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What Blacks In America Should Learn From South Africans

February 17, 2016

Let me repeat a truism I have made many times: Blacks as a people embody anger and antipathy because they have been inculcated to believe that is how they should view life. This primordial vicissitude applauds and reinforces their rejection of modernity.

Instead of being challenged with the truth they are cajoled and petted while excuses are made for their malevolent mentality.

Recently I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 film titled “The 16th Man,” in which Justice Bekebeke shared the epiphany that freed him from hatred and rage.

The ESPN film was about the strategic gamble of the late South African President, Nelson Mandela. Let me digress to say that many people spoke ill of Mandela when he passed. As I said then, so I say now, ridicule of Mandela at that time was unwarranted and ignorant and voiced by those who were too misinformed to realize that the man who fought for freedom discovered what most Americans have not.

This is not a treatise on Mandela but it is important to note that he started his fight for equality in apartheid South Africa patterned after the example of Mahatma Gandhi’s “civil disobedience” approach. Failing in that approach, Mandela turned to extreme radical measures that resulted in his fight for freedom costing him 27 years of his freedom on a prison island forced labor camp.

It was during this time that Mandela realized that hatred and violence were not the solution to what he strived to obtain, i.e., freedom for black South Africans. Suffice it to say ultimately apartheid crumbled; Mandela was freed, and became the first democratically elected president of South Africa. Of great importance was the fact that Mandela, against the wishes, urging, and expectation of both white and black South Africans, did not seek retribution, he sought unity. He knew the only way his beloved country could move into modernity would be if he could convince, i.e., lead them away from the darkness of the past. The tool he used was Rugby.

In what must be viewed as an act of Providence, the Springbok Rugby Team of South Africa found itself not only playing for the World Cup Rugby Title, but with only moments left in the championship world cup title match, they found themselves in the position to score the decisive score.

In the 30 for 30 film Justice Bekebeke a black South African, explains in his own words, that while all around him were cheering praying for victory, he “saw it differently.” Filled with resentment and hatred he wanted the South African Springbok team to lose.

It is here that he had the epiphany that I have long argued blacks in America need. Bekebeke explained: “I was wishing he [would miss the score] (as the roar of cheering was all around him in his tiny village.)” He continued: “I ran out of the house, and there I was alone. And I realized, You know what, all my hatred is going to give me absolutely nothing. It’s going to make me a very bitter person, when there’s so much.” (Transcript 30 for 30 – The 16th Man; tv.ark.com; 5/4/2010)

The narrator’s voice resumes: “When Justice Bekebeke reentered the house the game was over.” [South Africa had won].

But it was the epiphany born that moment that strains to be reasoned by blacks in America. We hear a South African saying: “We didn’t have 60,000 South Africans. [i.e., those in attendance at the match], we had 43 million South Africans. [T]that day set us free. … Madiba took my hand, and he shook it, and he said, ‘thank you very much. For what I asked, I said to him, Madiba, you’ve got it wrong. That’s the moment I realized this is our country. This is my country. This is not a white country. This is not a black country. This is a country for South Africans.”

This is the awakening blacks in America must experience before they can step into modernity. They must stop living in a past they have never experienced. They must stop inventing grievances were no grievance exists. They must stop the defense of anti-social misbehavior. They must stop their assault on unity.

Justice Bekebeke grasped truth and immediately stepped into the present when he said: “And I realized, you know what, all my hatred is going to give me is absolutely nothing.”

Following is an unedited response from someone supposedly named Zazuku Akono (his real name is probably Fred or Dick) in reference to my Video Rant titled “Reparations Won’t Help Blacks”: I’m so sick of narcissistic black people like you. You attempt to sound intelligent but everything in your speech, if not all, is bullshit. Reparations is not up for debate. This rachet country owes the African American descendants their due diligence. If you don’t want to yours then that’s you. Let justice prevail and give black people the chance to prove idiots like you wrong. You don’t know what positive things can come out of reparations. reparations represents hope for people. Otherwise our black people don’t stand a chance of healing and moving forward. I’m sorry but this video is nothing but a senseless, useless, coon like, rant. so sick of black people like you. Ew. … Please don’t try to enter conversations you’re not qualified to speak on. There is more than enough information that supports African Americans have been oppressed to the point of not being able to advance in this society. Please go educate yourself. … You are a false prophet who will continue to lead people astray. you don’t even know how ignorant you are. And all of the people who agree with you are just as ignorant.

This person is emblematic of the mindset of so many blacks in America today. It is also the reason that Africans, Indians, Vietnamese, even illegal alien Mexicans come here and jump to the front of the line ahead of blacks.

You will note the person’s entire diatribe is based on victim status and thus the right to be angry. In the ESPN film Justice Bekebeke never enjoyed the privilege that every black person in America has at his or her fingertips. Yet he experienced an epiphany that helped transform his nation.

On what basis can I be called a false prophet? My message is one of the need for Christ in life, education, not having children until you are married and reasonably certain you can provide for them. He accuses me of being a false prophet because I preach blacks must strive for marketable employment skills, marketable linguistic skills, marketable social skills, and marketable educational skills. What is false about any of those things?

I preach personal responsibility and self-esteem based on meritocracy not based upon a skin color. I preach, what the black South African said as the ESPN film ended – America is my country. It is our country. It is not a white country nor is it a black country. It is a country for all Americans.

I believe animus and antipathy is based on low self-esteem that spawns from embracing a skin color rather than a nationality. I further believe that those like the person who accused me of being a false prophet, argue such ignorance because regardless of the station they achieve, they cannot move beyond being a color – ergo they wrestle with inferiority inherent in same. I further believe that those clinging to that self-limiting mentality attack those such as myself because they fear others will hear us and have their eyes opened. When that happens the haters will either have to change or be left behind.

Then there is Gail Spencer who works for the government in the Washington Department of Ecology, in Washington state. She felt compelled to write me: “You’re an asshole who thinks he’s been accepted by the White race. But, in their eyes you’re nothin’ but a Nigga-just like an Uncle Tom during slavery. Just so you know you aren’t shit in this state.”

How does her outburst make her life better? How does it show she has progressed to modernity? It would nice to believe that these two people are the exception but they are more the norm. And yet they are the ones accusing whites of being racist.

I strive for the day when such arcane and debilitating mentality will be treated as entrails to be placed in canopic jars and buried in the tombs of hell where they belong.

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