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If Jamiel Shaw, Jr. Had Been Street Trash Would Obama Show Concern?

June 19, 2013

Like President George W. Bush before him, Obama is doing his best to provide amnesty for illegal aliens; all of whom are criminals by virtue of violating our sovereign borders to arrive here. But unlike President George W. Bush, who the NAACP and most leftists (including Obama) repeatedly assured us did not care about blacks, and under whom these same immiseration-mongers claimed the suffering of blacks was without parallel — with Obama this is true. It’s just that in the case of Obama the color of his skin shields him from factual criticism by blacks. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

Obama and all of those who extol the virtue of giving amnesty to illegal aliens as an act of humanity approaching in equality to an angelic act of such heavenly import that some swear that just below the din of noise, they hear cherubs singing.

In reality, that cherub choir they are brainwashed into believing they hear, is akin to a siren’s song with death and destruction as the inevitable conclusion.

I spent Father’s Day afternoon talking to Mr. Jamiel Shaw. And perhaps if Obama and his Negro lapdogs would take time to do the same they could not escape the fact that — as Mr. Shaw and his family know all to well — illegal aliens overrunning our country is not a victimless crime.

Mr. Shaw’s 17 year-old son, Jamiel Shaw, Jr., was targeted specifically because he was black. He was gunned down in cold blood just outside the door of his own house as he was returning home from school. But it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Shaw informed me that in Los Angeles, which thanks to those Californians who hold their brains in position by flexing their sphincter muscle, 1,700 blacks have been murdered by Mexican gang members.

Mexican illegal aliens are earning their “bones,” so to speak, by cold-bloodedly walking up to blacks and killing them. No longer are drive-by shootings acceptable. The way it works today is a Mexican who wants to become part of the Mexican gangland culture must be accompanied by a person driving a vehicle and another gang-member officer in the back seat. The illegal gang-banger wannabe selects his target, and must exit the vehicle, walk up to the black person he has picked out, and literally blow their brains out. It is no more complicated than that.

As I wrote yesterday, the shooting of an “on his way to a life in the criminal justice system” like Trayvon Martin, upset Obama to the point that he equated Martin to a son he never had. (And if Obama did have a son, I’m guessing the son wouldn’t be like Martin; he’d be just like his sissified father who throws a baseball like a three-year old girl in a body cast). Martin was a bonafide street-thug. But I digress.

UntitledSpecific to my point is that Obama didn’t lift one finger to offer comfort to Mr. Shaw and his family. He treated them just as he treated the families of Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty. And the parallels do not stop there because Mr. Shaw’s wife is in the U.S. Army preparing even now to be redeployed to Afghanistan.

But there is a love affair with illegal aliens, especially those who are Mexican, that defies logic. And it is a love affair that crosses all Party lines. But, if we are to believe that blacks were displaced by President Bush and today evil white conservatives aided by sell-out, Uncle Toms are creating an environment that is hostile to blacks — how do they explain Obama’s support for the two groups that present the most deadly threats to blacks, i.e., Planned Parenthood and Mexican illegal aliens?

Forget about the 1,700 blacks murdered by Mexican gang members in Los Angeles (most likely the majority of whom are illegal aliens). What would happen if white police officers were involved with injuring 170 blacks who were known gang members and violent drug dealers? What would happen if seven blacks in the course of one year were murdered by whites in “pick-your-town”?

Specific to those points, George Zimmerman is half Peruvian, which, let’s say, makes him .5 white. Look at the hell that erupted when, as many of us believe, he shot Martin in self-defense. But these same drama-blacks are willing to sit silent as illegal aliens, most of whom are Mexican, are able to enjoy the very things that the NAACP et al. claim blacks are being denied — with a real African American (as in half-a-Kenyan) doing all he can to force special dispensations and rewards for these illegals.

Why aren’t the NAACP, and the other alphabet black groups, marching and protesting Obama’s effort to reward illegal aliens who can be said to be stealing jobs from blacks and carrying out gang-related initiations that require them to murder blacks? Why aren’t the New Black Panther Party and Al Sharpton hitting the bricks in Los Angeles marching and protesting? It’s a sure bet they would be there if Daryl Gates were still LA Sheriff and was taking violent black drug dealers off the streets.

Mr. Shaw told me during our long talk on Father’s Day that there are blacks who are calling him names and who, like Hank Johnson, the Democrat sock-puppet from Georgia, are saying Mr. Shaw only opposes amnesty for illegal aliens because he is being used by conservatives. Mr. Shaw told me that black and white alike have tried to silence him. He said they do not want him to speak out because they have no defense for the truth of what illegal alien Mexicans did to his son and are doing in his city.

One more thing about my talk with Mr. Shaw. We were talking on Father’s Day as Mr. Shaw was making his way to the hospital to visit the two young people who had been friends of his son, Jamiel, Jr. The one friend, a young man, had been shot twice in the face, and his girlfriend in the car with him had been shot in the chest. Both are in critical condition. Both of them were good children not involved in drugs or gangs. Both of them were shot by a wannabe gang member. Neither of them has been contacted by Obama.

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