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Obama Violated Oath of Office

February 23, 2014

The one consistent thing Obama has done since taking office is violate the Oath of Office that he swore to uphold the day he officially assumed office.

As set forth in Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, Obama took the following oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Nothing in that oath is optional. Nothing in that oath provides the person who occupies the office of president the option of not doing that which is prescribed in said oath. Yet, from the beginning, Obama has made it clear that while he may have sworn to abide by and obey that oath — for him it was simply a procedural step to taking office, not a clear Constitutional mandate. (http://newdailyrant.wpengine.com/we-have-not-only-withstood-obamas-attacks-we-continue-to-grow/) 

I charge that he was knowingly lying at the time he was mouthing the Oath of Office. He swore to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Yet, he was fully aware that his first objective would be to deprive us of our Second Amendment right to “own and bear arms.”

In his book “At the Brink,” economist and author John R. Lott, Jr., interviewed Obama. During the interview, Obama matter-of-factly said: “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.” (See: Author Quotes Then-Professor Obama Saying, ‘I Don’t Believe People Should Be Able To Own Guns’; Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr; cnsnews.com; 3/6/13) These were on-the-record words from the supposed to be Constitutional lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. Tangentially, Lott also observed, “[Obama] did not come across as a moderate who wanted to bring people together.” Something else Obama has unambiguously proven to be true. I repeat, Obama took the Oath of Office fully aware that he planned to strip Americans of one of their most sacrosanct Constitutional rights.

Obama swore that he would “to the best of [his] ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Inherent in same is the directive that the president is to protect the Constitutional rights of all Americans. But Obama has, from the beginning, operated based on racial prejudice. He refused to have his Justice Department investigate the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation in Philadelphia. He has repeatedly injected himself into racial situations showing overt racial prejudice against white Americans. He has sanctioned the Civil Rights Division of his Justice Department to not investigate any case in which the aggrieved are white.

And while that is egregious enough, the most reprehensible truth of his racialist actions is that he has shown forth such bigotry not because he supported blacks, but rather to foment racial discord for his personal gain.

Obama violated the Oath of Office when he decided to have the government pick the winners and losers of industry when he ordered the government takeover of the automobile industry. He violated the Oath of Office when he favored Muslims over American citizens. He violated the Oath of Office by following through on his promise to “fundamentally change America.”

Obama violated his Oath of Office by forcing his Ponzi-scheme (that makes what Bernie Madoff did look like conning children out of M&M’s) known as obamacare on the American people.

Obama violated his Oath of Office by knowingly and continuously lying to the American people about his diabolical plans for obamacare, not least of which was knowingly and intentionally deceiving religious organizations and church groups pursuant to their being forced to provide for abortions and embrace homosexuality.

Obama violated his Oath of Office by refusing to abide by the Constitutional checks and balances specific to Separation of Powers.

Obama has used lies and subterfuge as a cover to violate the Separation of Powers and has — in direct violation of the Constitution of The United States of America — used executive orders to write and institute legislation avoiding any Congressional input and/or oversight. Congress is the legislative body, not the White House.

I, along with you, can chronicle many, many more instances in which Obama has violated the Oath of Office he swore to uphold. That includes his illegal gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious which continues to result in the murder of hundreds of innocent people both in the United States and elsewhere in the world. He violated his Oath of Office when he refused to rescue Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods while he watched in real time as they were murdered by Muslim terrorists. He then not only personally lied, but I charge he suborned perjury when he had other high-ranking members of his administration knowingly and repeatedly lie about the terrorist attack.

Obama had a proven history of being a mendacious, pathological liar before becoming president, and since becoming president he has transpicuously displayed complete contempt for the truth. Inherent in the Oath of Office Obama swore to uphold is the understanding that the president of the United States of America would comport himself in a way so as to engender the trust of the people. Obama has undermined the trust, confidence, and unity of We the People at every possible turn.

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Mychal Massie

About the Author

Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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