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FoxNews: Unfair and Unbalanced

August 11, 2015

fox gop unfair mychal massieAs of the August 6, Republican Presidential Debate FoxNews, the GOP, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have shed all pretense of being fair, honest, or concerned with the will of We the People.

Even for a wordsmith such as myself few words accurately convey the contemptibly Erebusic and transpicuous contempt Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace displayed for the selection process of the presidential candidate duly chosen by We the People.

Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, Erick Erickson (Redstate.com), FoxNews, and the mainstream media as a whole showed Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton more respect when there were presidential candidates than they collectively are showing presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump has not referred to Jewish people as “Hymies” and New York as “Hymietown” but in 1984 presidential candidate Jackson did so with impunity during an interview at National Airport, D.C. Donald Trump is one of the most successful self-made businessmen in the America – presidential candidate Al Sharpton’s curriculum vitae included Tawana Brawley, the riot and mass killing he provoked at Freddie’s Mart in Harlem, NY which left seven dead, the Crown Heights riots which left multiple people dead, and like Jesse Jackson, the racial shakedown of successful corporations for hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not the media’s job to manipulate and lie so as to insure the nomination of whichever party they are shilling for. I have long told you the readers that the idea of FoxNews being a source of truthful and original content consistent with conservative values was a lie from the pit of hell. And finally the curtain was pulled all the way back revealing their bias and prejudice. I have also stolidly said that most of the major faux conservative groups were fronts bought and paid for by the GOP/RNC – and Erickson of Redstate.com proved that in spades.

Think about it; these people fear the success of Trump to the point of fully revealing their true bigoted and biased selves. The nomination and election of Jeb Bush to the presidency is of such importance to Karl Rove and Reince Priebus that they are openly willing to deny the will of We the People pursuant to the selection and election of the candidate(s) of our choice. Heretofore, they at least allowed for the pretense that we were involved in the process.

The people of the United States have the Constitutional right to select whomever they want as their presidential nominee. The key language in same is “[we] the Constitutional right to select whomever we want.” But as I have repeatedly stated over many election cycles, the selection process has been co-opted and manipulated by nefarious marplots whose singular responsibility is to ensure that the will of We the People is never accomplished.

You may not like Donald Trump but the decision of whether he is successful, is the choice of We the People based upon our evaluation of the candidate. It is a total bastardization of the election process for dark forces to mutilate candidates through fallacious derogation and derision and thus manipulate voters.

Garth Kant writing for WND.com wrote that Rush Limbaugh had learned “that big-time Republican donors had ordered [the commentators] to take out Donald Trump.” (Rush: Orders From GOP Donors To Take Out Trump; 8/8/15) Kant wrote that Rush opined, “We all made a mistake, we assumed that the orders went out to the candidates,” but they went out to “the broadcast network” and the network, FoxNews, did exactly what they were ordered to do.

Rush was wrong insofar as “we all got it wrong” because Thursday morning August 6, as a guest on the “Manning Report” I specifically said Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly would make no pretense of trying to destroy Trump. I had also stated that would be the case when I appeared on the “Manning Report” Tuesday, August 4.

That said, I have been saying this would be the case since Trump began to surge in the polls. The Karl Rove-Peince Priebus cartel have long used FoxNews hosts and front groups owned by the RNC, such as Erickson’s Redstate.com and Frank Luntz, to manipulate voters and to destroy those candidates of our choice in favor of those Rove-Priebus they want.

Which begs the question of why do big money donors want Jeb Bush to the point that they are willing have FoxNews hosts display their bias so shamefully unambiguously during the debate? What promise have they already bought from Jeb Bush?

It seems to me that Trump is the very kind of candidate voters would want. You can’t buy someone with a $10 billion bank account. There is nothing that Rove-Priebus or the business mongrels controlling FoxNews hosts can offer Trump that he cannot buy for himself. That makes him dangerous. Anyone who cannot be bought is a threat to a presidential race, especially when they are not just leading in the polls but running far ahead of all the other candidates, including the candidate I am supporting.

Friday morning The Last Refuge website posted a Tweet by FoxNews owner, Rupert Murdoch praising Brett Baier, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly for what he viewed as a “successful” hatchet job on Trump. There has been no word if the three have received bonuses or if they will receive bonuses for their contemptible dishonesty.

It should also be noted that Kelly had openly boasted she would be making history by destroying the presidential ambitions of one of the candidates. We now know that her target was Trump.

The choice of who you vote for is your choice – it is not the choice of the media and those who think cleavage and store bought hair color make them journalists.

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Mychal Massie

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Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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