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Liberals: I’m ‘Right’ and They Are Lost

Believe it or not it is very seldom that I become annoyed with the things silly uninformed people say to me and it is all but never that I become upset when people call me names. My reasons for same are simple; I’m right and they are lost.

But, every so often a smarmy politically correct vapid and self-absorbed pretentious whiner presses the right button. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of disrespect I have for such persons.

Phyllis Dreywood is such a person as I referenced above. For reasons known only to her, she felt obliged to inform me of the deep pain and illness I caused her by writing: “Republicans have proven themselves beyond any measure of doubt that they are no better than Democrats…We expect Democrats to be dishonest liars with no love of country seeking only to benefit themselves.” (See: What If President Trump Is Successful Despite Republican Opposition?)

There was not a chance that this person’s feigned indignity was not going to be addressed. In short, she was going to experience how the side of the head of Malchus felt when Peter introduced the ear of Malchus to his sword.

This Dreywood person is either extraordinarily uninformed or she is condescending and morally opprobrious; in either case, neither is out of character for her. Her selective and feigned insult offended my sensibilities.

I am sharing this with you as an example of the mental disorder that is liberalism. Following is her letter to me unedited and printed as received:
Phyllis Dreywood <acctabl@gmail.com
Mr. Massie, I spent this evening looking online for positive statements and discussion regarding President Trump and came across your essay. This will be the last article I read tonight, as I am heartsick with what I have found. Although I did not vote for Mr. Trump, I do value the opinions and insights of others. These different perspectives don’t necessarily cause me to change my mind but they are always valuable in that they were born in the mind of a fellow human being and deserve to be acknowledged. I was reading your article to gain understanding of your support and belief in President Trump’s ability to lead our country.
And then I came across these statements:
“Republicans have proven themselves beyond any measure of doubt that they are no better than Democrats.”
“We expect Democrats to be dishonest liars with no love of country who seek only to benefit themselves.”
I felt you spit in my face out of hate.
It gave me the same feeling of despair I get when I listen to our president and know he doesn’t give a hoot about me. I am one of “them”, and he has given permission to his constituents to be contemptuous of anyone not holding the same ideals as they do.
It is breaking us apart. By ‘us’, I mean our country and every individual who contributes their small part to it.
Stop. Please, stop.
I read the ‘About’ paragraph that tells of your accomplishments and that your organization “advocates for a colorblind society”. Don’t you see the irony here? You have put your efforts into creating a world where people don’t mistreat those who look differently than they do, but you are encouraging a society where it is perfectly acceptable to insult those who don’t think as you do.
I don’t understand. My head hurts and I’m going to bed.

Thank you,
Phyllis Dreywood

I actually wondered if she was shedding tears as she wrote me. Following is my response to her:
Phyllis…You take upon yourself the posture of a person who lives in a reality familiar only to them. That you would assign my words meaning so removed from context, displays a reasoning that is staggeringly myopic. If you had bothered to actually read my op-ed in the context in which it was written, juxtaposed to that of one removed from reality, you could not have helped but realize I was addressing congressional members exclusively. To which I now add that I neither apologize nor retreat from my words because they are true.

I would wonder if you felt such deep unrequited despair and hurt when obama specifically addressed Christian voters in the most disparaging of ways? I would wonder if you suffered such personal insult when obama made repeated ad hominem attacks upon those American citizens who are concerned of the threat illegal aliens and Muslim terrorists pose to national security and taxpayers? Dare I ask if you were overcome with such melancholy when Hillary called myself and other conservative voters and Christians a “basket of deplorables?” Dare I inquire if you took the initiative to contact Maureen Dowd when she accused Justice Clarence Thomas of being the stereotypical black man who is recognized as having uncontrollable sexual appetite? What about when Julianne Malveaux publicly wished Justice Thomas’s wife would feed him lots of fatty foods and butter so he would have heart attack and die? Did any of those things drive to write the authors as you have me?

Perhaps I missed your mournful entreaty when congressman Dick Durbin, a democrat from Illinois, compared the military of my country to Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler. With that said, I am certain you experienced such inner discomfort for the families of the servicemen and women that Durbin attacked, knowing their children and loved ones were risking their lives and bodies while Durbin sat in his office and condemned them.

I could write a novella in response to you, but suffice it to say that I find your unsolicited soliloquy a pathetic and boorish representation of political correctness and Erebusic self-centeredness. I have no idea who or what you are, but I could not be less impressed by your fallacious self-pity.

If as you represented, I oppose your viewpoints than I am proud because I oppose the liberal agenda and everything the democrat party supports. I am even more proud to be in a position to fight against same.

I don’t speak hate, I speak the truth, regardless of your morally opprobrious approach to same. Your penultimate paragraph is a treatise of illogic that redefines lack of understanding. As for the “head hurting” you referenced, I suggest two aspirins with glass of water and too resist the urge to address me again. I do not suffer fools nor am I obligated to dismiss the duplicitous dishonesty of manipulative calumniators.

Thank you for writing. All the best.


Apparently this person was visiting another planet or some such when Ann Coulter, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Milo, et al were called unimaginable names and had invitations to speak on college campuses withdrawn. Apparently she is unaware of the attacks President Trump’s youngest son suffered by the most base and condemnable liberal hacks. I seriously doubt those who mocked President Reagan as he endured the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease upset her. Just as I doubt the terrible things said about President Bush, bothered her or her kind. And I would be remiss if I didn’t raise the question of how she views blacks denigrating whites and fallaciously blaming them for the ills of mankind.

This woman’s convoluted reasoning is the type of person neo-Leninists and social-Marxists prey upon. There can be no rational discourse with her kind because they are not able to reason cogently.

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