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The dirty secret media ignores

November 30, 2011

Do you recognize the name Crystal Gail Mangum? Do you recognize the name Donna Burleigh? Do you recognize the name Mariah Yeater? What about Nafissatou Diallo, does her name sound familiar? I’m betting that out of the many people who read my blog daily, the number of people who could accurately identify these people would be almost infinitesimal. The demographics of my readers places them, (actually I should say places you my readers) among the most informed in a number of different categories, and yet these names are not recognized by most of you.

Here are a few clues. Do you recognize these names – Al Gore, Justin Bieber, the Duke lacrosse team, and Dominique Strauss-Khan? Mangum falsely accused the Duke lacrosse team of raping her. It took over a year to clear the name of those students. There were accusations of the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina was elitist and if not outright hostile, it was not a place were blacks were welcome or made to feel comfortable. The media had unearthed stories about the young men who were accused, with each story unearthed becoming increasingly more salacious. We were subjected daily to the phalanx of new accounts and incidents surrounding the young men. By the time the story began to unravel most people believed these young men were the spawn of Satan. Then came the truth – not only was she a liar, but the elected officials and specifically, district attorney Nifong, were aware and allowed it to happen.

Donna Burleigh of Portland, Oregon accused Al Gore of sexually assaulting her. The problem is that she lied. The police who investigate sexual crimes, could not find enough substantial evidence to move forward, and then Burleigh chose not to file a lawsuit. None other than the uber-feminist Susan Estrich, herself a victim of rape and sexual assault, admitted on the Sean Hannity Show, that “this was obviously not a rape” and then referenced how the Duke lacrosse players for all practical purposes also had their lives ruined by false accusations.

It turns out that Diallo was part of a plot to discredit Strauss-Khan, to prevent him from running for the presidency of France, which he was widely viewed as having an excellent chance of winning. Strauss-Khan is no angel, and he has a long and storied history as a lothario. But, this was nonetheless a lie, a set up, by nefarious individuals whose intentions were to prevent him from becoming president.

Yeater was the 20 year old woman who claimed Justin Bieber was the father of her child. Her accusations even though they were against a young man with a squeaky clean reputation, almost immediately became fodder for the Fox News and TMZ commentators. The problem as it turned out, was that Justin had was not only not the child’s father, but Justin had never met the woman, and it was later discovered she lied, making everything up.

Here’s another interesting fact that the media is quick to ignore. According to Men’s Rights Online: “According to former Colorado state prosecutor, Craig Silverman, up to 45% of rape accusations could be fallacious. He went on to say that he was amazed by the amount of false rape accusations that are made by women. During my time as a prosecutor who made case filing decisions, I was amazed to see all the false rape allegations that were made to the Denver Police Department. It was remarkable and surprising to me. You would have to see it to believe it. Any honest veteran sex assault investigator, will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes that there is. A command officer in the Denver Police sex assaults unit recently told me he placed the false rape numbers at approximately 45 percent.” [1] (http://www.mens-rights.net/law/falseaccusations/rape.htm)

Now put a target on the back of a man who is rich, gregarious, pleasant natured, unintentionally flirty in the most innocent of ways, who is now running for the highest office in the land, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand why he would be accused. I should also point out that he is a threat to the good ol’ boy way of doing things. Of course, if you are Martha MacCallum of Fox News and you are interviewing Niger Innis, a member of Herman’s campaign advisors, and he brings that point up – you dismiss it because it doesn’t fit your paradigm of fair and balanced.

But, the dirty little secret is that some women lie and political assassination is a well rehearsed custom designed to destroy candidates, in this case Herman Cain. Before you raise the specter of – but look at the number of attacks, let me point you toward a person I with whom I may disagree on a certain social issue, but one with whom I without hesitation say is accurate nearly 100 percent of the time in her books and commentaries – Anne Coulter. In her column “David Axelrod’s Pattern Of Sexual Misbehavior,” (http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2011-11-09.html), Anne lays it out in detail.

Neither Anne nor myself are going to risk our hard earned reputations on someone we know to be a fraud. This is a hatchet job, and the most spectacular sin of the entire thing is that being perpetrated by the media, especially Fox News.

I would suggest that before Fox attempts to look down their noses at Herman, and pretend he must be guilty because he’s running for office, that there are so many accusers, and that old uncontrollable id thing, that Maureen Dowd slandered Justice Thomas with, they look at those around their studio. Because there are hosts in Fox News studios who could write a book on marital infidelity, lap dances, hookers, drugs, physical violence against women, sexual harassment, ad nauseum. Maybe, just maybe, they should look more toward the accusers and those behind them, instead of trying to bring Herman down to the level of those in their studio that they laugh and joke with daily.


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