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The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
I Feel The Presence of The Lord is not just a book to be read as part of our daily devotions. It is a collection of thoughts and instructions to inspire the reader to meditate upon the Lord and His Word.

Blacks Calling Me Names Doesn’t Improve Their Lives

Saying that blacks as a demographic in America are a hostile, belligerent, and angry group of people is indisputable. Of course, it would be incorrect to say “all blacks” are that way but there is absolutely no doubt as to the veracity of saying “most” of them fit that description.

It goes virtually unchallenged that most blacks are not interested in truth they are interested in self-wrought immiseration and blaming others for their ills.

In my VideoRant titled: “What NFL Players Do Not Want You To Know,” I spoke bluntly, but I spoke factually and thus I spoke truthfully. But factuality and truthfulness are two things that many blacks cannot abide. So it was with rabid and uncontrolled outrage that I was verbally attacked.

A person with the user name of “Victor Creed” commented: “This man is a poor excuse for a blackman.” My question is: “What does that even mean?” Does he mean that because I’m black I’m supposed to subscribe to the lowest common denominator, reject modernity, and behave as if I just fell off the back of a turnip truck? Does he mean I should speak poor English, have poor reading and comprehension skills? Does he mean I should have several out-of-wedlock children? Is he suggesting I should eschew morality and subscribe to blaming white people for the realities of life? Or is he saying that I should exhibit the behavior he has? I would be most interested in hearing his perspective on what makes a black man. Because most intelligent people would reference said has to do with melanin content.

Another person calling themselves “LaKeisha Reed,” who displayed all of the attributes of a person you wouldn’t invite to a formal dinner table commented: This man right here makes me want to vomit. Stfu and take several seats with your five dollar coon ass. This is why Babylon the great will burn. Our people are so hypnotized and will say and do anything for that American dollar. Do you want brownie points from masa? Okay masa yuh wone Liddell say sum else boss to these here niggas, use a no me boss, Issa tried to teachum well but but, they, theys a bunch of dummies sua! Come on Judah, is this here our future? Rise! Rise! and stand for something Judah! stand for justice! stand for peace! stand for our children! stand for freedom! stand for righteousness! just stand my people, and stop being afraid to practice your rights as an American citizen.

The tragedy is that her reality is one of resentment and failure based upon the bad decisions that plague blacks.

Mychal Massie

She invested her energy in attempting to insult me as if that would improve her life.

In my VideoRant I address the children born as a result of what amounted to nothing more than a thirty-minute “hookup.” I referenced the number of black women murdering their babies by abortion. How can this woman become so angry with me, when I’m pointing out what every man, not to mention every black man, should be saying? I gave statistics that should make this woman hang her head in shame and disgust, not get angry with me. But it is a truism that “truth hurts” – and the truth is that 17.3 million black babies have been murdered by their black mothers. The truth is that for blacks today it is the exception to find a married two-parent household.

Listen to how poorly many of the black NFL players express themselves. Look at the numbers of those coming from urban areas that commit serious crimes on campus. Consider the number of players who leave the NFL broke or broke within three years of leaving.

Why is it so hard for her to accept what I said, when it’s almost a certainty she empirically knows what I am saying is true? I submit the reason she exhibited such primal rage is because I was not just speaking the truth, but I was speaking it from a vantage point she believes herself incapable of attaining.

Specific to that observation is the fact that when I went to school I worked my way through. I actually had to have the grades to get into school; I didn’t get in because of affirmative action. And when I received straight “A’s” it was because I earned them, not because of a grading curve based upon skin color. Instead of presuming she has the intellect to insult me, she would be better served asking me for advice on how to raise a family and improve her self-image. And if the references she made to “Babylon” and “Judah” are representative of the church she may attend, her remarks prove what I said in a VideoRant from a couple weeks ago titled: “Black Preachers Are The Problem.”

Another person named Michael Merriwether commented: “Hey you dumb ass coon, what crime did Michael Bennett commit in Las Vegas after the Mayweather fight? What crime did Philando Castille commit in Minnesota? What crime did Tamir Rice commit in Cleveland? Kill yourself muthafucka because when the war starts you will be considered an enemy.”

Notice that the person felt compelled to use derisive name-calling as a prefix to their comment. I know this person will still accuse police of racist wrong-doing but the facts surrounding Michael Bennett and the police stopping him are as follows: As is the case in most instances when hip-hoppers, gangsta’s, and others of the black “I got money but I’m still a thug” crowd gather in a public place there is a high probability of a shooting. Such was with the crowd of people who were exiting the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight,i.e., when shots rang out. The initial report police received gave the description of the person involved as resembling Bennett and the location unfortunately for him, in the exact area he was exiting. Hearing the gunfire, Bennett did what any sane person would do, he ran – however when he was spotted running in the very area the shots were fired police did what police are expected to do. They detained a potential suspect.

As for Philando Castille, he was wanted in connection with an armed robbery and he had a firearm he was not legally permitted to have. Add to that he did not follow the officer’s instructions regarding the firearm and the formula for bad outcomes was cast. Tamir Rice was a tragically horrible accident but that is all it was, unlike the hoodlum marauders terrorizing blacks in the areas in which they live. What about the tens of thousands of blacks gunned down by other blacks while they were sitting in front of their homes? This includes children who were murdered as they sat in their homes watching television or jumping rope in front of their homes. Where is this guy’s outrage over that?

Disobedience and disrespect often result in bad outcomes. But blacks like those mentioned here and the several others, who also made ignorant comments typical of their kind, are only incensed when someone like me points out their Erebusic duplicity. They might not like the truth but that doesn’t make it untrue.

Specific to that point, Edward Wallace posted the following comment that also enflamed the blacks who took exception with my speaking the truth. Well let them and those who share their boorish enthusiasm for lies chew on these facts. Wallace wrote: “72% of black kids are born to single parents most of whom are high school drop outs. Abuse of the children is prominent in the parenting style of some Black single mothers, with serious developmental consequences for the children. “Words like ‘You’re stupid,’ ‘You’re an idiot,’ ‘I’m sorry you were born,’ or ‘You’ll never amount to anything’ can stick a dagger in a child’s heart.” “Single mothers angry with men, whether their current boyfriends or their children’s fathers, regularly transfer their rage to their sons. The NFL supporting racist BLM movement is an issue for the white men that go into the city and spend their time (and own money) mentoring fatherless black and white youths. Since Colin started this crap I can not help the kids because I’m white. Sad thing is I used to take youths to see these guys. Would any of the protesters commit to mentoring in a black neighborhood? Heck no! they don’t have the time(other than photo ops) so just STOP IT! NFL & COLIN and everybody else that adds a color to being a man you all are only hurting the kids. I suspect it is as once said in a movie, “you can’t handle the truth”!!!! The kids have to turn to gangs because of your hate? You’re all morons. You are not helping the Youth of the Cities just making thugs. Be a mentor. Semper Fi. Mayor of Sanford calls mentors to help inner-city fatherless youth”

These are the truths blacks try to dismiss and ignore, and become enraged when they are confronted with same.

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