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Michelle Obama Silence Gives Support To Sexual Trafficking Of Children – Warning Graphic Content

November 29, 2013

The following is an article from my brand new blog feature, “Behind The Political Curtain” (Behind The P.C.). The articles in “Behind The P.C.” are not mailed out — they are available on my blog only. I’m sharing this one with you as an example of the revelations you will find on my new feature. The articles are written exclusively by me and are posted daily. The feature is not limited to one post per day. I know this particular article will speak to your heart as it opens your eyes to the cruelest, most heinous of criminal activity. Check “Behind The Political Curtain” daily on The Daily Rant (TDR) blog.

We haven’t seen much of the “bride of Obama” recently, but I suspect that is because she is such a lightning rod, and the only person in his orbit who is universally disliked as much as he is — despite the media’s attempts to convince us otherwise.

I have chronicled the reasons I find her a failure as First Lady, but, as I have oft stated, the single most appalling factor contributing to my assessing her as a failure as a human being has been her refusal to use her position to help women, besides advocating for abortions (sarcasm intended). She is only too happy to jump around and gyrate herself in ways that are acceptable for someone working in the sex industry but that are hardly befitting a mother and wife holding her position. She purposes to tell us what to eat when it is remarked of her that it’s best not to get between her and food or risk being run over as she charges same.

While she is hiding out, taking advantage of her taxpayer-provided life and time away from “Barry O,” it is a bet she is thinking of no one but herself. She certainly isn’t thinking about the 300,000 young American children the U.S. Department of Justice says are kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking each year. And for those of us familiar with government math, we fully understand that 300,000 is, in reality, closer to 1 million, if not more.

But even as the Obamas prepare to be waited on hand and foot and lavished with faux praise and faux adoration as they swill sumptuous and extravagant meals over the holidays, the last thought on the mind of her empress are the children being forced into sexual trafficking. Why would the queen of conspicuous consumption and overindulgence care about little children being used for gang rape, sodomy, sadomasochism, and sexual perversion such that the minds of most cannot conceive? There’s not a snowball’s chance in the desert that she is thinking about the torturous and brutal life small children are being kidnapped into. As long as the little girls can get abortions (or have their babies beaten out of them), she doesn’t give a rat’s tail.

This Thanksgiving, as your families gather, look at your small children and imagine them (if you can) being forced to perform oral sex, and forced to participate in multiple acts of anal sex every day. Imagine your little girl who has yet to reach puberty being kidnapped and sold to gangs who sell them as sexual toys. Go ahead, do it if you can.

We do not need a so-called First Lady doing jumping jacks and wallowing around on the floor for daytime television hosts. We need a First Lady who is committed to correcting injustice and there is no greater form of injustice, than children being kidnapped, sold, and forced into sexual trafficking.

Melina Matthes of KPTM Fox 42 in Omaha gives the chilling report that “hundreds of [little] girls…are being sold as sex slaves in truck stops” in their area. (Sex Trafficking In Nebraska: Kids Bought And Sold Along I-80; 11/22/13)

A woman who had been maliciously lured into sexual trafficking told Matthes, “The sex trade is a violent business. Many girls have to have facial reconstruction and false teeth put in from being beat up or held hostage by their pimps. She said when it comes to helping these girls, you never know who is watching. The best thing you can do is give them a word of encouragement, hand them a phone number they can call for help, or call local law enforcement.”

“The FBI said that’s something you should keep your eye out for. If you see a group of girls with someone who is carrying their ID’s or controlling their purchases, take note.”

The young woman referenced above, who managed to escape, said that “her pimp also forced her to get gas. “‘You know quite often and legally you have to be 16 to pump gas. Anything outside of that is a problem, you know? If you see a young girl, quite often, homes aren’t near truck stops. So the likelihood of someone just walking to the store or the likelihood of them just pumping their parents gas is little to none. So quite often if you see someone that’s under age that are in those places…that should be a red flag that something’s going on.”

As Matthes points out, truck stops are notorious hotbeds for human sex trafficking. Keep your eyes open and do not be afraid to contact law enforcement if you observe something suspicious. Take down license plate numbers and automobile, van, truck descriptions.

And let me tell you what I’ve observed first hand. I’ve observed young women, who had to have had false identification, staying in hotels. At one hotel, (and I assure you it was in no way a seedy place) a woman’s room next to mine, was a steady stream of men knocking at her door. I contacted the front desk after I heard the men outside her door for the seventh time. They removed her from the hotel for disturbing other guests, but that just meant her owners put her in another hotel. Anyone who spends frequent nights on the road is familiar with what I’m saying.

This isn’t like a Hollywood movie where Richard Gere shows up, and they live happily ever after. This is the most grotesque form of human bondage and suffering you can even begin to imagine.

It makes me sick to my stomach to know that a miserable harridan, such as Michelle Obama wastes the power of her position on jumping jacks and crude, earthy gyrations when she could be speaking out for those who truly are unable to help themselves. Maybe if her daughters were kidnapped, sold into sexual slavery, forced into drug addiction and, beaten with rubber tubing, burned with cigarettes, forced to bring in a set amount of money every day or face beatings and/or torture — maybe if her daughters were forced to have oral sex with strange men, regardless of their hygiene (or lack of), 25 or more times a night — maybe if her daughters were forced to have anal sex repeatedly every day until they die, escape or get rescued — she would think human trafficking deserved her attention more than jumping jacks and gyrations.

Melina Matthes gives the following instructions, and I give you the same: “If you or somebody you know is trapped in a sex-trafficking situation, call the national human trafficking resource center hotline at 888-373-7888.” If you call local law enforcement and/or alert the hotel you are staying at, be polite but firm that something be done. Many times hotel clerks receive money for looking the other way, and police are reluctant to spend resources on combating prostitution because it is viewed as a victimless crime — unless it’s your child or family member who is involved.

Here’s hoping the empress enjoys her taxpayer, funded holiday spectacular. Because many of the families of the taxpayers providing for her lavishness will be unable to enjoy theirs until their children are rescued and returned.[adsanity id=8320 align=alignleft /]

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Mychal Massie

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