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Why Were CAIR Terrorist Supporters Invited To SOTU?

January 14, 2016

Conventional wisdom would dictate if you, your group or organization, and/or your religion as a whole were viewed with contempt by most, skepticism by many and distrust by nearly all, it would be prudent to try to diffuse ill-will.

But said logic is not part of a reasoned thought process when it comes to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – at least, it doesn’t appear to be part of Ibrahim Hooper’s, their director of communication.

Appearing on my talk show “Straight Talk with Mychal Massie,” in August 2005, Hooper displayed the character of a petulant child as he feigned indignation so as to cut short the interview that would have forced him to articulate the truth of CAIR’s position.

In less than five minutes of air time, the Hooper who is responsible for putting forth a favorable presentation of CAIR hung up, leaving my audience with nothing to warrant a change in opinion of him, his organization or his religion.

I had assured Hooper prior to his agreeing to appear that I would not seek to embarrass or diminish him, but I also assured him I would ask straightforward questions. His rhetoric almost immediately degenerated into a puerile phonemic tirade, with him accusing me of “advocating genocide” and of saying “every Muslim on the planet is a member of terrorist organization.” He alleged: “You’d kill me, you’d kill my family, you’d kill every member of my mosque …” – none of which had I even remotely suggested. I submit he is in a much better position to know who within his element is a terrorist than I. And as for mosques I think they should be closed until further notice.


While Hooper went on a hysterical tirade making fallacious accusations, what is true is that CAIR Muslims have proven they support the murder of innocent non-Muslims the world over. And yet we viewed Muslims sitting in our Congressional building during Obama’s State of the Union speech with phony piety. They attack Americans accusing us of singling them out for ridicule, when in fact we single them out because they have done nothing to warrant our trust.

CAIR and Hooper have an obligation to prove senators like Dick Durbin, D-Ill., wrong when Durbin says: “[CAIR is] unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect.” And Sen. Chuck Schumer, when he says: “We know [CAIR] has ties to terrorism.” With that said, Durbin and Schumer should be forced to answer based upon their positions in 2005, when exactly did they come to view CAIR differently? Was it after the Boston Marathon bombing, the Fort Hood terrorist attack, the terrorist attack in Paris, the attempted terrorist attack in Texas, or the terrorist attack in San Bernardino? And if their opinions haven’t changed why did they not protest providing the terrorist group legitimacy by having CAIR invited to our Capitol?

CAIR and Hooper have an obligation to the citizens of America and those who lost loved ones on 9-11 to explain why CAIR refused to endorse a rally against terror sponsored by the Free Muslims and 80 other supporting organizations. If as Hooper and CAIR want people to believe Muslims are a pastoral, homogenic group wishing no one harm, why are they not shouting this at every opportunity? Why did Democrats at the urging of the Obama White House have members of a Muslim Terrorist support group like CAIR attend the SOTU, instead of a Muslim Group like the Free Muslims?

Hooper played the victim more adroitly than the Obama woman spends taxpayer money on lavish trips and gluttony. Americans do not want a “victim,” we want answers to our lingering questions about CAIR. The media and public schools may capitulate, roll over and play cover-up for CAIR, and grant Muslims religious liberties they deny Christians — but the majority of Americans understand that Islam is a terrorist organization that is at war with America and that CAIR is their American mouthpiece. CAIR is Muslim terrorists instrument of agitprop in America.

Hooper took offense when I pointed out that of the 400-plus recognized terrorist groups in the world, over 95 percent were Islamist groups. (Peaceful religion is not spelled I-s-l-a-m). But the fact remains it isn’t the Amish, the Mennonites or the Seventh Day Adventists who are beheading innocent people and murdering innocent women and children – it is Muslims. It was not the Methodists who celebrated the dastardly attacks of 9-11 during candlelight vigils on college campuses – it was Muslims.

CAIR may think it fair to accuse anyone who questions, doubts or seeks validation of their integrity of suggesting every Muslim is a terrorist. But in reality, it is fair to raise the question of how a devout Muslim can also be a loyal citizen of an infidel state like America.

CAIR may back a fatwa against terror along with other Muslim leaders, groups and institutions – they may say that Islam condemns violence against innocent lives and civilians. But they don’t say whether or not those innocent lives are Baptist, Buddhist, Pentecostal or just other Muslims. That distinction is not made.

America has a right to know why members of CAIR’s leadership have been deported and convicted of pro-terrorist crimes. Is it wrong to question why in America they need a civil-rights organization? Apart from using the organization to funnel money through?

CAIR has an obligation to publicly denounce Muslim hatred toward the West. CAIR has an obligation to openly and unambiguously renounce every form of barbaric terrorism. CAIR has an obligation to shed all vestiges of doubt pursuant to where Muslim loyalties lie in America. CAIR has an obligation to condemn Islamic threats against Israel.

Hooper and CAIR would do well by encouraging Muslims to help the German, African, and French Police, by sharing information Muslim terrorists and by condemning all who practice anti-Semitism.

But CAIR won’t, because CAIR can’t – the intent of Islam is for the world to be subdued under Islamic rule. And that will only come about by Shariah Law and Sudah 9:5, because a free people will not be ruled by sanguineous zealots who have nothing to offer save hatred, violence and extremism.

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