]

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Mychal Massie

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