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The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
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The Pandemic Is A PsyOp Attack On Citizens by Robert Socha

World leaders are awakening to the catastrophe in the response to COVID-19 and embracing an untested vaccine as a solution. The WHO effort to strengthen international pandemic laws is being resisted and outright rejected.

We at The Daily Rant have written extensively about the PsyOp parading as a pandemic. You can peruse some previous pieces here.

We must understand there is considerable pushback to the narrative, and it is gaining momentum and esteem. Following are some highlights compiled by @_aussie17:

JUST IN (21 Nov 2023)

Press Conference from EU/FvD in the European Parliament led by MP Marcel De Graff @MJRLdeGraaff, MP Joachim Kuhs @Joachim_Kuhs, Willem Engel, Dr Vibeke Manniche and Max Schmeling


“Last month, I wrote a letter to the EMA with Joachim Kuhs and six other colleagues from the European Parliament. The European agency responsible for the admission of medicines to the European market. We asked for clarification on the many problems surrounding the corona vaccines. These problems are so great that we asked the EMA to withdraw the market admission. This month, we received an answer from the EMA to our letter. And this answer contains shocking facts. ”

“First of all, the EMA explicitly states that it has exclusively allowed the corona vaccines on the market for individual immunizations and absolutely not for the control of infection and absolutely not for preventing or reducing infections. And this is devastating for governments that have gone full circle with the message that you are doing it for someone else.”

“In fact, the EMA states that the exposure to the virus increases the chance of infections even in those vaccinated. The mass government campaigns to vaccinate yourself to protect your parents, your neighbors, the weaker in society, were not only unauthorized but also completely nonsense and not based on facts.”

“And I remind you once again that we are still fighting with a gigantic so-called unexplained excessive mortality. In short, this information from the EMA is destructive to the developed vaccination policy of Rutte and de Jonge. The government knew that the vaccines would not protect against the spread of the virus, but did not share this information with the citizens. On the contrary, it forced the vaccines on our citizens with lies, obscured the side effects, and thus brought the health of everyone who had taken such a vaccine into danger. The vaccination campaigns should be stopped as soon as possible, and it is simply not safe.”

“And it does not meet the requirements set by the EMA. And the government and all political parties that supported this should be held accountable for their lies and fraud.”

“One of the major considerations for people whether or not to take a vaccine is the possible risks and side effects. EMA mentioned in its letter to us, they expect, I quote, “reports of conditions occurring at or soon after vaccination.” End quote. This implies that data on adverse events or side effects within 14 days of vaccinations are of the utmost importance to assess the risks related to the vaccines. However, member state officials adopted the policy that as it would take 10 to 14 days for the vaccine to produce spike proteins, adverse events within 14 days after vaccination were not to be registered as related to the vaccination. Statistically, they considered the person who got the vaccine as not vaccinated within those first 14 days. What a nonsense!”

“To be very clear, the mRNA is non-human and part of a GMO. Moreover, the recent publications on plasmid DNA contamination in these mRNA injection fluids proves beyond doubt that we are dealing with a GMO product. Regardless of the attempts to redefine the term GMO, following an EU court ruling from 2018, any innovation containing or derived from the use of genetic engineering techniques is to be considered the same as a GMO and subject to the same regulatory approval system. Now, integration of bacterial or viral genetic code into the human genome has been associated with a higher risk of cancer.”

“The EMA needs to assess all these statistics, the safety, and then take the decision. We demanded from the EMA to withdraw market approval immediately because of all these signals of people dying, of the myocarditis, pericarditis, people with this heart failure, dropping dead on the football field in front of television. That is all related to these vaccines. And that is what has been obscured by bad registration.”

The press conference can be found here.

Another speech by Slovakia’s newly elected Prime Minister, Robert Fico, condemned the consequences of mass vaccination with untested experimental vaccines. @_aussie17 also turned me onto his speech here. If you have some time, the @_aussie17 thread has a plethora of essential links concerning the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines and their opposition to the WHO authority.

I know there are many organizations working diligently to counter the mainstream narrative, with men such as Dr. Peter McCullough being a stalwart defender of medicinal integrity. Where are the United States’ elected officials who are willing to boldly stand up against this global cabal and demand truth and consequence?

I hope we will continue to oppose this global madness and its attempt to establish complete control over every aspect of our lives. It is our duty to question narratives and implore transparency. Let us be bold in defending personal autonomy, especially regarding subcutaneous injections.

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