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Is Obama of Sound Mind?

October 29, 2015

In February 2010, I wrote a syndicated article entitled, “Is Obama Unraveling?” In that article I said: “Obama is a narcissist, and greater love [hath no man for himself than a narcissist]. Add to his narcissism his arrogance, egotism and the appearance that he alone is worthy. Egotism is a defining component of a person’s personality. It is one’s disposition, and it is neither bendable nor pliable – whereas arrogance is a reflection of one’s core personality, which brings me to the reason for my posit pursuant to Obama’s emotional stability.”

Picking up on that theme in April 2011, I wrote another syndicated article entitled, “When Will Obama Crack In Public?” In that article I wrote: “Obama continues to exhibit behavior that, at best, can be described as mobocratic and, at worst, reveals a deeply damaged individual.”

Which brings me to a couple of observations for you to consider. People remark that Obama is incompetent, unqualified, ad nauseum, all of which on a micro-level may be true. But on a macro-level I argue there is a malady that is much more deadly and sinister than his seeming incompetence.

I am not a psychiatrist nor do I pretend to be one but I recognize unstable behavior when I see it, and Obama’s behavior is becoming even more increasingly and uncontrollably appalling than in the past. I posit that this behavior is motivated by person “literally” coming apart at the seams and only barely being held together by medications that would prevent most people from obtaining a gun permit much less having access to the nation’s nuclear codes.

For those who have not been paying close attention or who have been listening to the agitprop put out by the White House, Obama is setting America on a collision course for military conflict with China. And he has done so with the Russians paying close attention to his actions and who have, without question, a line of demarcation they are not going to allow America’s “toy” potentate to cross.

Obama wants Assad out of Syria while Putin has interest in Assad staying in place. That said, whether Assad stays or goes is none of Obama’s business. The majority of Americans do not want him to stay in the U.S. much less stay in office, and Syria isn’t trying to bully him into stepping down and facing criminal charges. Something I might add probably 70 percent or more of Americans would support Syria doing, (sarcasm intended) but I digress.

But back to my original point; no sane leader in America would pick a fight with China and Russia for the sake of just doing so. But Obama’s mindset says that he is the “great and powerful” and whatever he says other leaders will bow to and when they do not he throws petulant hissy-fits as he did with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.

There is no definable reason or rationale for Obama’s commitment in daring China to take action against U.S. Naval ships around the Spratly chain of Islands. His actions are those of a person possessed by an unstable mindset that leads him to think that the world must listen and bend to his will. Ergo, his petulant arrogance has all the potential of brining America to the brink of war, if not outright war, just as he exits office. (See: It’s On: Obama Sends Destroyer To Chinese Islands, China Vows Military Response; Tyler Durden; zerohedge.com; 10/26/2015)

If playing chicken with the Chinese would result only in Obama personally getting the beating most Americans would love to give him – I for one would say no harm no foul. However, his unstable behavior threatens America.

Another, even more glaring display of Obama’s unquestionably unstable mentality is his sociopathic behavior and the ease with which he spews his pernicious lies.

The most recent display of same was exhibited in Chicago earlier this week as he shamelessly misled and told outright lies to a gathering pursuant to his commitment to abrogate the Constitution and courts by depriving legal citizens of their Second Amendment rights.

Obama’s call for stricter federal action to increase and tighten background checks for gun owners presumes that said background checks are weak and near nonexistent which is an outright lie and he knows it. The only way to make background checks any more stringent, i.e., thorough, would be to deny legal citizens gun ownership.

He said: “Every day you risk your lives so that the rest of us don’t have to. You serve and protect to provide the security so many Americans take for granted. And by the way, your families serve alongside you.”

I guess that was his position when he rushed to the teleprompters to declare: “I don’t know all the facts but the [Cambridge] police acted stupidly” (8/22/2009) as they properly did their job to ensure the safety of Harvard Professor, Louis Gates.

His comment that: “[He] rejects any narrative that seeks to divide police and communities that they serve,” are as pernicious as any he has ever made. Or perhaps he thinks his comment that “If [he] had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin” was not divisive.

He said: “We need to start by supporting you, the men and women who walk that thin blue line.” The way he shows this is by sending White House delegations to the funeral of ghetto trash who committed strong-armed violent robberies, sold and used drugs, contaminated their neighborhoods with violence and who openly assaulted police officers doing their jobs. But he has yet to send a delegation to the funeral of a police officer murdered in the line of duty by some gang-banger.

He openly lied about Israel; retracted the lies, and then immediately turned around and repeated the same lies and more. (See: Obama Tells Falsehoods About Israel, Retracts, Then Repeats Falsehoods; Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel; Frontpage Magazine; 10/26/2015)

This is not the behavior of a stable human being. It must be remembered that as I wrote in a syndicated article: “There is one concern that even Democrats are increasingly giving voice to and that is – Obama is displaying the increased signs of a man who is increasingly cracking under the pressure of his own lies. In December 2010, the phrase “non compos mentis” was referenced [by Democrats] in context to Obama and his rumored dependence on medications to stabilize what are rumored to be wild mood swings.” (Unlike Obama Business Owners Did Do It Themselves; 7/18/2012)

The phrase “non compos mentis,” is Latin and means not of sound mind. Need I say more?

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