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Trey Gowdy and Marco Rubio: RINOs In The Same Club

January 7, 2016

I am uncompromising in my steadfast commitment to truth and fact. I am not an ideologue nor do I suffer simpletons and fools with any degree of patience.

Do not confuse my standing and speaking the truth with my being biased and/or an ideologue. I point out things that ideologues refuse to point out and take positions on “truth” that the biased will not take. There have been no few times that I have given the truth and people have assailed me, but I have always stood my ground and was ultimately proven right.

Specific to same, on Monday I received note from friend, telling me that I had been right about Trey Gowdy.

I know I was right about Gowdy. It was the people who were busy scolding me because I said it that didn’t understand. And there are many who still do not understand. People were genuinely upset with me because I was willing to speak the truth about Gowdy. They had an opinion of him as a hero and did not want anyone to say otherwise.

Trey Gowdy is a stealth establishment clone who is celebrated for his ability to give great sound bites sans any real substance. Radio host Mark Levin has labeled him a RINO.

Gowdy voted against prohibiting the indefinite detention of Americans in July of 2014. His work on immigration was such that even Obama was pleased. Gowdy gave the nominating speech for John Boehner as speaker and he supported the Rove–establishment choices of Peter Roskam (R-IL) for majority whip and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for majority leader.

During an on-air interview appearance earlier this week I pointed to the fact that Gowdy has done effectively nothing pursuant to bringing justice for Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, in his capacity as chairman of the congressional committee holding hearings on Benghazi.

As if the aforementioned is not bad enough, last month Gowdy endorsed Marco Rubio as a “rock solid conservative.” Was Gowdy talking about a “paper mache rock” conservative or “styrofoam rock” conservative? Gowdy plans to spend several days campaigning with Rubio in Iowa.

Gowdy reminds me of the Republicans who campaigned for the late Arlen Specter, the liberal Republican Senator from Philadelphia, PA. He reminds me of Karl Rove publicly criticizing Tea Party conservatives for defeating Mike Castle of Delaware, who was one of the most liberal Republicans to serve in Congress.

I have listed many times over why Rubio is not a conservative and why he is not to be trusted. But do not take my word it. Following is a letter I received Tuesday of this week from a person with firsthand experience of what Rubio actually stands for.

The author of the letter was addressing a “meet Marco Rubio in Sarasota, FL,” invitation. It is printed as received:

Dear Patriots across America,
I just got invited to meet Marco Rubio in Sarasota Florida.

Seriously? No I really did.

The dude makes $174,000 a year and he cannot even show up to for work to do his day job.

He ran as the Tea Party candidate for Senator and as a founding member he gave me his cell phone number.

He needed my leadership and the votes across the great state of Florida in our Tea Party network to get elected into the Senate. I coordinated for him statewide in all 67 counties and helped raise him money.

With all that hard work he refused to attend Tea Party gatherings. Always an excuse.

I had 2,500 people at an event with national figures and dignitaries, which I set up to, help him win his senate seat and he failed to show up. He got scared of the Counsel of Islamic Relations (CAIR). Go figure.

Rubio is a fake a joke a disgrace. He used the Tea Party for his personal gain then threw them aside the day he was elected a Senator.

We the people the taxpayers of America are now making his car payments, house payments and boat payments while he takes an extended vacation running for president on our dime.

The man is more interested in giving illegal immigrants citizenship displacing law abiding Americans from the work force than protecting Americans.

He voted for Obama’s TPP agreement without even reading it. A job destroying Communist over reach by the United Nations into our shores.

He voted to YES to give John Kerry a job as Secretary of State.

I texted Marco Rubio on his cell phone a few days before the vote breaking down to him the hostility of John Kerry’s radical communist ideology against us and the US Constitution which has been shown to be true. Rubio ignored me.

Only Ted Cruz and 2 other GOP Senators voted against Kerry for his Secretary of State position.

Rubio failed to show up to vote on Obama’s $1.1 trillion 2016 Omnibus spending bill last month. So we must assume he supports it and he was too much of coward to make a stand against it.

From January 2011 to December 2015, Senator Rubio has missed 197 of 1,482 roll call votes, which is 13.3%. This is unacceptable. The median or average is 1.7% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.

Throughout 2015 Rubio missed many votes as he ran for President. Much like Obama who also failed to show when he was Senator running for President. We don’t need another Obama in office.

In the spring of 2015 Rubio missed 32.9 percent of votes.

In the Summer of 2015 he missed 53.8 percent, and throughout the Fall he missed 58.2 percent.

We are not paying Rubio $174,000 a year to run for President of the United State’s. He must return this money back to the Treasury Dept.

What is interesting is that in October 2015 Rubio said on the Senate floor “federal workers who don’t do their jobs should be fired” I agree dude starting with you.. You are a federal worker.

Anyway folks, Marco Rubio does not have my vote and he needs to step down from the Senate and his presidential run. I would not trust this guy with the keys to the Treasury Dept., the nuclear weapons codes or my aunt Ethel’s cookie jar.

As a founding member of the Tea Party movement in Florida we came together as Americans to ensure fiscal sanity in Washington and to reduce the size of the federal government. We demanded constitutional governance and accountability from our elected officials.

Adios Rubio,

Senior Chief Petty Officer Geoff Ross
United States Navy Retired
Surface Warfare Air Warfare
Navarre Florida

That may be the kind of character you want in our elected representatives and the president, but I expect and demand more.

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