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The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
I Feel The Presence of The Lord is not just a book to be read as part of our daily devotions. It is a collection of thoughts and instructions to inspire the reader to meditate upon the Lord and His Word.

Facebook Doesn’t Control My Voice

Facebook is the Mount Everest of the body part for which bathroom tissue and bidets were created. Combine that truth with the fact that facebook has the most severe allergic reaction to truth in the history of the world – and you have a biased, dishonest, leftwing, domestic group who’s primary function is to censor truth and dumb down the masses.

I’m not asking people to join me nor am I asking for their approval.  I am categorically stating my position.  I am also stating, that I’m tired of people trying to convince me that going along with the enemy is a form of resistance.  Why does facebook object to my stating my personal opinion based upon my faith, facts, and God given rights?  Why does facebook find it acceptable for BLM, Antifa, and domestic anarchists to tell people to “resist authority” and “question authority” but refuse to allow me the same rights?

Following is a post I wrote October 19, 2020, which facebook determined: Went against their community standards on misinformation that could cause physical harm.

HERE IS WHAT I WROTE: A lot of people are telling me that they’re standing up, blah-blah-blah. My question then is this.  How does one consider it standing up to tyranny, when you’re doing everything the tyrants demand?

I will not wear a mask because the facts support the reality that they do not work, but the facts do show mandatory mask wearing is a way to control and promote hitlerian behavior.

The facts are also indisputable that mask wearing for young children exacerbates and promotes respiratory and cognitive harm. It is also a fact that mask wearing reduces oxygen intake, which has potentially severe consequences for adults. It’s also a fact that we’re not being told about the increasing number of highway accidents and fatalities caused by people blacking out from wearing masks as they drive. Network news programming that breathlessly fear-mongers around the clock isn’t sharing that factoid.

We should use our heads. The idea of a mask preventing spread or inhalation of germs is like putting up a split rail fence and expecting it to stop mosquitoes.

People are led to believe masks are to prevent fluids and spittle from spraying on one another, and the lie is accepted carte blanche.  The question I ask in response to that idiocy is this: How many people walked about wiping spittle and mouth fluids from their faces before mandatory mask wearing? How often did you talk to another person and have to wipe your face or clothing because they were spraying you with spittle and mouth fluids as they talked?

I refuse to wear a mask. I refuse to receive a vaccination for a virus that has a near 99 percent recovery rate. The number of people limited to my home is based upon the number of people I personally like and welcome into my home. No godless heathen is going to tell me how many people can come into my home.  

I’m married; my wife and I enjoy normal married intimacy. Are we supposed to wear masks and social distance while trying to enjoy marital intimacy? Or is this a defacto attempt at population control?  Sarcasm intended.

One more thing. I was involved with the 2008 Beijing Olympics and I personally witnessed these same government and health organizations demanding under threat of fine and expulsion, that American Olympic athletes not wear masks in the Beijing Olympics 2008. An American female athlete and her teammates were threatened with fines, immediate suspension, and expulsion from the games because they deboarded their plane wearing masks for their protection. They were forced to make public apology for daring to wear the masks.

But here is the clincher. In Beijing the air quality and soot in the air was so bad that when you walked outside and came back in, there was soot particles on your clothing and in your hair. There were photos of people wearing white shirts or blouses that were speckled with black dust particles after being out doors for only a short time.

Yet the federal government sanctioned and supported the US Olympic Committee’s edict that athletes were not permitted to wear masks because it made the Chinese look bad.

And now they expect me to obey them for some crap virus that has a near 99 percent recovery rate in toto?

When I say I won’t wear a mask, that also means I will not go into a store that attempts to force my compliance. Everything I need I can get either online or find a shop/store where they respect my rights over the edicts of Marxist governments.

My wife and I spent almost the entire month of October driving and sightseeing across America. Without exception, not one place refused us service or accommodation because we refused to wear masks.  In fact, in many of the states we were in not wearing a mask appeared to be the norm.

Only one place, in the 20 plus states we were in, even asked us if we would wear a mask; and we said no. That was hamburger place in Fort Collins whose claim to fame was that they made the best bacon burger. We said no, and waited until we were ready and our questions about their menu were answered, then we took advantage of their outdoor dining and had their less than exceptional bacon burger and disappointing fries.

In California we took advantage of outdoor dining at a restaurant and were not asked to wear a mask in order to sit down or such crap. Albeit, a mask would have been needed to dine indoors.

When I say I refuse to comply, and when I say I’m standing up, that doesn’t come with exceptions. My no is NO. It isn’t maybe or except.

It is right out of Hitler’s Nazi handbook to encourage people to spy on their neighbors and reprot them for non-compliance.

This is America! I am free! And I will not under any circumstances be dictated to by Marxists. Where I am from we say no to tyranny. We don’t find ways to appease it.

I understand my need to protect the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. I also understand the need for a doctor to wear a mask during surgery is not the same as Marxist tinplate wannabe tyrants telling me I have to wear a mask to buy bathroom tissue, eat a meal, walk outside or drive my car.

If everyone would refuse to comply this crap would stop. But, people forget that this whole closure thing was to last for only two weeks. Yet eight months later we are threatened with it lasting another year.

Every person must answer to their conscience and God. My family and many of our friends have said no.

Note: here are some facts about mask wearing.  Fact: It is scientifically impossible for masks to work.  Fact: New England Journal of Medicine in public is stupid.  Fact: Physicians: Masks don’t control viruses, they control you; pandemic is over.  Fact: The risks vs. benefits of face masks – is there an agenda? Children’s Health Defense.

My response to facebook was in two parts on back-to-back days. (Updated):

POSTED 11/20/2020
Someone please explain to me how stating verifiable facts plus my personal opinion, violates the community standards facebook pretends to abide by.
The bottom line is that is pure bunk; facebook doesn’t want anything they don’t agree with and/or do not like regardless of whatever being true.
I wrote a post within the last few days that included reference to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which I was personally involved in. The post also included a firmly held personal opinion of my own, which was clearly stated as such despite scientific evidence supporting my position.
It speaks volumes that facebook is so allergic to the truth. I was personally involved with the 2008 Olympics, just as I was with the 2004 Athens, Greece Olympics. As a matter of fact exactly 5 weeks ago I had dinner with four members of the 2008 Beijing games and a member of Winter Games.
Are the so-called fact checkers going to call us all liars, which is exactly what they are doing when they claim I violated community standards, after I factually stated exactly what happened, as someone who was personally involved?
If I’m I to be sanctioned for daring to hold a personal opinion that facebook disagrees with, where does it end? If I say it’s my opinion that chickens are the lowest form of life on earth; have I violated facebook’s arbitrary and capricious mythical standards?
POSTED 11/21/2020
Facebook is suppressing the reach of my short post from yesterday, in which I called them out for claiming by sharing factual events that happened at 2008 Beijing Olympics that I was personally involved in, violated their laughable community standards. I will not be silenced nor will I permit them to define what truth I can openly share. Let them fact check that and/or let them decide that this short statement violates their community standards. Imposing the most transpicuous forms of censorship by hiding behind sliding scale of acceptability is a detestable attempt to control dispensation of truth and fact. Let them take exception with what I’ve just said. What I know is that censorship never prevails long before people find avenues by which to share truth and personal opinion. That’s my position let them choke on it. – Mychal Massie


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