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Rand Paul Bringing Wrong Message

April 11, 2013

In today’s National Journal (April 10, 2013), Elahe Izadi has a commentary titled “Rand Paul’s Play To Win Over Black Voters at Howard University: How the libertarian-minded senator is received will indicate how well GOP is making inroads with minorities.”

Izadi’s opening paragraph reads: “The GOP minority outreach efforts continue: This time, it’s Sen. Rand Paul taking the message to a historically black university [HBCU].”

And therein lies the problem. Paul is simply putting lipstick on the same old pig. When will people learn, and specifically when will Republicans learn? Every time a so-called conservative says or has it said of them that they are reaching out to African-Americans, blacks, minorities, or whatever, they are A) giving the liberals home-field advantage and B) sending the message that those so identified are different, and that they must be treated and looked upon differently.

Paul’s effort will be met with exactly what it deserves — scoffs and scorns. I predict he’d have an easier time finding iced drinks in hell than he will have success speaking to those students. Especially since his father’s name is prominently displayed on white supremacist websites. (And I’m not accusing his father of being same: I’m saying that his name is presented favorably on said sites.)

Paul should not be targeting blacks and so-called minorities — he should be targeting Americans. There are 300 plus million Americans of which I am one. Ergo, how in blue blazes can I be a minority? Why would I want to be viewed as less than the whole of America and then fight to be recognized as less?

Republicans need to wake up to the fact that they will never win over blacks by apologizing for slavery: which the Republican Party was founded in large part to end. Seven of the first nine planks of the Republican Party focused on anti-slavery and civil rights for blacks. And it was the Republican Party that fought against Jim Crow, not the Democrat liberals as Bob Beckel ignorantly claims.

But that notwithstanding, the point isn’t so much who fought for the rights of whom, but rather it is the message itself. I digress to say that I realize there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference today between liberal Democrats and Republicans. They’re two sides of the same coin. But that doesn’t change the universality of the Conservative message.

FAMSU160Lower taxes; freedom to worship; the sanctity of marriage; putting an end to the wholesale slaughter of unborn children (specifically the central focus of slaughtering unborn black children); married two-parent households; the right to self-determination; meritocracy; dignity through achievement based on willingness to take a risk; equal opportunity; embracing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; freedom from government dictates; freedom to choose one’s own destiny; the ability to use your property as you see fit and local laws allow; vouchers for those trapped in under-performing schools to mention but a few, are not color-sensitive or race-centric. They are the ideologies that made America great. They are the ideologies that enabled Sean Combs, Robert Johnson of BET, Jay Z, Beyonce, and every American with noticeably higher levels of melanin in their bodies to achieve as they have.

If Rand Paul were going to Howard to tell the students he is there to bring an American message to the American people, it would be a proper first step. But going there with a color-coded message is doomed to failure and he might as well save his breath, time, and taxpayer money.

Even to the extent that such a message has a scintilla of a chance, those convinced are in most cases simply moving from one side of the aisle to the other side hoping to cash in. Does Paul even have a clue how many blacks are mouthing conservatism purely because of their desire to be the one to cash in on rounding up black votes?

In a conversation years back, I told Bush appointee and RNC Senior Advisor Tara Wall, that then RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman’s “genuflection tour,” as I termed it, didn’t have a snowball’s chance in the desert of succeeding. At the time of our conversation, Mehlman was about to embark on a national apology tour apologizing to blacks for whatever ills he could fit in his bag and present as evidence of “we’re sorry and won’t you like us?”

The sad truth is that many people today are ignorant to the fact that many so-called black conservatives are no better than their liberal counterparts because both groups focus their energies based on color of skin instead of basing their energies on Americans.

As long as people are told and/or led to believe that they’re different based on melanin content, and that they are to be treated differently, looked at differently, and thought of as something separate from the whole of America, they will feel alienated. And as long as people (specifically blacks) see being a conservative as opportunity to make gain and attend political gatherings the only thing that will change is the amount of money wasted.

I won’t mention names, but I can name blacks who are using their color while pretending to espouse Republican ideology and are being paid lots of money because supposedly they are the ones who can bring blacks to the Republican Party. And every one of the people I reference know who they are.

I don’t want to bring blacks to the table. I want to liberate the minds of Americans regardless of color. My message is universal not color-coded.

At the end of the day,there isn’t a quark, lepton, or hadron of a chance that trying to craft a universal message into a race-centric pea-pod is going, ultimately, to do anything more than encourage further alienation. Because when it comes to color-coded and race-centric messages, Neo-Leninist liberals wrote the book.

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