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Don't Be Fooled By Jeb Bush DoubleSpeak

August 17, 2015

Two friends and I were discussing candidates over dinner and cigars the other evening, and the one singular conclusion we held was that Jeb Bush would/will be a disaster as president. My one friend holds elected office and my other friend comes from a historical legacy of political accomplishment.

[highlight]Jeb Bush is dishonest out of the gate. He wants us to believe that he does not support Common Core. But the truth is much different.[/highlight]

Writing for Breitbart.com, Dr. Susan Berry wrote: “George Will understands why conservatives are revolted by the Common Core standards. Jeb Bush either does not understand or, perhaps worse, does not care. Either way, Bush owns his insistence upon the highly controversial education initiative, a position that will likely cost him with most conservatives in a presidential bid, and should also matter to all Republicans.” (Jeb Bush ‘Owns’ Common Core; 12/27/14)

Back then, Bush wanted us to believe the “standards [for Common Core] are different than curriculum” for same. Bush claimed at the time that he “would be concerned if we had a national curriculum influenced by the federal government.”

Does Bush forget his brother’s “No Child Left Behind?” Does he think we’re too stupid to understand when a candidate says they’re doubling down on their support of Common Core numerous times before the Presidential Debate then tries to pretend otherwise – he is exactly the kind of candidate we are sick of?

Allyah Frumin wrote that all of the candidates who supported Common Core were fleeing it except for Jeb Bush. But what she does point out is the dishonesty Bush is using to double down on his position. Frumin wrote: “Bush…stands alone in continuing to embrace the education program that so riles the GOP base. But even Bush – who ran a foundation supporting Common Core – is avoiding using the initiative’s name, instead saying he backs higher standards as a whole.” (As 2016 GOPers Flee Common Core, Jeb Bush Is Odd Man Out; 5/30/15)

That reminds me of his brother’s “compassionate conservatism” which was code speak for amnesty and government growth.

Oliver Darcy, writing for The Blaze, wrote that as a guest on Megyn Kelly’s show Bush was pressed about Common Core. Bush obfuscated and used political speak in attempt to dodge the truth of his convictions. Darcy wrote: “Bush responded Common Core means a lot of different things to different people.” (Megyn Kelly Presses Jeb Bush on Common Core Critics: Are They Wrong; 5/12/15)

How about Common Core means further government intrusion in a massive way into the lives of families to the detriment of school children?

Writing for Politico Caitlin Emma wrote that the GOP’s flip-flop was nearly complete save for Jeb Bush. She wrote: “Virtually every 2016 Republican presidential candidate has turned against the education standards, [i.e., Common Core] other than former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.” (On Common Core, Jeb Bush Is A Party Of One; 5/28/15)

Writing for The Christian Science Monitor, Thomas Beaumont (Associated Press) wrote: “Jeb Bush defended his support for Common Core school standards at a congressional fundraiser.” (Jeb Bush Refuses To Back Down On Common Core; 3/7/15)

During the Presidential Debate, August 6, Bush again used political speak referring to his support for Common Core as being for “higher standards, measured in an intellectually honest way, with abundant school choice.” That was Bush’s way of trying to con We the People with crapola thinking we weren’t smart enough to realize that he was lying through his left leaning moderate teeth.

But alas, eight days after the debate, the Bush team determined they had better shift gears if they had any hope of conning the voters. David Catanese reporting for U.S.News and World Report wrote that in Iowa August 14, Bush: “called the name of the controversial education standards he has long supported poisonous, illustrating how damaging the program has become in the political dialogue and in his own eyes.”

So just as my friends and I had discussed over dinner, it was only a matter of time before Bush would attempt to make us believe he is against Common Core. The problem is that Bush is lying and trying to mislead us – just as his brother deceived us on the Highway Bill – which he had assured us was off the table when in fact it was pushed to the side and then signed immediately after he was reelected IN 2004.

I personally take umbrage with Bush’s statement during the Presidential Debate that he was unaware the Bloomberg Family Foundation Board he sat on was donating millions to Planned Parenthood.

His record of defunding Planned Parenthood in Florida notwithstanding, I find it inconceivable that he was unaware Planned Parenthood was getting money from the group.

My reason for not believing him is that he made a point of saying he was involved in the educational component of the group which involved working with and funding public schools. Public schools are exactly where Planned Parenthood focuses a generous portion of its energy and resources. To me that means any pro-life advocate worth their salt would be on the look out for language that indicated Planned Parenthood was involved. Especially when the group is the creation of one of America’s preeminent liberals and abortion advocates.

Jeb Bush can attempt to use political speak and code speak. He can attempt to deceive us into believing he is open and honest. But we have been down that road before.

Bush is just another “sell his soul” politician who is willing to lie, mislead, and do whatever it takes to gain the nomination. My question is, if we cannot trust him now how can we trust him in the White House? The answer is we can’t trust him and with that thought in mind why would we ever give him a chance to prove our conclusions about him true?

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Mychal Massie

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