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The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
I Feel The Presence of The Lord is not just a book to be read as part of our daily devotions. It is a collection of thoughts and instructions to inspire the reader to meditate upon the Lord and His Word.

My Child My Choice: Homeschool or Private Christian School

What will it take for those who claim to be Christians to obey God’s word and get their children out of the sewage tank herein identified as public schools?  Less there be any question of my contempt for public schools let me dispel same by saying – if pyuria were personified the exemplification of same would be public schools and secular institutions of learning.  The poster children for the afore-referenced infectious discharge would be Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet and the United Nations agency UNICEF.

Elizabeth Johnston in a June 29, 2021, blog post reported: The top education officer for the United Nations agency UNICEF has lashed out at a movement to establish the rights of homeschooling parents in Brazil, where the practice is currently largely unregulated.

As a bill to legally recognize homeschooling makes its way, after years of failed attempts, to the National Congress, Italo Dutra declared in a statement that homeschooling poses a “risk” to the rights of children and threatens “harm to children and adolescents … because the school is fundamental to guaranteeing the right to learning, socialization, and a plurality of ideas, in addition to being an essential space for the protection of girls and boys against violence.”

Bartholet stated eerily similar a year before, when she opined: “I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless…It gives parents authoritarian control over their kids…arguing that homeschooled children are at a higher risk of abuse.”

This horrid bi-pedal elapid holds the title of: Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program.  One would think someone at the school would assist Bartholet in removing her head from her body part that graces a chair.

In the past 10 years how many incidents of sexual molestation have you read about in papers and/or seen/heard on the news of children sexually molested by their familial homeschool instructor; compared to the huge number teachers sexually molesting students that has become routine in public schools?  How many mothers are sending their sons or daughters sexually explicit photos and text messages?  The aforementioned behavior between teacher and young children is today so commonplace in public schools that it barely gets any attention.  Is Bartholet or one of her demonic minions prepared to debate me to the contrary?

Speaking of authoritarianism, is there any greater abuse of authority than controlling a child’s God-given natural right to freedom of choice and thought with terroristic threats of failure unless the child obeys without question?  Does Bartholet not recognize that as an excessive abuse of power and authority?

Displaying a duplicitous level of neo-Leninistic hubris and abject stupidity that would rival an empty soup can, those like Bartholet are beneath contempt.  They are pernicious liars and reprobate in mentality and behavior.

Their real fear is that Homeschooled children are more advanced educationally than are public school children.  The fact that a Homeschooled child hasn’t learned how to put condoms on fruit and hasn’t been brainwashed into believing that normal childhood curiosities means they’re homosexual or some other fictitious creature is a good thing.

Typical of Bartholet’s kind she attempts to brand Christians as extreme rightwingers who homeschool for extreme religious reasons.  If she means preventing our children from being immersed in the filth and godless doctrines they claim as education, then she’s right.  We won’t be shamed into disobeying God to please her and her kind.

Dr. Brian Ray,  the leading international expert on homeschooling and President of the National Home Schooling Education Research Institute (NHERI) writes: Repeated studies by many researchers and data provided by United States state departments of education show that home-schooled students consistently score, on average, well above the public school average on standardized academic tests. … Multiple studies by various researchers have found the home educated to be doing well in terms of their social, emotional, and psychological development. (See: The Harms Of Homeschooling? Where Are The Premises?)

American taxpayers spend an average of $15,240 per pupil annually in public schools, plus capital expenditures (National Education Association, 2021).  Today’s roughly 4.5 million homeschool students represent a savings of over $68 billion that American taxpayers do not have to spend. Taxpayers spend virtually nothing on the vast majority of homeschool students, while homeschool families spend an average of $600 per student annually for their education.  Families engaged in home-based education are not dependent on public, tax-funded resources for their children’s education.

And before the skin color pimps chime in with the heretical lie that homeschooling is another form of white-flight, i.e., racist white families who would rather homeschool than have their children subjected to diversity and inclusion; note that 41 percent of homeschoolers are Black, Asian, and Hispanic; according to the U.S. Department of Education.

I’m sure these numbers sicken the likes bigoted ambsace like Bartholet and the silly boy at the U.N. They’re the real racists.  Their kind believe anyone not looking like Bartholet cannot fend for themselves.

Those like Bartholet realize that children enjoying biblically-based Christ-centered homeschooling and private Christian schools are outside of their Satanic clutches.

Our children need Christ-centered homes and inflexible biblically based Churches and schooling.  Our children do not need to be inculcated with sexual depravity, abortion, anti-God, hate-America messaging, and they certainly don’t need the damnable heterodoxy called critical race theory (CRT).  CRT is just the latest version of an old lie called ‘Roots’ by the late Alex Haley.

Our children do not need Bartholet’s version of diversity or her version of tolerance.  Our Children need be taught biblical truth and the application of same to daily life.  Our children need training and encouragement in carrying out the great commission of Christ.  Our children need to be taught the truth of Jesus Christ not the lies of Marx, Obama et al.

It’s time Christendom stopped trying to be part of the world and realized that public schools and public higher learning institutions are mission fields ripe unto harvest.  Instead of Christians worrying about right candidates, if obedient to God, we’d be working on the harvest that has eternal importance.

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