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The Obamas Christmas Message: 'It's Great To Be Them'

December 5, 2012

I spoke with a person in Joplin, Missouri this morning. You remember Joplin, Missouri, don’t you? It’s the town of approximately 40,000 people that suffered the wrath of a devastating EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011. The tornado destroyed some 7,500 homes and apartment buildings. Four schools were destroyed, and six more including a college administration building, suffered extensive damage. Over 1,000 people were injured, and 161 lives were lost.[quote style=”boxed” float=”left”]People despise Obama and his family not only because of bad policies and the Obamas’ pernicious mendacity, but also because they are arrogant and disrespectful to the people. [/quote]

It is nearly a year and a half after the tornado — which had sustained winds in excess of 300 MPH — and Joplin has only approximately 10-percent recovered. The person I spoke with told me that it will be at least 10 years before the town recovers to the level of business it enjoyed before the deadly tornado struck.

Forensic pathologists and coroners were called in to do DNA testing to help identify the body fragments that were found in the storm’s aftermath. In some instances, family members had to wait several weeks for verification.

I’ve made specific mention of the people of Joplin numerous times since their tragedy because it is the least I can do to keep their needs on the front page of the nation’s mind.

But in the summer of 2011, tornados savaged much of the South. Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama were hit by an EF-4 tornado with sustained winds of 200 MPH. The residents of those towns trail in recovery to Joplin’s 10-percent recovery because their local governments decided they would use the tragedy as an opportunity to require redevelopment juxtaposed to creating an environment conducive to speedy and immediate recovery, as the local government in Joplin did.

Residents in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Virginia were also hit by violent tornados.

There are the people in areas of Colorado and California who were devastated by wild-fires this summer. Many of those people are still displaced.

Of course, there are the people who are suffering in the aftermath of the superstorm Sandy. Residents in Staten Island are still without electricity. Other residents in New York and New Jersey are suffering from the damage caused by Sandy.

But, none of that is going to prevent “Mr. Cool-Breeze Mac-Daddy Take Care of The Least of These and his Mrs. Don’t You Eat That” from going on their $4 million, 20-day vacation to Hawaii.

Look, I’m not begrudging these “play-ahs” a vacation, but they’re supposed to be the leader and his wife. He’s supposed to show concern for the people of America.

Think of the message it could send if he and his family were to suffer this Christmas by enduring their vacation at the White House or Camp David. Think about the message he could send if he had announced from the Oval Office that he and his family were canceling their travel plans and were going to personally help deliver food, clothing, supplies, toys, and necessities to families in Joplin, Staten Island, and Tuscaloosa.

I have made no pretense of despising everything Obama and the so-called first lady (cough-cough) represent. But it would be hard to criticize a person who gave the appearance of actually caring about the people he is supposed to represent.

We have four Americans dead in Benghazi: Americans he allowed to be murdered. We have Fast and Furious which his office helped cover-up. We have the families and friends of the men he allowed to be murdered in Benghazi — as well as the families and friends of the Border Agents who were murdered with guns from his illegal gun-running program — who are still no closer to the truth of what happened to their loved ones than they were when the crimes were first committed.

Think what their Christmas could be like if Obama were to invite these families to the White House for Christmas and not only told them the truth, but also had them as guests of the White House for Christmas dinner and gifts. And I’m not just talking about the immediate families but the extended families and close friends.

The men who were murdered because of Obama left parents, relatives, family and friends behind. If Obama’s wife can host Johnny Depp and other actors for a private, thematic Halloween costume party, they could show these people the courtesy of at least feigned respect.

There are more than 23 million people unemployed with no hope of finding work. One out of every six persons is on some sort of government assistance. Nearly 48 million people are on food stamps. People are homeless, hungry, displaced, and still others feel hopeless. Immiseration is the jacket people wear to stay warm.

People despise Obama and his family not only because of bad policies and the Obamas’ pernicious mendacity, but also because they are arrogant and disrespectful to the people. His minions can play it off that all criticism being based on racism, but that is a hollow accusation that only a few accept as truth.

This person is president and the most beloved presidents were those who understood the misery of the people they were supposed to serve.

The Obamas will celebrate a grand and lavish Christmas while many Americans who have suffered loss of income and home on his watch will go hungry. His family will bask on the riches of tax-payer dollars while and drink wine that costs thousands of dollars per bottle, while the families of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty weep on Christmas morning as they face the emptiness of their lives without their loved ones. Not even knowing why they were allowed to be murdered.

The people of Staten Island will pray they have electricity Christmas morning; other families in New York and New Jersey will pray they have fresh water and operable bathroom facilities by Christmas. Fathers and mothers will suffer the pain of not being able to provide the kind of reasonable Christmas their families once enjoyed because they are now unemployed. Families in Joplin will wonder if anyone outside of what remains of their town remembers them. Some of the families in Colorado and California will weep as they remember the photo album, lost in the fires, that contained the picture of their grandparents.

Others in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama will try to console their children who lost their pet in the devastating tornados.

But what the heck, our Erebusic leader and his family will bask in the limelight of his sycophants with wine dripping from his lips. Ahhh, it’s nice to be them, to heck with the rest of us.


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