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Are Republican Apparatchiks Coming After Dr. Ben Carson?

April 12, 2013

Earlier this week, I wrote about my happening upon Fox News Channel (which I no longer watch) while channel surfing. As I wrote, “Bob Beckel Tries To Recast Racist Liberals.” During the brief interlude that I watched Beckel rave wildly about the need for Dr. Ben Carson to be ashamed of himself for daring to accuse elitist white liberals of being “the most racist” people there are, I observed another dynamic that every patriotic American should be aware of and concerned about.

It was the former Bush White House Press Secretary Dana Perino who led what I absolutely believe was a left-handed attack on Dr. Ben Carson. Perino opined that Dr. Carson was making too many appearances on news programs and talk shows. She lamented that in making what she and some of the others saw as a grave error in political judgment that it portrayed him as a political neophyte. A brief discussion ensued pursuant to similar comments and conclusions.

I have made it clear that I am not one of those jumping on the Dr. Carson-for-President bandwagon. I have been aware of Dr. Carson’s professional accomplishments since the early 1980s and I applaud his stellar record of accomplishment. But, as I have warned right here on these pages, it is important for any candidate we support to be thoroughly vetted and for said candidate to be clear on what we expect of them. And that we will hold them accountable for same.

In speaking with various campaign leaders and political activists such as myself, I have made it clear that I find Dr. Carson’s position on the Second Amendment troubling, and, while I’m not prepared to throw him under the bus for same, he would definitely need to revisit and change his opinion. I have said that given he does that I believe he could be a powerful spokesman for conservative causes.

That said, it is my opinion that the Republican hierarchy and Republican insiders view him as a much greater threat than that. I believe that they view him as a potential threat in the 2016 presidential race. A threat that could upset their plans for a successful Jeb Bush run.

CLICK HEREPerino and the others may have been trying to present their comments as a critique, but my political instincts tell me it was in reality a full frontal assault.

There was no reason for such a left-handed attack — which I contend was comprised of Party talking points — unless they viewed him as a threat. Which brings me to my point.

The Republican hierarchy has no concern for candidates We the People champion unless said candidates are those they hand pick. Karl Rove and company savaged Christine O’Donnell. To be fair, her campaign may have aired the dumbest campaign commercial in history, but nothing dissuades me that she wouldn’t have been a loyal Representative for the concerns of the people. Unlike Mike Castle the RINO she defeated in the primary.

Rove and company decried Tea Party-backed candidates like Sharon Angle and others.

As the saying goes, do the math people. Every candidate we have stood solidly behind the Republican Party hierarchy and their minions have savaged. They did it to Sarah Palin, they did it to Herman Cain, and now they are coming out early doing it to Dr. Ben Carson who has, at this point, given no indication of what his political aspirations are, if he has any at all.

As I said, the only reason they would do that is if they view him as a potential threat. As Phyllis Schlafly pointed out, Rove has created another 527 that is raising huge sums of money, and he has made it known that only the candidates that the Republican establishment vets, i.e., approves, will receive any of the funds.

We the People have the right (and must exercise same) to choose the candidate of our choice without concern about those within the establishment of our Party sabotaging them. We cannot sit passively by and watch another potential candidate and/or spokesman for conservative causes be maligned and demagogued because they threaten the good old boys network.


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