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My Thoughts On Being White In Philly – Part II

March 21, 2013

Yesterday I offered my thoughts pursuant to an article that appeared in the March issue of Philadelphia Magazine by John Huber titled “Being White In Philly.”

The article generated no small amount of finger pointing, denial, and political grandstanding. But that most certainly should have been expected. Take it from me, you don’t talk about race in any way that shows blacks as being culpable without stirring up the requisite monophonic chorus of “how dare some white man share his honest feelings if it’s gonna make us (African-Americans many of whom couldn’t find Oregon on a map must less Africa) look bad, even if it’s true.”[quote float=”right”]Political correctness dictates that white people make excuses for aberrant behavior of black thugs. As is graphically addressed in Huber’s article, if blacks in your neighborhood steal your grill and/or patio furniture it’s your fault for not taking it inside or having it chained to the house.[/quote]

The ring-leader of said chorus was none other than Mayor Nutter. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to identify him as the African-American Mayor Nutter (sarcasm intended). David Chang wrote:

Nutter sent a letter to the city’s Commission on Human Relations in response to the article. In his letter, Nutter claimed the article had a “disgusting tone” and criticized its “collection of disparaging beliefs and negative stereotypes.” He also claimed the story “used isolated negative experiences” and made “generalizations” to portray African Americans as lazy, irresponsible and criminal. Nutter requested that the city’s Commission on Human Relations conduct an “inquiry” into the state of racial issues in Philadelphia.

Rue Landau, the Executive Director on Human Relations, agreed, claiming that the article perpetuated “harmful stereotypes.” He also stated the Commission is currently looking at “relations in the city.” (http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/White-in-Philly-Article-Sparks-Racial-Debate-198866881.html)

And there we have the rub. Of course, there are white thugs, gangsters, and car thieves in Philly. But Nutter and Landau are either outright lying or in a state of self-induced denial (my money is on they’re outright lying). There is absolutely no way on the face of God’s green earth to get around the validity of Robert Huber’s observations.

It is also worth noting that Huber’s observations were not those of an outsider nor were they those of a white supremacist group. They were the observations of a man who lived in the city of which he spoke. It is also worth noting that Huber made the same observations that any reasonable minded person would make. I know I’ve made the same observations.

Would Nutter and Landau have us overlook the melanin content of the criminals being arrested and adjudicated by a predominantly black police force with a black police commissioner and by black district attorneys and judges? Are we to overlook the rundown homes in much of Philadelphia’s inner city? Are we to ignore that no one in their right mind wants to be out at night unless they are with a number of people because of the fear of black thugs? Are we to ignore the behavior of black children in many of the schools? Are we to only acknowledge the rate of black unemployment and substance abuse when same can be used as a weapon against conservatives?

And when did it become an indictable offense for a person to exercise their right to free speech pursuant to factual observations and interviews with friends? Or is the real bugaboo that Huber is white and how dare a white person say something so patently factual?

What Nutter and Landau did do is send a clear and unambiguous message to invidious black malcontents that signaled permission to act out based on Huber’s article. They can deny it but I guarantee we will see increased black on white rudeness and violence because of the actions taken by Nutter and Landau.

Nutter and Landau are prima facie evidence of that which encourages and supports vulgar, aberrant behavior. They foment a demonstration of political micturition based on accusations of race that further exacerbates an already volatile alchemy of black on white crime and animus by blacks directed at whites.

Only by opening and establishing honest dialogue can the elephant in the room be discussed. It cannot be discussed through the prism of denial in the matrix of political correctness.

Political correctness dictates that white people make excuses for aberrant behavior of black thugs. As is graphically addressed in Huber’s article, if blacks in your neighborhood steal your grill and/or patio furniture it’s your fault for not taking it inside or having it chained to the house. Black children hustling drugs — they’re only doing it to get by because they need the money. The fact that the drug dealing contributes to much more heinous criminal activity and family dissolution notwithstanding. The high out-of-wedlock birth rate is because there aren’t enough abortion clinics and so on and so on.

Nutter and Landau are the face of those who fight to give passes to aberrant, anti-social behavior. Not to mention the, at times, seemingly incurable contempt many blacks have for whites.

FAMSU160Years ago I mentioned to a black woman that I loved the Chestnut Hill area of Philly and that we were looking for a home to buy there. Her response with the coolest of indifference was that she didn’t “want to live up there around all those white people.” A black friend who lived in Philadelphia once asked me what it was like “living around all those white people?”

Nutter and Landau are disgraceful reflections of the real race problem in Philadelphia and other cities. The real problem isn’t white people speaking out about being bullied, robbed, and feeling threatened by inner city blacks — the real problem is the denial of those who should be working to make a difference.

Getting angry because you have cancer won’t help you. You can only be helped by seeking treatment. Philadelphia has a cancer and Nutter and Landau are just two of the tumors. The cancer of black hostility toward whites has gotten into the lymph nodes of the city’s circulatory system and threatens to destroy it. Denial and fear won’t solve the problem.

Robert Huber took a huge first step. We need others, specifically whites, to step forward and say that painting a mural of Malcolm X or Obama on a wall won’t resolve the black animus and hostility. We need Americans of color to stand up and say the same thing.

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