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Debate Wasn't First Time Megyn Kelly Maliciously Attacked

August 13, 2015

I have no respect for people who attempt to tug on the heartstrings of the public after they are exposed for as virulent and toxic hypocrites. Few better exemplify justification for said contempt than the FoxNews blond-from-a-bottle program host Megyn Kelly.

In the aftermath of the harsh rebukes Kelly has received, she is now trying to convince people she was just doing her “yob.” And she is telling us same in such a way as to solicit sympathy. Well, she’ll get no sympathy from me but she will get my disdain because I’ve witnessed Kelly play this game before. I’ve witnessed her disrespect people before and then when she is criticized for it, she cried “oh poor little me.”

Her despicable portrayal of a debate moderator should be a required 100 level college course pursuant to how debate moderators should not behave.

Kelly’s kind doesn’t grasp the contempt that We the People have for her pathetically biased attempt to hatchet Donald Trump. Her defense was: “I will continue doing my job without fear or favor.” She went on to say that she wouldn’t apologize for asking “tough but fair” questions and that she is moving on from the debate.

Therein lies the craven wretchedness of her kind. They do their best to smear and embarrass but when they are caught and/or challenged they feign hurt and hide behind the very thing that they least embody, i.e., professionalism.

If Kelly had asked “tough but fair” questions she wouldn’t have been assailed en masse by those viewing the faux debate. Rather, it is precisely because she was ugly and unfair that the cacophony of public condemnation of both she and FoxNews has been so demonstrable.

That said, Kelly was at least partially truthful. She did do her “job,” and she did it “without fear” but it sure wasn’t done without “favor.” As I wrote in my piece “What Trump Could Have Asked Megyn Kelly” (newdailyrant.wpengine.com; 8/10/15) and in my other piece “FoxNews: Unfair and Unbalanced” (newdailyrant.wpengine.com; 8/11/15) Kelly and her FoxNews counterparts were doing exactly as she and they had been instructed. They had been instructed to take out Trump and it was with that anticipation that Rupert Murdoch, the principle owner of FoxNews was quick to acknowledge, “mission accomplished” immediately after the debate.

As I wrote in my aforementioned articles, Kelly herself had boasted just hours before the debate that she was going o make history because one of the presidential candidates would have their ambitions crushed as a result of the debate and be forced to withdraw. Was that her function as debate moderator? I think not.

But Kelly has a history of whining and attempting to hide behind the “just doing my job” line after her unprofessional behavior. As I previously wrote she tried: “To laugh off the heat she was taking for comments she made about Santa being white and Jesus being white. Her ignorance notwithstanding pursuant to Jesus who was a Jew, she tried to play it off that she has single-handedly caused a firestorm over the issue of Santa’s skin color.” (Megyn Kelly’s Phony Boo-Hoo Moment; 12/19/13)

In that instance Kelly claimed the primary causal factors for the public outcry was that FoxNews has a big target on its back. The real problem is that FoxNews is comprised of so-called journalists like her. I could write a novella pursuant to my thoughts on the azimuth between Kelly’s over-inflated self-importance and reality, but I’m of the opinion that people have already discerned that about her.

Kelly tried to hide behind a pathetic attempt at pretending to not support Jehmu Greene, the crown princess of Negro racists. But Kelly and FoxNews gave Greene a complete pass when she spewed her racist epithets at Tucker Carlson on live television because Carlson was besting her in debate. FoxNews not only gave Greene a pass but they increased her number of appearances on Fox programming. (See: Is Jehmu Greene Worth It To Megyn Kelly and FoxNews; 7/19/12)

Now, once again after Kelly has behaved poorly she attempts to blanket herself in a shroud of self-accredited importance by claiming she is a target born out of disdain because she and Fox are such big players.

I would like to ask the egotistical Kelly if FoxNews and if she specifically were the victims of having a target on their/her back when she was ridiculed for lashing out at Tea Party icon Joe the Plumber, after she fallaciously attacked him for an article he did not write.

From her television perch she railed that Joe was a racist and more for writing an article titled “America Needs A White Republican President.” But as I pointed out above, Joe did not write the article he simply posted it on his website. Talk show host and author Kevin Jackson wrote the article. And even more importantly Kevin Jackson is black. Does anyone remember Kelly apologizing to Joe for making a national spectacle out of him?

Of course not, after all according to her she was just doing her “yob man.” And she expects to be taken as a competent and serious journalist?

The truth is that Kelly is a nobody from nowhere who has prostituted her looks and sleazy behavior into a seven-figure salary. But she doesn’t have the class or character to understand how a person in her position should behave.

Kelly doesn’t deserve sympathy – she deserves our harshest condemnation because she has repeatedly proven herself unworthy of our trust or respect.

Photo credit By MattGagnon [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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