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FoxNews reported and I've decided

December 14, 2011

FoxNews is blathering all over itself pursuant to its upcoming presidential debate from Iowa. So what – I wouldn’t watch it if someone held a gun on me. I found the behavior of Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Megyn Kelly in the debate they hosted in Oralando, Florida, two steps below abominable – and the questions asked by a highly competent and articulate essayist like Byron York, beneath his ability.

Fox made a mockery of the debate, and as I wrote at the time, “I’m not sure if the moderators had been drinking or had excessed on ‘silly pills,’ but it would have been hard for them to beahve more poorly or to do a worst job.” (Chris Wallace: We want to know if you’re a “flake?”; 8/12/11)

And yes, I am still very much upset with the way Fox, and Megyn Kelly specifically, went after Herman Cain but carefully omitted Megyn Kelly’s having lived in the same Chicago apartment building with Sharon Bialek, and Bialek’s boyfriend. Kelly lived in Apt. 1910, William Concha, Bialek’s boyfriend at the time lived in Apt. 1903, and Bialek herself lived in Apt. 2506. It seems reason to believe that living in such close proximity they would have met over the years they lived there – yet when Kelly was making snide, sneapish remarks and facial expressions, as she showed clips of Herman addressing crowds, she made no mention of her relationship with these people. Perhaps Kelly should tell us if she and Bialek ever worked at the same place? Could Kelly be the person who put Bialek in touch with Alred? And what exactly were the circumstances surrounding her divorce? And perhaps the reference to Axelrod’s address during the MacCallum-Bialek interview, was a feint to steer people away from Kelly. I’m digressing, I’ll discuss those issues and more in an upcoming “Daily Rant” and syndicated commentary.

Chris Wallace asked Michelle Bachmann on his news show: “Are you a flake?” What kind of question is that for a so-called journalist to ask a presidential candidate? I take notice he didn’t ask Obama that question? Not one of the moderators that night has ever questioned Obama about cheating on his wife – or don’t they consider accusations and rumors of his sexual proclivities worthy of question? Or is it that they do not consider Larry Sinclair credible? I submit he is as credible and indeed moreso than Sharon Bialek and Ginger White. In any event, Fox simply blathers on pretending that a man with rock solid business solutions for our economy and the voice of the people never existed.

Just where is the “fair and balanced,” where is the “we report you decide?” Or is that what they called themselves doing? During her show on Fox Business Channel, in response to a Dennis Kneale plaudit directed toward Herman Cain, program host Cheryl Casone, half-heartedly agreed, and then went into her babble about Herman having good things to say until the things in his closet caught up with him. Funny how she omitted the adulterers, alcoholics, and program hosts who boast about lap dances, drugs, and call girls over at Fox News.

– Did you know Mychal Massie uses Constant Contact to deliver his Daily Rant everyday? –

I like Neil Cavuto, if I were forced to be another journalist for one day, I would be hard pressed not to choose him. But even he isn’t enough for me to watch the debate. I have lost what little respect I had for FoxNews.

After the Orlando, Florida debate FoxNews hosted, it came out that during the editorial meeting before the debate, it was discussed how to go about creating fireworks and gotcha moments. I don’t watch debates for such theatrics and neither do most others. It is a tragic day when the CNNs host a better debate than Fox.

There’s one more thing that annoys me with FoxNews. When Herman Cain was running away in the polls, every campaign comment began: “can Herman Cain win” and every answer was “he’s a nice guy, but he can’t win.” It was all Romney, all the time. Newt Gingrich has enough past and present skeletons in his closet to fill Filene’s Basement. That his current skeleton’s have to with highly troublesome associations and policy recommendations doesn’t seem not to matter. Romney has literally gone from can’t lose to who cares, overnight.

When you come to my blog you know you’re going to get hard-hitting, straight-forward, blunt force, conservatism and it’s coming at you without apology. Watching FoxNews, the only thing you can be sure of is that they are not going to be fair or balanced and that they report in ways intended to spin the news.

That FoxNews is driven by ratings and advertising dollars doesn’t bother me, that they present an amalgamation of spin and talking party talking points does. As for Chris Wallace, the Huffington Post is correct, he is a disgrace to his fathers name, even if I believe same is the case for different reasons. Now, who would have thought I would ever agree with Huffpo?

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