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Ginger White: Another loser trying to cash in

November 29, 2011

Ok, so here we go again. Now it’s Ginger White’s turn, except instead of sexual harassment she claims a 13 year affair with Herman Cain. I don’t know what happened, or if anything happened, I wasn’t there, but I have a few thoughts.

There is a record of 61 phone calls and texts messages on her phone bill. A news channel called the number and Herman answered – so what does that mean? There is the way he signed a book to her, “Friends are forever, everything else is a bonus.” Let me pause for a moment to say, I’m not going to sugar coat truth. I am a blunt force, in your face, straight forward, common sense conservative. I’m not here to blindly follow a person everything else be damned. I say that too say, I happen to believe in Herman Cain, I also understand how the attack game is played, and why it is played.

If you are a good ol’ boy on the inside, who votes the right way, supports the right things, and supports their globalist plans for the future, you are indemnified against such attacks regardless of your behavior. I digress to say that news rooms today are absolute dens of iniquity on any number of levels, yet they sit in judgement others.

To that point let’s turn to Ms. White. Having someone’s private number doesn’t mean any more than that. And, let’s say for the sake of argument they did have some sort of consensual interlude, if that’s what it was shouldn’t it end there? Until I know definitively I am not prepared to condemn him, nor am I prepared to say it impairs his ability to run the country, less we forget a lot of great leaders who recovered from similar. As for the inscription in the book he gave her, my very first thought is that he was saying what I and I’m certain you have said or thought many times, i.e., that if you have “friendship” you have the best and everything else you have is just wonderful extras. What’s so hard too understand about that? There is nothing tawdry or earthy about that inscription. Who would disagree with the truth of it? The media is trying to make us think it was a cryptic way of saying being her friend was nice, but getting in her pants was nicer. There is nothing to suggest that’s what that means, in fact common sense dictates just the opposite.

A couple other things. Why are these women all scripted the same? The stated reason for trying to grab their 15 minutes of fame is they were concerned about the way the other women were being treated. Interesting they weren’t concerned when, if what they say is true, they were contributing to the destruction of a family. And, the phrase “{if what they are saying is true}” should have a huge question mark behind it.

One question I have and I posited it in response to comments on this page last night is, what kind of man would Herman be to spend 13 years in a clandestine affair with a woman who has two small children and let her go through six evictions and no job? Does that sound likely, or does it sound more likely that Herman is a garrulous, outgoing type of individual who doesn’t consider that people can be treacherous, because he doesn’t view the world that way?

Isn’t it just as possible that her having his private number is nothing more than that? I have given my private number many times for no other reason than I will answer that number. My other number with rare exception went right to voicemail. My standing joke was that if you called my private number, at least I knew it was someone I wanted to talk to that I wasn’t answering at that moment.

Another thing that hasn’t been mentioned. How old are White’s children? She had a 13 year affair but was she busy having babies at the same time? Also this woman has a background more checkered than the woman who accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape. Remember how everyone jumped to the conclusion that her word was gospel, after all event the district attorney said the players were guilty. Today the accuser, who was proven to be certifiable, is in jail for stabbing her boyfriend to death as he slept. This is after she was in and out of jail for other offenses before the murder. Her background was paved with illegitimate children, battery, lies, prostitution, ad nauseum.

Now we have Ms. White: her former business partner found it necessary to sue her and accused her of stalking. She had a order of protection taken out against White. White was also charged with bombarding her former partner with threatening texts and emails, threatening lawsuit and defaming her character. Hmmm, defaming her former business partner’s character, sounds like what she is trying to do to Herman doesn’t it?

White filed a sexual harassment suit in 2001 this during the same time she was supposedly involved with Herman. Can you imagine a professional like Herman being involved with someone like that?

Another thing we need to address and I cannot tell you how much I wish I had thought of it first, but alas, it was one of my twitter followers who happens to be a woman. She questioned what kind of superman Herman must be since he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the colon in 2006. This would have been in the middle of the affair she claims they had. She intimates that their relationship was just physical, but she doesn’t tell us how that works with a man who is dying of cancer and undergoing rigorous, aggressive cancer treatment for same.

At the very least I argue this may have been, and I emphasize “may have been” something. What it was who knows, but Herman says it wasn’t an affair and I find him more credible than her. Another thing, if a person cannot be a serial philanderer and harasser and not have others know it. As I wrote in my daily rant “More evidence that demands an answer” a woman who worked very closely with him stated emphatically that there wasn’t a hint of impropriety by Herman, not a whisper. She said, that women in an office full of secretaries, not only know what is going on, but they talk about it and there was never a thing mentioned about Herman.

There is one thing people don’t realize who do not live in a bubble. There are people out there who will turn kindness and innocence into something ugly. It’s the way they are. I will also say I find it interesting that all of the accusations are coming out of his time in Chicago. Did he simply lose his mind in Chicago and recover when he left?

I seriously hope that Herman doesn’t drop out. I hope he doesn’t let these Erebusic elapids from the trenches of hell have their way. We need him. I refuse to accept that Herman cannot be elected. Accusations of sexual impropriety are the most difficult to overcome and they are always leveled at Republicans. President Eisenhower was accused of having affairs, Ronald Reagan was accused and when that didn’t work they attacked him as having cheated with Nancy on his first wife. The first President Bush was accused of having affairs and a woman on the side. But the greatest philanderer in modern presidential history John Kennedy was unmentioned in the same way. Bill Clinton committed battery against women and is viewed as an elder statesman, but these people want to take Herman down. They are trying to paint Herman as a Dominick Strauss Khan, even though he was set up to keep him from being elected the president of France.


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Let there be no doubt about it, these attacks are being orchestrated, they are an attempt to push him out. If he stays in the race how many more will they wheel out? Will they stop at double digits, high teens? How many more will they find to slither out?

A couple final thoughts. Herman is rich, powerful, educated, he is at the top of the food chain, are these the kind of women you would imagine him getting involved with? They fear what Herman will do to destroy the old way of doing business. I will tell you without fear of contradiction, anyone else is just more of the same.

One last thing. I condemn Megyn Kelly of Fox News in the strongest possible terms. In an interview with the pollster Rasmussen she mentioned every candidate but Herman. She intentionally omitted him. She has an obligation to report and she has shown her blatant bigotry toward a man who is accused. She is supposedly a lawyer, what part of her law degree says a man is guilty because of innuendo, rumor, and unfounded accusations? Now that Fox has become the sister station to MSNBC I guess it’s her opinion that fairness no longer applies.

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Mychal Massie

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