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Media Ignores Violence In Venezuela

March 6, 2014

While the mainstream media in America is trying to find a way to make Obama look like a hero in the conflict taking place in the Ukraine, they are silent on the violent protests taking place in Venezuela.  Following is unedited eyewitness reporting pursuant to what is happening in Venezuela.  This is firsthand news you will only read here.  It is provided without attribution to protect my source.  Due to intrusive and oppressive governmental control I will only say that these firsthand reports are within the recent past days.  The name of my source has been redacted.

Day 1: Mychal, I am just back from a Venezuelan protest where the same kind of atrocities of citizen to citizen hate filled crimes take place daily. We here have been under a dictator rule for over 15 years now and I see the same ignorance becoming a daily and pathetic truth there..If we are to ever get past this division of American citizens and Venezuelans citizens, we must gain more trust of one another, better resources and citizen action. Here the country is exploding with more and more street protesting, deaths and serious to critical injuries in the streets, which is government retaliation against citizens, which only reinforces the divisions. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions protesting here every day and night for the past two weeks and very little coverage goes out to the world due to the government controlled media here. I see that coming to a city near you if our worlds do not seriously consider the consequences of these divisions. Never should it be us against them but us against the oppressive and untruthful governments who prosper with these divisions.

Day 2 Report: As the government tries in vein to convince the people it is Carnival Celebration time and we should all go to the beaches and enjoy this holiday time as well as the up-coming celebration of the death of Chavez on the 5th. It is not working. His government cohorts have gone so far as to photo shop beach scenes at beaches, that are not named, but with multiple shares of the same groups all over the photos. If I can find the photo I will send it along…I will also send a, right now photo, of the beach I live on here on Margarita Island, which is an island state of Venezuela. The unrest here has escalated no matter what you hear and last night the country was alive with protests and thousands in the streets, blockading roads to keep the national Guard and government paid motor cycle gangs out of areas where there are large populations of opposition residents. There has been reports of 17 killed so far, actually not known for certain, as well as hundreds injured and hundreds jailed or imprisoned for, so called, radical actions against the government. Several of the opposition leaders have been imprisoned for encouraging the disruption as well as for in sighting riots. In reality they have only said what thousand upon thousands have been shouting…Those opposition leaders in prison have been asked to sit down with these government leaders to engage in peaceful intercourse, which they have no intention of doing since they have already been condemned for speaking out against the atrocities here.The outside worlds reaction and comments about what this government is doing is being received with total dismissal and condemnation by this government. Now the people in the streets are begging the US powers to freeze or confiscate all assets these democratic impostors have banked in the US. 

Of course, being an island, we are surrounded by beaches, but that is not stopping the protectors taking their protests to the beaches to acknowledge this is no time for celebration…I see no pending end to all the protests until this government steps down and releases all prisoners who have been taken by National guard, police and with Cuban intervention in the form of Cuban militia. Cuba has much to lose if this government here is ousted. If not for Venezuela, Cuba would be no more than a wasted landscape. Unfortunately, we are seeing a touch of the old Russia stepping into this mix…God forbid! And so it continues and with no positive ending in sight at this point. 

As you can see in the fist photo, the beach does not look inviting to celebrants. Second photo is of a “smiling” national Guard, (Could be Cuban), accosting a woman protester. Third photo is a photo shopped picture of the, so called, masses of government supporters. As you can clearly see there are repeats of the same groups throughout the photo. Another photo is just one example of a militia, once again, could be Cuban, chasing a protester with gun drawn and a club in his other hand. Last picture is of a popular beach near my home. As you can see the, so called, large groups celebrating Carnival, are non existent..There are hundreds of photos like these from all over the country….There are also some very good shares on you tube. One I will include the access address in this post…Respectfully, ************  *****************

Day 3 Supplemental Report: Thanks Mychal. I just arrived back home after an early evening of protests here on the island. The patriotic citizens are ignoring the Carnival celebration and showing no sign of submitting to this dictator and his gang of zombie sheep…I will send along a couple photos of our protest, which was near where I live. I will [be] with the rest of the gang protesting the atrocities and dictatorship of these political leaders here, as well as the actions they have taken against very capable opposition leaders and other citizens. One photo is of a group of young university students carrying photos of a few of the known dead. At the tine of my sending this email, the protests have grown and are in several locations on the island…FYI, I am also very aware of the staggering unconstitutional activities of the leaders and corrupt politicians in the US. Respectful, *************   *****************

First photo is of a group of people wearing t-shirts with the likeness of Nicolas Maduro, the president here.  As you see there is a red line drawn through his likeness.

Second photo is of a small part of the group who were protesting tonight.

Third photo is another taken from a different perspective of our group tonight. 

Fourth… Another angle of more protesters.

Fifth…A moment of silence with the photos of some of the dead pictured on the signs. After the silence we sang the national Anthem…….

Again. Thanks, *****************  *********************

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Mychal Massie

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