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Homosexuals And Race Mongers Undermining Election Results

March 28, 2013

There are very dangerous precedents being set by liberal activist judges and the Neo-Leninist race-mongers and homosexual radicals they were spawned from. As of this writing the Supreme Court has heard a case arguing for the overturning of the California ballot initiative Proposition 8 and the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was signed into law in 1996.

The High Court has agreed to hear arguments pursuant to decide whether the voters of Michigan had the right to forbid “preferential treatment” based on race for admission to their state universities.

The latter first. The people of Michigan legally decided by a Margin of 58 percent to 42 percent that they would not abide race-based discrimination. The problem liberal race-mongers have with said decision is that the people of Michigan opposed race-based discrimination against whites. The idea that blacks would have to earn their way into state universities just as other students must is unfair in the eyes of race-mongers.

After the fierce legal battle Grutter v. Bolinger, in which a University of Michigan Law School applicant was denied entrance into the prestigious law school in favor of a black student with lower test scores across the board — the people of Michigan with the help of Ward Connerly the people of Michigan did the right thing.

They worked to get Proposal 2 on the ballot in 2006 despite strong opposition by the Bush administration, and, as referenced above, the Proposal not only was successful but it was a crushing defeat for liberals. Even more crushing is the fact that voters from every political spectrum supported the Proposal.

Michigan was not the only blue (read strongly Democrat) state to pass such initiatives over the years. California passed Proposition 209 in 1996 (again with the exemplary leadership of Ward Connerly) with 54 percent of the vote. And the voters in Washington State passed Initiative 200 with 58.22 percent of the vote.

The internal numbers in Washington were a scalding rebuke of race-based affirmative action. Exit polls showed that 80 percent of Republicans supported the Initiative, 62 percent of Independents supported it, and (drum roll please) 41 percent of Democrats also supported it.

But in the popular court drama, liberals literally said damn the voters; it’s not their Constitutional will but our Erebusic will that counts.

The pro race-based affirmative action zealots are crying foul. As proof of the injustice being heaped upon po-po blacks they point to the fact that the number of black undergraduates at Michigan has fallen from 6.7 percent to 4.5 percent since the passage of Proposal 2.

The fact that the 4.5 percent black undergrads who graduate are qualified to be there and succeed on merit under the intense program means nothing to the race-mongers. They could not care less about the black students who are accepted based on color of skin, but who are unable to master the core studies. In their minds, that simply means the courses are racially biased.

As my good friend and colleague Harry Stein wrote in his book titled “Racist” which is a monumental expose on race: “Far too many black people, as well as legions of white liberals, have opted for…embracing a definition of racism so expansive that almost anything — from the failure of too few blacks to pass an exam for promotion to a perceived slight at a social function — can be made to fit the bill. Think of it as chip-on-shoulder racism, a.k.a., the kind that can never end; the all-purpose explanation and excuse. What’s continually curious, given the hyper-sensitivity of such people to the merest hint of racial bigotry, real or imagined, is how blithely indifferent they are to racial animus when it is directed at white people.” (Pg. 21; ppg. 2-3) A point I have repeatedly made for well over a decade.

FAMSU160Having to compete to qualify is only fair when it comes to making a sporting team as far as race-mongers are concerned, and then only if you are not competing for the coaching position.

It is just as unfair and egregious to discriminate against whites as it was to discriminate against blacks during Jim Crow. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supposed to end same not create a new pandemic of it. But thanks to Richard Nixon, who signed legislation ushering in race-based affirmative action in 1968 we are visited with a cruel plenipotentiary race-mongers call fairness.

But discrimination based on race or skin color on any level is wrong. It was wrong during Jim Crow, and it is wrong pursuant to qualification into schools today. But, as my colleague and I point out, that view isn’t valid if whites are the ones being discriminated against.

The court this week heard oral arguments for another case of damn what the people voted when arguments were presented to overturn Proposition 8 in California.

The Washington Post referred to it as, “The justices will consider two of the weightiest civil rights cases in years, both about the continuing struggle of [homosexual] men and lesbians to obtain equal recognition under the law.

The very language the Washington paper uses is misleading and biased. Homosexuals and lesbians have the same access to equal recognition that everyone else has. Their complaint is that they want special recognition, and they want the law to be subverted in such a way as to grant them same.

This is not the first time homosexuals and lesbians in histrionic apoplexy have demanded the Constitutional will of the people be overturned. This act has been played out before. It is as if there is a commitment by California courts to make homosexual marriage the de rigueur of the land. Justices, some of whom themselves are homosexuals, have ruled to overturn the Constitutionally voted on and passed will of the people.

Former California State Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown was excoriated for refusing to vote in favor of overturning the successful anti-same sex marriage proposal that over 61 percent of Californians had supported. Still a vociferous cabal of homosexuals and lesbians stormed the gates demanding the election results be overturned.

This is the plus ultra of putative ipse dixit argued by malevolent anarchists who view the courts as their home field advantage when it comes to undermining the Constitution and ignoring the will of the people. And I promise you that it won’t stop here

These people have been successful at packing the lower courts with judges in their image. If they are successful in convincing the SCOTUS that they have the right to ignore the will of the people, the result will be damaging to our Republic beyond anything imagined.

We must fight back, and we must fight as viciously and relentlessly as our enemies.

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