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Obama Woman Has Done Nothing For Black Youth?

March 31, 2016

Liberal Democrats are without question the most bigoted persons on the face of the earth and that multiplies exponentially for the elite liberal Democrats. Specific to same, I offer in evidence a blue-eyed liberal with hair color by Clairol.

How this uppity liberal elapid happened upon my nationally syndicated op-ed column titled “Michelle Obama: Most Shameful First Lady in History” is unclear at this point. What is clear however is that this bigoted tortured liberal took umbrage with what I had written. Which was certainly no surprise, because blue-eyed liberals have absolute contempt for blacks (think Margaret Sanger). They mask their racist propensities by applauding the lowest forms of black commonality while castigating those blacks whom they are loathe to admit are their intellectual superiors.

Following are the bigoted liberal elitist words verbatim unedited just as she wrote them in response to my column: Lucky for First lady Obama that the writer is well known for being a nut and that none of that nonsense is true. Geese he’s a hater of the worst class. Aw we who care all know that president’s need vacations and they are indeed expensive because we also know they have to be kept safe. Kind of hard to do at Motel 6. By the way, black people are victims of white racism and hatred. The writer is a perfect example of this hate. One can see the covert racism right here in CCL. So again the write kn0owsd the truth but does not speak it. Meanwhile he uses and abuses people and bilks out of their money every single day. What a one to talk! … “Decorative” position? Not this First Lady and she should not be. She is a lawyer with a great smart mind and she is excited about leading children to eat better and take care of themselves as one of her important projects. She has brought attention and expertise to the veterans and their families and helps Americans know what the families go thru. She “decorates” so well she will likely go down as one of the most fun, friendly and smart First Ladies ever. … She certainly is the most popular. She is looked up to by more young girls and young women who learn from her and strive to be as pretty, smart, educated and fun as she is. She could not do a better job really turning on the younger black generation on what is possible with hard work and poise and talent. She holds her head high as a woman of culture and knowledge. The writer is a hater and he clearly knows what he is doing. He takes a position and uses it to harm people and creates a divide. He doesn’t hold an inch to Mrs. Obama’s mile in creating her life around being First Lady. Shame on him for printing such smut. – Carol P.

This woman is obviously not only uninformed but she obviously revels when blacks comport themselves in base commonality because it validates what political correctness prevents her from saying, i.e., blacks are beneath her. I remind you of the language Harry Reid and Joe Biden used when referencing Obama. Reid said he spoke without a negro accent and Biden said he was clean.

This woman addressed the Obama woman as being a role model to “the younger black generation.” I submit she is not the role model they need. They do not need a woman in her position to promote abortion and homosexuality. They do not need a woman in her position who is rumored to be bedding secret service agents on taxpayers’ dollars. It has been alleged that her ski vacations were nothing more than romantic getaways for her and her boy-toys. Is that what our young people should aspire to do?

This woman would do well to ask why the Obama woman was forced to surrender her law license. Lawyers will tell you that the worst punishment you can give a lawyer is to disbar them. Voluntarily surrendering one’s law license generally means it was that or face much more harsh sanctions. That said, the Obama woman’s law license was taken under highly questionable circumstances with the suggestion being that the cause had something to do with insurance fraud.

What semblance of culture and knowledge did the Obama woman exhibit when she gave the Queen of England the old Cabrini Green thug-hug. The only thing she didn’t do was shout “my nigga.” Has this woman not observed pictures of the Obama woman with the wives of other foreign leaders?

The Obama woman has taken usufruct to unparalleled heights. There is no defense for the arrogance and commonality she displays. Her shopping sprees, her lavish vacations, her taking separate aircraft that costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars just so she can fly with her secret service boy-toy and arrive approximately one hour before her husband constitutes an onerous financial burden on the taxpayers.

What first lady rolls around on the floor doing pushups when she appears on late night shows? What first lady insists on doing jumping jacks and deep squats for public consumption? What first lady rolls her eyes and frowns at the public and her husband as this one does? What first lady is singularly responsible for spending over a quarter-billion dollars on lavish vacations and shopping sprees? How many other first ladies dressed their daughters in $20,000.00 gowns, ad nauseum? How many first ladies made a rap song?

Speaking of telling children what to eat and demanding that schools suffer harsh fines levied against them for not participating in her school food edicts – when was she elected to office? What constitutional authority does she have to make such edicts? I submit if she were really interested in the welfare of our children she would actively work to combat human sexual slavery. She would work with law-enforcement to make rest stops and truck stops free of forced prostitution.

Pursuant to this woman’s reference of Obama woman caring about veterans – it was a series of holiday commercials. This uninformed woman would do well to speak with the veterans who are homeless and seeking employment. If she would like I can introduce her to many.

Blue-eyed liberals like this woman, in truth, hold blacks in low esteem. They expect blacks to behave in uncouth, common ways. If the Obama woman cared about children she would tell them to practice abstinence and not have children until they are married and can afford them. She would tell children that abortion is not a method of birth control. Instead of telling a gathering of high school students that they shouldn’t aspire to corporate jobs but rather they should be social workers, she should be telling them to become fluent in a second language and to aspire to the greatest heights possible.

The woman talks about my being a hater because I dare to speak the truth and facts but what about the Obama woman attacking other black students at Princeton because they were as she saw it too friendly with white students?

I’ll match my curriculum vitae against the blue-eyed liberal bigot’s any day of the week. I will match my skill set against hers any time she is foolish enough to accept my challenge.

Yes, I wrote the nationally syndicated op-ed column referencing the Obama woman as the worst in history and I do not apologize nor retreat. I also said the Obama woman was an angry black harridan and I do not retreat from that observation either.

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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