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Something Strange In Obamaland

July 25, 2014

Something strange is taking place in obamaland and I think it worth the risk to mention same. Elizabeth Flock in usnews.com quotes Harry Truman when he sardonically called the White House the “crown jewel of the federal penal system” because he felt so confined there. (Inside Obama’s Kailua Beach Vacation Homes; 1/2/13)

Rumors have circulated from a number of internet news sources claiming that the Obamas were being gifted a $35 million Hawaii mansion where “supposedly” according to Marian Robinson, mother of Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama was to move there permanently in January 2013, with her mother and daughters in tow.

I have heard and read the rumors that the heiress to the Hyatt Hotel fortune, Penny Pritzker, was personally buying the mansion for them. And as recent as this spring, I was told by a person who is usually very accurate in their tips about the Obamas, that Penny Pritzker, wasn’t buying the beachfront mansion personally; rather, she was raising the money for the Obamas to purchase the exclusive mansion.

[adsanity id=8405 align=alignleft /]Those rumors notwithstanding, what we do know for sure is that the Obamas rent exclusive mansions each year for their vacations. The rental cost is supposedly $25,000 per week and up, depending on whether they are in Hawaii or in the Martha’s Vineyard area. We are told that while the Obamas pay the weekly rental fee out of their personal funds, the $7 million price tag for the trip and all that is entailed in same is a tab we the taxpayers pick up.

It may be rumor that the Hyatt heiress, (who incidentally Obama nominated to be Commerce Secretary in May 2013) was personally buying or personally raising money to gift them the $35 million mansion. However, what we can say is that Variety, The Desert Sun, The Los Angeles Times, and USA Today, to mention but a few, are reporting there is speculation sufficient enough for them to advance the possibility of the Obamas buying a $4.2 million estate in the exclusive Rancho Mirage community of Southern California.

Which brings me to the point I wish to make about Pharaoh Tut-anhk-ah-bama and the Empress Jezz-ichelle. They are well on their way to being the first White House occupants to spend a billion taxpayer dollars on lavish vacations. They continue to live like Emperor and Empress while the factual unemployment story is nothing short of abysmal.

The question I am willing to ask that others aren’t is why are these people leeching off of taxpayers? If it costs $7 million plus a minimum of $25,000 weekly on their Hawaiian vacations, and hundreds of millions for their aggregate vacations thus far, why haven’t they behaved responsibly and purchased a home in the $4 million range that highly reputable liberal news sources are reporting they are interested in?

If they were actually paying rental fees and expenses out of their personal funds, how long would it have taken for them to save enough to pay $4.2 million in cash for a Rancho Mirage estate?

The Clintons were a lot of things when they came into the White House — but none of those things were rich. And while it is a fact that they left the White House flush with cash in addition to the White House silverware and dishes they took and were forced to return, they didn’t cavort about lavishly as the Obamas have and continue to do so. All of the modern day presidents had their own properties including Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and President Nixon purchased what was to be called the Florida White House in Key Biscayne.

But the Obamas, who are literally “filthy rich” continue to sponge and leech off we the taxpayers. And even worse, they flaunt it in the faces of Americans who are without employment, and many who are without homes.

The Obamas have scorned those they identify as rich at every opportunity. The travesty of their doing same is not that they themselves are among the super wealthy. They actually donate less money than any presidential family ever and unlike the super wealthy whom they love to condemn, the Obamas never built anything to earn their wealth.

There is another thing that I find curious. The Hyatt heiress can raise $35 million at a luncheon between her and a couple friends. She could certainly write a $35 million check and not even blink. In political circles like this, every rumor is based upon a kernel of truth. People didn’t just make up the story that Plitzker was buying them a mansion, or that she was raising money to do same. Somewhere in that rumor is a grain of truth.

Pritzker has been the gold standard of campaign fundraisers for Obama. Being firmly committed to the belief that she was tasked to raise tens of millions reportedly on a mansion for the Obama family, someone needs to ask whether the money was in fact raised, and if so, what happened to it? It is well after the fact but someone needs to ask was Obama’s appointing Pritzker Commerce Secretary a quid pro quo? And if so, for what?

Something doesn’t smell right about the rumored Obama retirement mansions and we need to get to the bottom of that manure pile. There more speculative questions about the Obama’s history and their finances than there are flies around manure on a hot day. That includes Obama’s wife lying about the $500,000 in bank stocks his grandmother left him as a partial inheritance.

Rumors of closely associated friends spending their money to gift a presidential family and/or raising money to do same are suspect in any scenario; but having the rumors of same suddenly disappear is another. Having them disappear and then having new rumors surface that the Obamas are buying an estate that is a percentage of the one that was rumored to be purchased for them is cause for greater suspicion that something untoward is going on.[adsanity id=11817 align=alignleft /]

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Mychal Massie

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