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Obama Using Tax Dollars To Fund Black Homosexuality

April 14, 2016

I’ve written and spoken about government corruption, government waste, and the zeitgeist of government supported (read: taxpayer funded) debauchery on the lowest levels of commonality many times. Adding that if in the process, they can further reduce blacks and/or women to more transpicuous examples of sub-species they are obliged to do same.

The latest example(s) will make you cringe. Katie Moisse and Mikaela Conley writing for ABC News, July 23, 2011 wrote an article titled: “Study of Gay Men’s Sexual Health Called Waste of Taxpayer Money; Study Not Government-Funded.” As always, the mainstream media spun the facts so as to obfuscate the truth, claiming that NIH didn’t fund the study or approve the research – but NIH “did provide a training grant for research into AIDS and HIV for the study’s lead author, Christian Grov.”

They stated that the: “Study was funded by the Hunter College Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training. Dr. Christian Grov was supported as a postdoctoral research fellow at the time the research was conducted by a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded training grant, which focuses on preparing behavioral scientists, especially racial/ethnic minorities, to conduct research in the areas of drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and crime. These funds can only be used to support expenses like stipends, tuition and fees. These funds cannot be used to support research projects.’”

Permit me to point out that “if” tuition moneys were used in any way to advance this so-called study, it included taxpayer dollars because student loans are now provided based upon the forced generosity of taxpayers. Let me also point out that no matter how this is spun taxpayer dollars are involved and claiming the money came, so-to-speak, from one column rather than another doesn’t change that. Also taxpayer dollars went to support Dr. Grov, ergo same were de facto support to the study. Word play and narrative manipulation doesn’t change the facts.

Grov at the time tried to deflect condemnation by claiming his study was imperative because of the important implications it offered for reducing HIV transmission [among blacks].

Fast-forward to January 23, 2015, and an “American Thinker” article by Pedro Gonzales, titled: “Government spends $432,000 Studying Gay Sex Apps” (I hate the word gay; they are homosexuals and there is nothing gay about that but I digress.) To Gonzales’ point, since when did taxpayers have to shell out nearly $450K for homosexuals to study how to be homosexual? Isn’t that simply called homo-erotica, i.e., pornography for homosexuals?

Gonzales wrote: “[Homosexual] sex between men, by definition, is risky sexual behavior. I apologize in advance for getting specific about it, but [homosexual] sex usually means anal sex between (two or more) men, which is by far the #1 way to catch AIDS….[It] is also a great way to catch hepatitis.”

Then Gonzales presents what should be glaringly obvious. “If the government wants people to stop catching AIDS and spreading hepatitis, it has to persuade men to stop having anal sex with other men. Legalizing [homosexual] marriage, and teaching the joys of [homosexual] sex in schools, books, and movies, won’t do it.”

The project interviewed 60 men pursuant to the benefit of the apps, which if divided in the actual cost of $432,000, came to approximately $7,000 per interviewee. Again heavily focused on young black men.

Elizabeth Harrington wrote an April 17. 2015, article for The Washington Free Beacon, titled: “Fed Spent $410, 265 Studying ‘Satisfaction’ Levels of Young Gay Men’s First Time.” But the money wasn’t for just any homosexual’s first sexual act, the four-year study (conducted by Johns Hopkins funded by National Institutes of Health), was specifically intended to explore the satisfaction, meaning and function of the first penetrative same-sex experiences of black men. Or as Johns Hopkins referenced them “African-American [men who have sex with men] MSM, (AAMSM).

At the time the article referenced there were 45 black adolescent males “undergoing in-depth interviews for the study.” The grant claimed: “The lack of representatives of [African-American] adolescent males in studies focused on early same-sex relationships contrasted with high rates of HIV in [African-American men who have sex with men] suggests that this project fulfills a need to understand whether these early same-sex sexual experiences impact risk for HIV…AAMSM struggle with sexual identity that is stigmatized in their communities, along with discrimination, and racism. As a result, first romantic and sexual experiences [for blacks] are likely to differ from other adolescent groups in ways that make them particularly vulnerable to HIV.”

You just knew that racism and discrimination had to be involved in this so-called project at some point. Once again people are given a peep behind the curtain of the liberal mind. Blacks can’t even have sex like normal people (homosexual sex notwithstanding) because of racism and discrimination. Thus racism and discrimination is at least partly the blame for high HIV rates. Does Magic Johnson know this? Just thought I’d ask.

These are our tax dollars being doled out to the tune of tens of millions to underwrite sexual fantasies under the guise of research. Let me point out the venal and morally vacuous politicians who have passed budget after budget presented by Obama never once questioning how our dollars are truly being spent.

They point fingers and attempt to portray those outside their Party as somehow bad, but the very people making promises to clean up Washington are the ones who passed budgets providing for this debauchery.

This type of insultive and dehumanizing inculcation of blacks to engage in behavior that reduces them to less than animals was not supported by Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, Dr. Martin Luther King, or Justice Clarence Thomas, but it is approved of and supported by Obama.

The truth is, that which I have addressed barely scratches the surface of the race-based debauchery our taxpayer dollars are being used to fund.

A source who first brought the depth of this evil to my attention, provided me with a copy of a research paper that, as they told me, “proves the harm of ‘sexually explicit material’ (SEM) can lead one to certain behaviors but the politically correct world just says it reinforces who [blacks] really are.

The research paper titled “The Role of Sexually Explicit Material (SEM) In The Sexual Development of Black Young Same-Sex-Attracted Men,” my source forwarded to me reads in part: “Sexually Explicit Material (SEM) can help [same-sex-attracted] SSA young men to learn about sex and to provide a confirmation of their growing awareness of their sexual attractions (Kubicek et al., 2010) and to explore roles as they attempt to solidify their sexual identity (Erikson, 1980).”

It continues: “Written consent was obtained from all participants. Youth (<18 years) were allowed to consent for participation in this study if they were seeking sexual health information, testing for sexually transmitted infections or HIV, and other confidential services covered under the Maryland Law (Article 20-102 of the Maryland Annotated Code). A waiver of parental consent was granted through Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Institutional Review Board.” In other words, there was no need for parental notification just as with abortions for 10-year old little girls. Just as malicious is the fact that a child can innocently inquire about a plethora of curiosities none of which have anything to do with homosexuality, which will result in their being introduced to same. This is particularly true with common core and Obama’s push to have children from first through fifth grades taught about homosexuality. For the record, this report and much of the information my source forwarded to me, is not confidential as such. It just requires someone willing to dig and courageous patriots who are willing to risk reprisal for doing what is right. Which begs answer to the question of why isn’t FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, Hannity, Glenn Beck, and all of the other so-called media icons talking about this? Why aren’t the so-called black illuminati pretending to be leaders speaking out about the Erebusic social engineering of young black men? When did it become the job of the federal government to underwrite the corrosion of the family, the church, and the humanity of blacks? Republicans like to chest thump pursuant to the historic advances they introduced and supported for blacks; but how can the modern day so-called Republicans under Paul Ryan (John Boehner before) and Mitch McConnell support such depravity today? We expect this from Democrats, they are simply following in the footsteps of their progenitors such as Margaret Sanger, William Goodell, Ernst Rudin at al. You should be outraged that our tax dollars are going to fund so-called research to discover how an adolescent black male’s first homosexual anal penetration felt. Even more so, we should be outraged that our tax dollars are being spent on a clandestine abhorrent eugenics program that when coupled with abortion, black on black murders, and drug abuse, will result in that which Margaret Sanger could but only have dreamed. But black race-mongers should be even more outraged. Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Study where they used blacks as guinea pigs to study the life cycle of syphilis? What about Henrietta Lacks (a black woman) who was the source of the first line of human cells to ever be cloned back in the 1950s, impressive? Not really, especially when you consider the removal of those cells were done without her permission or knowledge. And what about the recent discovery that the CDC was hiding from the public – results from a test of experimental measles vaccines that actually increased the likelihood of black children developing autism? And now what's being done to black young males with tax dollars by this Obama's administration? Blacks "again" are being experimented on. The homosexual population is only around 3% of this nation but that's not enough for our current president. No, this Obama is using our own tax dollars against us and against blacks in particular, to create even larger numbers of homosexuals by funding a "study" of black adult males sodomizing black young males! We are already being told by the CDC that young black men who have sex with men have a 1-in-4 chance of becoming infected with HIV by the time they reach 25 years of age and now this administration is trying its best to increase those odds. Where is the outrage these people foment when a police officer shoots a black villain? Where is the media coverage?

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