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President Trump Is ‘Taking Out’ The Trash Left Behind By Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama

Sirhan Sirhan is the Palestinian Moslem who murdered Democrat Senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles. We watched in horror as the footage was replayed. That was June 1968. Moslems couldn’t claim American injustice as their “lie du jour.”

Let’s dispense with the damnable lies that Moslems are a peaceful, loving, people. Those who by accident display said characteristics are the exception, not the norm. Moslems are murderous cancers on the fabric of humanity who have committed acts of barbarous terrorism since Ishmael.

Sirhan claimed he murdered the potential 37th president of the USA because Kennedy supported Israel. Mohammad Taki Mehdi (M.T. Mehdi), then secretary-general of the New York based Action Committee on Arab-American Relations argued that Sirhan was justified in his assassination of the potential American president because Kennedy supported Israel.

Yet the Democrats and the American fake-news media insist upon shilling for these godless manifestations of the lowest forms of humanity.

It’s easy to understand why anti-Semitic parasitoids like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez are upset that Qassem Soleimani was blown to Jahannam the Islamic hell. Even though that’s where his kind belong and where he should have been sent many years ago.

When we hear Omar, AOC, Tlaib, and the domestic terrorist group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), we understand they’re mourning the extermination of parasitosis like Soleimani, because he’s the equivalent of family to them.

It’s a stunning realization that the undeniable facts prove Democrat leadership, with their rank and file condemns President Trump for saving American lives and protecting American embassies.

The duplicitous dishonesty of the so-called media cannot be overstated, especially that of CNN. People who read and follow my work are aware that Eason Jordan is one of CNN’s principle co-founders and the platinum standard of false reporting.

Jordan’s biography boasts his Emmy Awards, Peabody Awards, Edward R. Murrow Awards, Headliner Awards, ACE Awards, the Robert Kennedy Journalism Award, the Vanguard Award and the Livingston Award. All but three of the awards were won multiple times; but what’s not noted in his boastfulness is CNN’s near uninterrupted history of lies.

Specific to my documented and unimpeachable accusation; in January 2005 I wrote: “Eason Jordan – then executive vice president and chief news executive of CNN, chairman of CNN’s editorial board and member of CNN’s executive committee – by his own admission kept secret Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday’s plan to murder two brothers-in-law, after Uday had indicated his intent to Jordan, before actually committing the assassinations. Jordan also admitted concealing Hussein’s horrific atrocities, including, no doubt, the filling of mass graves and torture chambers.” (See: Throwing Stones From Inside Glass Houses; WND.com; 1/18/2005)

In December 2016, I reported that CNN’s Eason Jordan: “brazenly and habitually lied to fellow journalists about the integrity of his network’s reporting.” The Truth, as Jordan would later admit, was quite different. Jordan admitted that CNN under his watch, “rarely publish[ed] the truth, preferring to parrot the party line of [Saddam] who they personally knew was a bloody maniac with terrible weapons and plans.” Jordan would later admit CNN [intentionally] misreported the news in Iraq so as to retain a news desk there and also retain a favorable relationship with Saddam Hussein. (See: 6 Eye-Popping Cases Of Mainstream Media Fake News: Exclusive Mychal Massie Exposes Scandalous Reports By CNN, ABC, NBC; WND.com; 12/19/2016)

CNN’s false reporting resulted in the continued torture and murder of Iraqis and it cost the lives of American troops. But CNN would have us believe that President Trump’s terminating the existence of terrorists who were responsible for the killing of thousands including Americans is a bad thing.

A longtime friend, who escaped Castro’s Cuba with his family, is the successful founder/owner of a global business. Not long ago as we talked, he made clear his absolute contempt for John Kennedy because of the Bay of Pigs treachery. But, those who are attacking President Trump obviously don’t recall that disaster.

Are we to forget that Lyndon Johnson not only escalated the war in Vietnam, but that he lied about the secret bombing raids? He was responsible for authorizing the first overt use of American troops in that godforsaken hellhole. Maybe the Trump bashers should be reminded that the violent war protests taking place in the streets and on college campuses nationwide in the 1960s were directed at a Democrat president.

These Trump-haters conveniently forget that at the same time Jimmy Carter was bringing about a national energy crisis, he was betraying the Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi. Carter’s incompetence and meddling in the Middle East gave immediate rise to the Ayatollah Khomeini who ushered in the dawn of the terrorism we continue to experience today.

In addition to being a serial philander, Bill Clinton a man of unimpeachable low morals, who used his position to abuse women there was:
• The 1993 the World Trade Center bombing, which killed 6 and left 1,000 injured.
• The 1995 attack in which five U.S. military personnel were killed in a Saudi Arabia bombing.
• The 1996 bombing of King Aziz Air Force Base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that killed 23 Americans and left 300 injured.
• The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, that killed 19 and left 500 injured.
• The1998 terrorist attack that killed 224 and left 4,000 injured in the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Africa.
• The bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and left 39 injured U.S. Sailors.

After each of those terrorist attacks, Clinton promised to hunt down and punish those responsible, when in actuality he did absolutely nothing – not even to visit the bombed sites or the families of those killed and wounded.

In factuality, the blood of the Americans who were murdered September 11, 2001 is on the head and hands of Clinton. Clinton was offered bin Laden on a silver platter but he refused Sudanese President Bashir’s offer to arrest, detain and hand over Osama bin Laden to the United States. The Bashir government had intelligence of OBL’s daily activities and detailed intelligence concerning his finances; but as Steven Simon, then director of counter-terrorism on Clinton’s National Security Council, told the Washington Post: “I [we] really only cared about one thing, that was getting [OBL] out of Sudan, not the accepting of responsibility for taking him into custody.” Former Clinton adviser, Dick Morris said, “[Clinton] didn’t do a single thing of the stuff that I recommended on terror.” (Hannity & Colmes, Dec. 20, 2001) Had Morris’ suggestions been heeded, Mohamed Atta would have been deported before 9-11; as Morris put it, “In each of these areas he [Clinton] fell asleep at the switch.” (See: Many Americans Have Short Memory Spans; 8/11/2014)

The media in Stalingrad is trust worthier than the fake-news-media in America. They, as the neutered lap dogs of the Democrat party, rush to embrace Moslem terrorists and attack President Trump for saving American lives; as well as the lives of Syrians and Iraqis. They ignore the fact that Obama launched 2,800 missile/air strikes on the Syrians and on the Iraqi people. That was “ten times more air strikes in the covert war on terror during Obama’s [period] than under…George W. Bush, the Bureau for Investigative Journalism reported in 2017.” (See: NOTE TO DEMOCRATS: Obama Launched 2,800 Strikes on Iraq, Syria Without Congressional Approval; Conservative Media News/Politics)

They also ignore the fact that Obama and Hillary Clinton permitted the murder of Tyrone Woods, Ambassador Stephens, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty in Benghazi. And that Obama paraded Susan Rice out to tell lie after lie about what factually had happened.

But we are supposed to be upset that President Trump has used measured engagements to eliminate terrorist Moslems who would have been eliminated long ago if Clinton, Bush and/or Obama cared more about us than they did the Moslem terrorists.

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Mychal Massie

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