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"I Feel The Presence of The Lord" is a personal collection of devotions intended to encourage the reader to seek and see the Lord in every aspect of their life.
The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
I Feel The Presence of The Lord is not just a book to be read as part of our daily devotions. It is a collection of thoughts and instructions to inspire the reader to meditate upon the Lord and His Word.

Is Kamala Harris The Stealth Concubine?

It is well chronicled that Hillary Clinton is a teetering old sot, corrupt as the day is long and the personification of evil. Amongst her other less endearing qualities there’s the oft-reported fact that she has body odor that can clear a room. (Use search engine ‘duckduckgo’ enter Hillary smells bad and see for yourself.  Predictably only snopes claims this is untrue)  She’s a horribly unpleasant and unlikable person with violent temper to boot.

The Obama woman believes the public is as impressed with the Dodge Ram 2500 Pick Up Truck size behind she sports around as she is. Bertha “Butt” had nothing on this woman. Allowing that there’s even a modicum of truth to the persistent rumors of her alleged dalliances with certain of her Secret Service, her behind may be a fingerprint repository.

Rumors persist that Hillary was involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring just as was her husband. The fact that she remains free and unindicted is the subject of one of the greatest political mysteries. Regardless of who Hillary is able to blackmail or threaten, there has to be one person who knows enough to send her away for a long time. And yet, she not only isn’t in jail she is defiantly antagonistic toward those who should have arrested her long before now.

The Obama woman is at best uncouth, boorish, and common. Having been hopelessly unattractive until the fortunate opportunity of political campaign money made it possible for her to afford Oprah Winfrey’s makeup person at a cost to the taxpayers of $15,000 a day. I would be remiss if I did not point out that the money was badly spent in the case of both.

The Obama woman is an angry self-absorbed harridan who is passionate in her hatred of white people including one very prominent billionaire she is rumored to have done more with than swim in his pool. The Obama woman turned usufruct into her own personal limitless ATM. And let me not overlook her penchant for horribly ill-fitting clothes and her gluttonous unquenchable appetite for imported vodka.

While people who shouldn’t be permitted in public unsupervised, may fantasize one or both of these women can rally the support needed to be president someday; the fact is that neither is qualified and either one of them would be an unmitigated disaster.

Then there’s Kamala Harris. Harris doesn’t have the table manners of a feral child like one of the aforementioned nor does she have the nose-burning body odor of the other. She by no means has the media clout Hillary does, but she’s politically more astute than the Obama woman.

Harris has low national appeal, which contrary to what the media would have us believe, was proven beyond any shadow of doubt by her early exit in the Democrat presidential primaries.

But, there’s something about Harris that strongly suggests to me, under no circumstances can we afford to dismiss her. She was the favored concubine of Willie Brown, who despite being one of the most corrupt political figures in the history of California appears to be on his way to living out his life sans indictment, imprisonment or fines.

It’s safe to believe the list of those who owe favors to Brown is long and distinguished.

The fact that Brown publicly advised Harris to stay away from being Biden’s running mate stirs my curiosity. Regardless of what he would later claim, was Brown’s warning out of concern for the clumsiness of Biden and the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head? Or could it be that Brown is reading the political tea leaves and sees Biden as being positioned for one of the greatest political shellacking’s in history and sees same as damaging Harris for higher office down the road?

Then again, it could be that Brown knows how Macbethian and insular Capitol is when it comes to outsiders. And we do well to remember that Harris is an outsider.

I remind you that in November 2004, I wrote a syndicated op-ed titled ‘Darth Democrat,’ which warned of the dark threat posed by Obama. My piece did concern Obama enough that he sent a birthday card to my private residence that referenced my wife and son by name. The people I showed the card to were all seasoned well-known politicos on Capitol Hill, and to the person each said he was attempting to intimidate me through my wife and child.

For the record, let me say I still have the card, which bears Obama’s personal signature. It’s safely stored away from my personal residences. It’s neither in a safe deposit box nor at a friend’s home. It won’t disappear in a mysterious fire; but it can appear when needed.

I’ve poked fun at Hillary and the Obama woman vis-à-vis my sardonic humor and I don’t apologize for same. They are worthy of scorn.

But, if my instincts are right, Harris is a creature with the ability to pass through walls – for those who grasp my point. Harris shouldn’t be anywhere near this campaign. She offers nothing demonstrably obvious to Biden’s chances. She made a complete train wreck of her campaign, despite people like Dick Morris prophesying she would be a tour de force in the democrat primaries, with Morris hailing her as the early pick to win the primaries.

In all honesty and full disclosure, at this point I cannot identify why I feel she is another stealth candidate  believed incapable of winning. Keep in mind the Los Angeles Times, The Hill, The Chicago Tribune et al called Obama the “Magic Negro” because he came from relative obscurity to gain access to the Oval Office.

Harris was a brand name in San Francisco, but people forget that Obama was a local brand name in Chicago.

I’m hoping she is right in ignoring Willie Brown’s advice to stay away from the Biden campaign. Because if Brown’s political instincts are telling him this will harm her political future, then I’m all in favor of her ignoring him.

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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