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The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
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SPECIAL EDITION FRIDAY: Wake Up World! It’s Islam! by Rick Kozlovich

Here’s what we keep reading.   

We need a pause.  Israel must not launch a disproportionate response to Hamas.  Destroying Hamas will make Islamists hate Israel.  We absolutely need a cease fire. Biden should restrain Israel.  And the most insidious of them all, we need a two state solution

Along with that, Biden supports a ceasefire and will veto a stand alone Israeli package.  After all, how dare they not tie funding for Israel and Ukraine together?  Maybe it’s because Ukrainian officials are stealing millions and the Biden administration refuses to allow anyone to audit that money?

Does the term Biden Crime Family come to mind?

This will be interesting to watch Biden squirm out of this since the House has passed a $14.3 Billion Israel aid bill, without including Ukraine, and without increasing spending!   That money was the money already allocated to the IRS, and the House shifted it to aid for Israel, and unlike Ukraine, we have skin in this game.  I’ll tell you what, we’ll come back to that.

Then we have Dem Sen. Murphy, who, while acknowledging “Hamas is responsible for civilian deaths, he claims Israel faces a “moral cost” with their tactics.  According to him the cost is entirely too high “when 3,000 Palestinian children have died.”  Where that number comes from is at best questionable, but if true, who really is at fault?   One Palestinian mother blamed her son’s death on the “Hamas dogs”, at least until she was silenced.
Hamas uses civilians, and especially children, as human shields.  They’ve even sent women and children living there to counter Israel troops.
For Islamists, there are no civilians: there are only enemies, who must die, and their own people, who must be willing to die. …those of us who were around in the 1980s remember something about the Iran-Iraq War that raged throughout that decade: Iran (which is funding Hamas and provides much of its strategic guidance) relied heavily on brigades made up of young children: The minimum fighting age on the Iranian side of the conflict was age 16. Children much younger than this, even to age 12 were frequently among the Iranian dead in the fighting. Ayatollah Khomeini gave them “keys to paradise” if they died as his martyrs in the war. As many as 100,000 Iranian children died in the fighting during the course of the Iran-Iraq War.
Their bomb shelters are for the terrorists, not the civilians.  To keep the air flow they hoarded over 200,000 gallons of fuel used “to provide air and power to its terror tunnel network and fuel the rockets it launches against civilian targets in Israel. — a blatant and constant war crime that never seems to be mentioned by critics of the Israeli operation in Gaza.” Which is why they’re demanding more fuel for “humanitarian” purposes, so they can steal it.   Nothing for hospitals or anything else that helps civilians.  It’s Hamas who is responsible for these deaths, not Israel. It’s an open secret all humanitarian aid to Gaza is misappropriated by Hamas, and with the knowledge and support of the United Nations.  
You worry about disproportionate response?  How’s this?
When these monsters invaded Israel, they “went from house to house burning family after family,”  “We are seeing trucks still arriving filled with body bags that contain whole families – grandparents, mothers, fathers, and even little children are being brought down from the trucks.” In one case, the remains were so badly burned that only a CT scan revealed it was actually a mother and baby bound together in a deep embrace. In another, Weisberg told reporters, a pregnant woman was cut open, the fetus pulled out and beheaded, with the umbilical cord still attached.

 According to a volunteer named Shari, women arrived with their heads blown off, and bodies bobby-trapped with grenades. There was also evidence of rape, (gang raping women) with broken pelvises, even “among grandmothers down to small children.”  Other volunteers told CNN the victims included “whole families, little children, babies, even pregnant women, and that their bodies were found in a horrific state – mutilated and burnt.”

They even burned a baby alive in a oven. As for crying children, they just keep shooting them until the crying stopped.

Is there any sicker, viler, more demonic movement in the world today than the Hamas terrorist organization? The latest from them is that Hamas’s terrorists, fresh from murdering 1,400 people on October 7, blood undoubtedly still dripping from their hands, made a tape of themselves describing how they “played” with severed heads of their Israeli victims:

What kind of vile disgusting animals can do such things?   Islamists, along with their supporters all over the world were equally vile and disgusting as they cheered and celebrated as if this was a fine and noble deed, and worse yet, academia all over America was amongst the celebrants.

Can someone tell me what constitutes an appropriate proportional response to that kind of vile and disgusting evil?  Well, here’s Joe’s solution? Get rid of Netanyahu, an unending effort by Democrat Presidents.  The fact the goal of Hamas, and all Islamists, will be to repeat this vile moral outrage of terror, murder, and rape until Israel is eliminated, along with all Jews, everywhere. 

The fact is this isn’t just a war of survival for Israel.  Make no mistake, this is a war between civilization and barbarian hordes.

When the barbarians specifically target helpless children, when in addition to that they employ deliberate cruelty, when they kill gleefully, then there cannot be peace.  There cannot be “proportional response.” Were Israel seeking revenge, it would simply rampage.  It would not warn civilians to evacuate the war zone, a zone from which Hamas launches missiles.  It would target the hospitals and schools, where Hamas stores weapons and explosives.

We need to get this right once and for all.  This is war between good and evil.  This can and will happen anywhere in civilization.  Can this happen in America?  Former acting CBP Commissioner’s answer?

“The answer is “absolutely”, and this is what I keep saying, ……….You don’t have to be a border security expert to understand that we have a national security crisis happening in our southern border. It’s just common sense.”

If Biden hadn’t been fraudulently placed in the White House, this would have never happened.  The Biden administration laid the groundwork for the Hamas attack:
The coordinated raids and massacres on October 7 were possible only because of subtle interventions over two and a half years by the State Department and the White House, with indirect help from nonprofits like the Soros-funded International Crisis Group. 
Their unending efforts to blame others isn’t flying in the face of reality, history, or the facts.  Biden is directly responsible for all of this, and Iran read him for just how incompetent he and his administration are starting with his stunningly incompetent and stupid withdrawal out of Afghanistan.   
 Misunderstanding Islamism and the Gaza War Joel Gilbert Islamism is an entirely different phenomenon than Western political parties, and its goals and values are vastly different.  More
All that’s happening is not solvable because it’s not about Jews, it’s not about Israel, it’s not about America, it’s all ….. and I repeat…..all about Islam, and they’ve been murdering in the name of Islam for almost 1500 years, and they’re not going to change, because “the Prophet” commanded it. 
Wake up world, there’s no “proportional” response” that will work, and there’s no agreement they’ll honor as soon as it becomes convenient to renege on their promises.  Islam only understands power, and the willingness to use it.  So use it. 
Final thoughts.  
The country that defines human rights as the right to hold mass executions, discriminate against women, Christians, Jews, all other non Muslim religions, and even non Shia Muslims, all in violation of the U.N. Charter, is now head of the U.N. Human Rights Council.  Iran!  You know, that “Death to America:” country.
It gets even better.
There are 15 nations that make up the U.N. Security Council which has a rotating presidency.   China is now head of the U.N. Security Council, and China’s first order of business?  Declares Pro-Hamas ‘Ceasefire’ ‘Top Priority’

This article first appeared November 4, 2023, on Paradigms and Demographics.
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