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Democrat’s Use Old Tactics To Stop Judge Kavanaugh

The Democrat attempt to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not intended to do just destroy his chances of being confirmed to the High Court. Their goal is to show the “return on investment” (ROI) to those who are paying hundreds of millions of dollars for the sabotaging of America. Think George Soros, the entertainment industry and many more committed to the fall of America.

The Democrats intent is to punish the candidate and/or nominee so that every time the person’s name is mentioned it includes the verbiage: “who was accused.” They are committed to destroying a lifetime of stellar service as punishment for a person daring to defy them.

I repeat my oft-stated observation of Dianne “Franken-feinstein” et al; they are the personification of evil.

It would be bad enough if they were a factual positive for the country; but they’re not. They’re the worst of generational corruption, subversion, treason and the deconstruction of the Constitution. They dine with Satan himself to receive their marching orders. I submit this is true because it’s impossible for a collective of people to be as evil and destructive as they are without them being the progeny of their “father the devil.” (Compare: John 8:44 KJV)

I contend that it speaks more to the lack of character of the accusers of innocent men than it does the lies the innocent men are being smeared with. Does anyone know what immediately happened to the “filles de joie” who falsely accused former presidential candidate Herman Cain? They were unknown and unheard of before they were bought and sold to defame Herman Cain; and they disappeared back into dingy areas of ill repute the very moment Herman Cain retired from the presidential race.

Consider also the so-called Stormy Daniels. She epitomizes the word harlot on every quantifiable level. I’m being brutally honest when I say think of the lack of self-worth and lack of self-esteem it takes for a woman (or man) to have sex with multiple persons in a room filled with personnel; with other people doing the same thing in another room, hallway or toilet. Think what lack of value a person has in themselves to be treated worse than a piece of meat and then pretend they like it. They tell themselves lies such as it makes them feel in control and it makes them feel empowered; it stimulates them knowing that millions will watch them; I add watch them being molested and sexually brutalized to the point of never being able to enjoy normal relationships for the rest of their lives. Daniels may call it a living but there is nothing admirable about it. Drugs, disease, abuse, suicide and they call that honorable?

These are the people the media and politicians are bestowing credibility upon? Which brings me to Christine Blazey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to assault her.

Judge Kavanaugh has been through seven full-blown FBI investigations as he moved up the ladder of judicial appointments. I can tell you those investigations are more thorough than a colon examination. Her alleged assault never showed up.

But thanks to the convenience of an episode of “repressed memory,” it all came back during a counseling session with her husband in 2012. She had an eureka moment and suddenly recalled having been attacked by Judge Kavanaugh.

Let me ask you; If a man is committed to assaulting you with another man in the room supposedly waiting his turn – what are the chances this Ford person could have overpowered Kavanaugh escaping his unwanted attack and avoid the other man in the room, without there being marks of some sort to show an attempted assault had taken place?

The dishonesty grows as Ford’s lawyer has further developed the lie telling CNN that Ford has now remembered “there were four other guys” at the party and one other girl. This “repressed memory” thing is a great tool; heck, I might have to use it sometime myself. Maybe even the next time my wife asks me to pick something up at the store. I’ll just claim that I was traumatized by the request and buried it in my subconscious and it did not surface until the moment I walked through the door.

Ford’s attorney is stalling for time mentioning these things in hopes that there’s another dishonest person they can pimp to sabotage Judge Kavanaugh.

Consider  what we do know about this Ford woman:

• Ford’s lawyer is a big Democrat donor who was involved in the Bill Clinton/Paula Jones case.
• Ford is a far left professor and an open-borders activist who has signed anti-President Trump immigration letters.
• She deleted all of her social media accounts starting just before coming forward. She claims it was done to protect the people she interacts with on social media. (Arching my eyebrows to reflect my disbelief)
• An ‘online professor rating site’ has numerous reviews by her students. Some say they think she’s crazy, and they were actually scared by her behavior.
• Her attorney is funded by George Soros.

You will note that I omitted the accusation that she was motivated by revenge because Judge Kavanaugh’s mother, also a Judge, was involved in a property foreclosure complaint against Ford’s family. I also omitted the fact that her brother had worked for the firm Baker and Hoststeltler, which represent Fusion GPS.

The property foreclosure matter was a perfunctory measure that resulted in the matter being dismissed with Judge Kavanaugh’s mother never doing more than signing the complaint and signing them satisfactory resolution to the complaint. They never appeared before her. And Ford’s brother left Baker and Hosteltler in 2004; and Fusion GPS wasn’t founded until 2011.

But going back to the counseling session in which Ford allegedly remembered she had been attacked by Judge Kavanaugh, word has it that the counselor’s notes are fragmented and we are also told that the notes “seem to contradict” what she is now claiming.

If she is the uncontrolled crazed person that students have reported on a “professor rating site,” maybe her eureka moment was as phony as we believe her to be. In my opinion it all seems too convenient.

In an attempt to disparage Judge Kavanaugh even more, Ford’s attorney is making the rounds with the now added story line that there were four young men in at the party and another woman beside Ford. In so doing the hope is that someone as equally as disturbed as Ford will take the bait and suddenly remember he attempted to assault them way back in the day.

Ford and her Democrat handlers are hoping they can delay the vote as long as possible, their orgasmic dream would be that the confirmation vote to have Judge Kavanaugh approved would not take place until after the mid-year elections. Their goal is to smear dirt on Judge Kavanaugh hoping some of it looks plausible so his nomination is pulled. The other plan would be to keep bringing forth alleged improprieties and thus have the court of public opinion turn against him.

This is not new. These are the very same people who did the very same thing to Chief Justice John Roberts. They used the exact same tactics against now Associate Justice Gorsuch. And many of us will never forget the disgraceful lies of Anita Hill. It would make good reading examining the transcripts of the late Senator Arlen Specter’s prosecutorial evisceration of Hill, which exposed her for the liar she was then and is today. As now Associate Justice Clarence Thomas said at the time, it was a “high-tech lynching.” Justice Thomas had an unimpeachable record of accomplishment and humanitarian community involvement; and Hill did her best to destroy it.

A letter drafted and signed by 65 women who have known Judge Kavanaugh since high school is simply dismissed because an emotionally unbalanced woman comes forward with a fairy tale. Justice Thomas had men and women of unimpeachable character and accomplishment come forward to speak on his behalf, but it was the word of one emotionally disturbed woman that was used in an attempt to delegitimize him.

In this case, the word of 65 women and numerous more liberal feminist female lawyers speaking in support of Judge Kavanaugh, and seven full-blown FBI investigations are not good enough, because one crazed unstable woman suddenly had a repressed memory surface. There is a reason repressed memory testimonies are not accepted as evidence in criminal trials – and this circus of attempted sabotage is it.

But then again as George Costanza told Jerry Seinfeld in one episode; “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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