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The enemy of our souls would have us subscribe to the mentality of being endlessly busy, and therefore it being excusable to relegate God to a Sunday morning church service, if that. Thus, many in our churches today are powerless Christians and/or Christians in whom faith and fellowship with God is sorely wanting.
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Why I Support Legislation Protecting The Unborn by Robert Socha

Life begins at conception. Once a zygote plants itself in its mother’s womb, a baby boy or girl will be born. If left to its natural course, miscarriages notwithstanding, there is no other possible outcome!

Ever since forming the first man from the earth’s dust, his children and all successive generations’ conception happens at the moment of fertilization. Thus, the wonderful knitting of the child in its mother’s womb with all its intricacies has all the information necessary to its formation contained within the creation of the child’s first cell. This magnificent miracle of creation is unattainably high and brilliantly defines every soul’s intrinsic value. Experiments mixing certain chemicals with the egg and sperm have recorded an explosion of zinc bursting forth precisely when the sperm fertilizes the egg, and its protective shell locks out every other competitor. This beautiful display steadfastly anchors the fact that life indeed has begun.

To prematurely terminate this life is an act of unspeakable violence tantamount to murder. But, unfortunately, the terribly decided Roe case clouds the minds of many well-meaning people and obscures them to this fact of life.

There is no provision within the framework of our founding documents of a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy preemptively. In his dissent to Planned Parenthood vs. Casey (1994), Chief Justice William Rehnquist stated: “Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 93. S.Ct. 705, 35 L.Ed.2d 147 (1973), was wrongly decided, and . . . it can and should be overruled consistently with our traditional approach to stare decisis in constitutional cases. We adopt the approach in Webster (1989) . . . and uphold the challenged provisions of the Pennsylvania statute in their entirety.” (1)

Contrary to the Roe decision, the Founding Father’s emphasized the self-evident truth of the Right to Life and the government’s responsibility to secure it. They even followed up on that declaration with a strong pronouncement in the Constitution’s preamble to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Who else is our posterity other than those yet unborn?

To argue in defense of killing the unborn is unspeakably selfish and evil. Most of the arguments in favor of abortion are shallow, and their proponents conveniently forget they too once were fashioned in their mother’s womb, allowed to grow to full term and be born alive. Molech would be pleased with the ease with which many people sacrifice their progeny.

I am inclined toward life and to supporting measures that guard it! However, justice demands those of us who are able must protect those unable to defend themselves. With this in mind, there is an obligation to understand that the judiciary has no authority to overturn a law. Only a duly elected legislature can do that. The judiciary’s rulings can demand that the executive and judicial not enforce laws, but they still stand until the legislative body overturns them. (2) In the case of abortion, should Roe be overturned, any laws protecting the life of the unborn would be enforceable, as they should.

Jesus said in John 10:10: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

There is no more subversive way to steal abundant life than to snuff it out before even one of its days is possible. Therefore, I completely support efforts to legislate the protection of the unborn, such as the heartbeat bills in many states and passing sanctuary cities ordinances in over 30 cities, mainly in Texas, and we are considering in Hillsdale. (3)

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Robert Socha

About the Author

Robert Socha

Robert Socha, BIO Robert Socha (so-ha), was born in southern California. He served 5 years 3 months active duty in the United States Air Force; honorably. After his service he took an Associate’s Degree in Practical Theology, where, through his studies, developed a deep love of God and Country and sincere appreciation of the value of Liberty. Robert and his beloved wife of 21-plus years are raising 4 beautiful Texan children. They moved to Hillsdale, Michigan, in 2013, to put their children in Hillsdale Academy. Robert is a sales professional. He and his wife consider Michigan a hidden gem, and absolutely love this city and state (current political environment notwithstanding) they’ve adopted.

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