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White-Bialek exemplify dishonest media

December 2, 2011

As you have been reading in my “Daily Rants” I am disgusted with the media, as you should be also. I’ve pointed out the double standards and the attempted hatchet jobs they have purposed. I’ve pointed out how both the Republican apparatchiks and dirty tricksters, as well as their Democrat counterparts are responsible for going after Herman Cain. I’ve said they have no integrity and no honesty, and I am right. I am particularly incensed with Fox News and their program hosts, because under the guise of fair and balanced, they have been anything but.

For years the dirty little secret that no one talked about was that many of the Fox News programs hosts and contributors are as liberal as the day is long, with a couple, at the very best, being nothing more than moderates. That’s okay, if there’s no harm or no foul – the problem is that there is harm and there is foul. Greta Van Sustern is a liberal, but she is as fair as the day is long, and her politics do not get in the way of her professionalism. Neil Cavuto in my opinion is the champion. I cannot speak more highly of him. I don’t know his politics and I don’t care about them. What counts is that he is fair, and more importantly, he is honest.

With that said, as we await Monday’s announcement from Herman Cain pursuant to his campaign, you can bet the jackals will spend the weekend attempting to convince everyone that Herman is a loser and cannot win. But, Herman isn’t a loser and he can win, and they’d darn well better know it. With everything that has been falsely thrown at him, Herman is still standing tall.

On Tuesday, the day immediately after the latest attack, he received nearly $400,000 in donations. Does that sound like a man people do not want? After another Monday surprise attack by those trying to stop the Cain train, after a veritable savaging by the media – Wednesday, just two days later, Herman was polling at 13 in Florida, with Romney at 17, and Gingrich at 41 (Insider Advantage Poll). In a PPP Florida poll, also released Wednesday, he was at 15, with Romney at 17, and Gingrich at 47. A Clarus poll for the same day had him at 12 in Louisiana, and in Montana a PPP poll had him statistically even in second place with a 10. In Iowa the Insider Advantage poll taken Tuesday, the day after the latest attack he was statistically dead even in second place with a 10 – and Insider Advantage had him statistically even in second in South Carolina with a 13.


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Those numbers were taken in the heat of another disgustingly malicious and patently false accusation was made by a deeply, emotionally troubled woman. Her history of evictions, the sordid legal details and legal charges leveled at her by her former business partner and alleged lesbian lover, her children and multiple marriages show an emotionally troubled woman who was willing to viciously savage her business partner to their entire client base, because she couldn’t have her way. An act for which she was sued and lost. But, I’ll get back to her.

Yes, Gingrich is leading by huge margins right now. But, a lot of that support is fluid and a lot of it is Herman Cain support that will return to Herman if he announces he’s staying in the race on Monday. With margins of error of 4-5 points Herman is an unstoppable force, that will not be denied. He has a loyal base, that refuses to allow dirty tricks, a dishonest media, and political party apparatchiks to chose their candidate.

This weekend is going to be a hot stove league of speculation presented as fact and political hacks pronouncing last rites over the living, breathing, fully engaged body of Herman Cain. If this were the medical profession, they would be charged with malpractice. But it isn’t, and these contemptible charades are able to say whatever they want with impunity. Just as the so-called news broadcasters misled the public on the nightly news during Vietnam, just as CNN’s Eason Jordan lied about Iraq and Saddam Hussein so they could keep a news bureau there, just as Andrea Mitchell recently lied about Qaddafi’s son, just as Dan Rather presented falsified National Guard records for George W. Bush, just as they permitted the lies about Clarence Thomas, just as they covered for Bill Clinton, and just as they are now covering up for the latest Herman accuser. And they are covering up for her, they know she’s lying, but it doesn’t matter because they aren’t there to report truthfully or fairly. They are there to smile through lipstick and read without blinking, as they manipulate the news.

If that were not the case they would have asked her the following questions, which I spoke about on my blog last night. White claims were blatantly errant and false, yet they treated same as gospel. The first Tyson-Holyfield fight was in 1996 an the second was 1997. That’s a full year and two years before she claims to have met Herman. Was Herman able to fly her back in time, did he have a time machine? Why isn’t the media on her to explain how she could tell George Stephanopoulos she had never been evicted, and make the absurd, untruthful, claim, when dozens of newspapers, including the New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, and CBS online were reporting she had been evicted earlier that month? In fact, they were reporting she had been evicted from several residences in the past two years – which explains the nearly 50 texts from her to Herman asking for money in the past two years.

Sooner or later Bialek and White will have to explain how they were able to right their sunken financial ships. Some of us can be very patient to expose it when it finally appears. At that time they might explain how they explain affording some of the most expensive lawyers in the land.

When one host on CNN asked her lawyer what gifts she had as evidence, the host was told she didn’t have any – of course there were the two books he gave her. These are the reasons Herman is being told he cannot win, but these same people and pundits were saying he couldn’t win before as he was soaring in the polls.

My prediction is – if Herman announces he is staying in the race on Monday, there is going to be a tremendous outpouring of response proclaiming him. I predict not just his base, but those who left will turn back to him and Herman will be reinvigorated like never before. As the veteran newsman Bill Curtis said, these people have shot themselves in the foot by unleashing this torrent so early. Curtis made it clear that Sharon Bialek, the face we saw accusing Herman, had a very unsavory history while she worked at CBS in Chicago, while he worked at same. Curtis also said the media was unconscionable in their attacks and absence of professionalism. He believes Herman has been indemnified by these early attacks.

That means, that those determined to get Herman out of the race, may well decide to attempt to wield a death blow on Monday, in an attempt finnish their job. So, I caution you, do not be surprised if we hear something else on Monday or the next Monday. But keep in mind that they are running out of women. They cannot continue much longer parading train wrecks out who make vacuous salacious claims. It means that sooner or later they will find someone who claims she aborted Herman’s child. You may laugh, but they are running out of options.

We need to encourage Herman to Stay in the race. We need to donate and pledge our support. If Clinton didn’t drop out, why should Herman? If it was just something between two adults per Clinton and Lewinsky, even after Clinton had wagged his finger at us, even if Herman did have an affair with White, and I absolutely believe he did not – why would his be more than Clinton’s? Which one of them was with a 20 year old in the oval office?

I’m praying Herman stays in, I want to see what kind of new recipes they come up with for crow, because that’s exactly what I believe they are going to be eating if he stays in.

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Mychal Massie

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