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How Many Politicians Condemning President Trump For Syria Withdrawal Have Children and Family Fighting In Middle East?

Great leaders do not manage the future in terms of a week, a month or a news cycle. They evaluate an issue based upon past/present performance of same with a plan that will manage the situation in a satisfactory way years and even decades into the future. That was the share genius of President Trump’s brilliant strategy to withdraw the 1,000 or so troops remaining in Syria.

Watching the craven politicians, who with their families are secretly profiteering from fighting in the Middle East, squeal like a “high ‘C’ Soprano” with their fingers slammed in a car door is a painful to hear.

As Mark Langfan explained in his article, “President Trump’s Syrian Withdrawal Fallout,” the President has undertaken the bold step of confronting the 800 pound gorilla in the middle of the room that everyone else pretends not to see.  They deny its existence all the way to the bank as they and their families profiteer the suffering and deaths of others.

The media claptraps spew the condemnation of President Trump because he had the unmitigated audacity to do the unthinkable. He withdrew American troops from Syria. I remind you that these are the same calumniators who comprise the plexus of hatred for the President that will remain relentless if he were to singlehandedly find a cure for all forms of cancer and diabetes.

Nothing that President Trump will ever do will be good enough for the demons of hell who abide in the Democrat and Republican Parties. Those who are charged with letting slip the chains of these demoniacs comprise the global institutes of agitprop, i.e., the mainstream media.

That there are those who believe the Erebusic tales of fantasy designed to paint President Trump in the worse way possible is not altogether surprising. Disgusting on every quantifiable level? Yes!! But not surprising.

It is those who feign some semblance of sensibility who offend me the most. There is an element of the American public that has become accustomed to do nothing, accomplish nothing, flip, flop and then flip again, politicians. Politicians who spit on the Constitution and micturate on all individual rights that conflict with the neo-Leninist cultural-Marxist agendas being foisted upon America. They view what President Trump has accomplished and what he is accomplishing as something to be condemned. An example would be when the ophidians in so-called newsrooms, wearing cheesy overpriced clothing told the public that economic growth and lowered unemployment numbers were bad for America because it was happening too fast. But I digress.

President Trump has been set upon by both Democrats and the neo-cons war profiteers in the Republican Party. But look back a few years into the past and see what these very same people had to say when there was no President Trump.

I recall some years ago as my wife and I were waiting in a checkout line in a store, we chatted with a man also waiting in line. As we left, she and I discussed the appallingly short memory span of so many. She and I discussed how the gentleman in line with us had blamed President George W. Bush for Americans dying in combat, claiming, “Bush led those boys over there to die.” But, like many, he conveniently forgot the history of lives lost under Democrat presidents.

A good friend of mine escaped Castro’s Cuba with his family. Today he is a successful business owner.  He has made clear his absolute contempt for John Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs treachery. But, those Americans who are blaming Trump apparently do not recall that disaster.

Let’s examine Lyndon Johnson, or are we to forget that not only did he escalate the war in Vietnam, but he lied about the secret bombing raids. He was also responsible for authorizing the first overt use of American troops in that godforsaken hell hole. Maybe the Trump bashers who were dumb enough to vote for Obama should be reminded that the violent war protests and Marxism that was taking place in the streets and on college campuses nationwide in the 1960s were directed at a Democrat president.

The Trump haters conveniently forget that at the same time Jimmy Carter was causing a national gas crisis and gas rationing here, he was betraying Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran. Carter’s incompetence and meddling in the Middle East gave immediate rise to the Ayatollah Khomeini who ushered in the rebirth of the terrorism we continue to experience today. Carter was quick to tell the people how his “mam-mah took good care of the niggras who worked for them,” but he couldn’t land helicopters in the desert to rescue the American hostages that his meddling brought about.

Then there was Bill Clinton. In addition to being a serial philander, a man of unimpeachable low morals, and using his position to abuse women there was:

  • The 1993 the World Trade Center bombing which killed 6 and left 1,000 injured.
  • The 1995 attack in which five U.S. military personnel were killed in a Saudi Arabia bombing.
  • The 1996 bombing of King Aziz Air Force Base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that killed 23 Americans and left 300 injured.
  • The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, that killed 19 and left 500 injured.
  • The1998 terrorist attack that killed 224 and left 4,000 injured in the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Africa.
  • The bombing of the USS Cole, that killed 17 and left 39 injured U.S. Sailors.

After each of those terrorist attacks, Clinton promised to hunt down and punish those responsible, when in actuality he did absolutely nothing – not even to visit the bombed sites or the families of those killed and wounded.

In factuality, the blood of the Americans who were murdered September 11, 2001 is on the head and hands of Clinton. Clinton was offered bin Laden on a silver platter but he refused the Sudanese President Bashir’s offer to arrest, detain and hand over Osama bin Laden (OBL) to the United States. The Bashir government had intelligence of OBL’s daily activities and detailed intelligence concerning his finances; but as Steven Simon, then-director of counter-terrorism on Clinton’s National Security Council, told the Washington Post: “I [we] really only cared about one thing, that was getting [OBL] out of Sudan, not the accepting of responsibility for taking him into custody.” Former Clinton adviser, Dick Morris said, “[Clinton] didn’t do a single thing of the stuff that I recommended on terror.” (Hannity & Colmes, Dec. 20, 2001) Had Morris’ suggestions been heeded, Mohamed Atta would have been deported before 9-11; as Morris put it, “In each of these areas he [Clinton] fell asleep at the switch.”

I was a Bush supporter, but specific to that point I was also one of his most outspoken critics. I opposed his Medicare Prescription plan, No Child Left Behind, NAFTA, and Bush should still be brandishing the footprints on his behind for not vetoing McCain-Feingold. I opposed his calls for amnesty. Bush and his Justice Department were the greatest hinderers of ending skin color/gender based affirmative action in employment and education. And let us not forget that Bush is responsible for us having to purchase $10 light bulbs that require a hazmat team to remove and dispose of.

However, Obama has made a disaster out of the Middle East. People do not realize the extent of the damage Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry perpetrated because the media doesn’t report it. There were no hourly and daily death counts reported by the media under Obama. Obama turned many of our allies against us. Contrary to what he and John Kerry would have you believe, Israel and Egypt neither liked nor trusted Obama. Russia was never a country to turn our back on, but under Obama, Putin behaved in ways he would not have dared under Bush and he darn sure wouldn’t defy President Trump the way he thumbed his nose at Obama.

President Trump is the right person to turn things around, but the pubic forgets what the media and politicians were saying just a short time ago.

Obama gave us the illegal gun running operation called Fast and Furious which resulted in the murders of American border staff; he was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack in Benghazi that he watched in real time as Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glenn Doherty were murdered while he refused to lift a finger to rescue.

Hillary would ask: “What difference does it make?”

It should make a difference to us because we elected Donald J. Trump as President and he has done everything he promised as a candidate.  And that is one of the reasons he is hated and condemned.

When President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” he wasn’t speaking only about getting rid of corrupt politicians and ending political nepotism.  He was also promising to turn off the spigots from which money pours into the pockets of the politicians who are profiteering from war.  He was promising to ending international blackmail and extortion by corrupt American politicians.

President Trump built a massive global business empire.  It would be unimaginable to think he wasn’t aware of those in our federal government who were shaking down foreign businesses and extorting foreign governments which resulted in the stealing of America’s jobs, intellectual property and inventions.

We need understand that President Trump hasn’t abandoned the Kurds nor has he betrayed them, lest we forget what Langfan accurately wrote.  President Trump left the sword of Damocles hanging over Turkey’s head and took the first real step toward some sort of normalcy in the Middle East.  A normalcy based upon their standards not the forced American standards Bush wanted.

Bush was bastardized for sending troops to the Middle East and Obama was praised for bringing them out of Afghanistan.  It has been nearly 20 years since Bush declared war in the Middle East.  It is more than past time to bring our people home.

Those who bluster and pontificate siting phony articles in magazines are clueless to the truth or they are cashing in on the betrayal of our military and military families.  Either way if they don’t like our troops leaving Syria, let them sign on as contractors, i.e., mercenaries and replace the troops.

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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